Game Week – Vince Oghobasse Interview

[private]Game Week!

Yes sir! Real pumped up and ready to get out there and go play some football. We're tired of going up against each other in practice.

Have you been watching a lot of film on James Madison?

I mean they've got a real good quarterback coming back from last year, very physical tough runner. But as long as we execute our game plan, we'll be fine.

I know everybody wants to mention weight loss all the time, but can you tell me how has it effected you? Has your game improved and what ways has it improved?

I think from one standpoint, I'll be able to play more snaps and catch my breath between the plays. It's really helped me out in that area. As far as my speed and my quickness on my feet, that's way, way better than what it was during the spring. We'll keep at it real hard in the weight room and working on on our conditioning.

So, you feel like you guys are going to be ready to go in the fourth quarter?

Oh yeah! Most definitely. The fourth quarter conditioning is not even a question this year. Even when we get tired, we can push through that fatigue.

Do you consider yourself to be the leader on the defensive line?

Definitely. I'm a third year starter and I've got to take those guys under my wing. We've got Wes Oglesby and Akinbiyi on the front and I've got to make sure those guys are ready to go.

You've been going up against the offensive line all pre season. Last year they had a hard time and didn't quite come together. What do you think of them this year?

They're a lot better. Coach Luke has them working hard and we are making them better. This is alll about having heart. If you have a great technique and a will to block a big lineman you can do it.

Vince, a lot has been said about the support around campus, can you just tell me a little about that?

The reason there is a lot is because what Coach Cutcliffe has done with going out and getting the community involved, speaking to students and getting them involved. Coach Cutcliffe has really made the students and the staff (Administration) buy into the program. He;s all over Durham in an effort to put Duke Football back on the map.

Talk of building a new culture ...

Winning is not easy. If winning was easy, everybody would be doing it. Coach Cutcliffe has really go this home opner set for that to happen. With all the people coming to the ball game, it's going to be a record crowd for a home opener.

Coach Cutcliffe says he wants you to go in and enjoy the game. Despite that, is there pressure to win this opener against a tough team?

You have to want to win and have the will to win. It's been so long since we've had a win. It goes back to the win over Northwestern last year. I think our guys want to have that feeling again. I know I do.[/private]