Zoubek talks injuries and Virginia Tech

[private]On his injury, rehab and play-

I just  wanted to get healthy first and make sure it was 100% healed before I started doing anything serious.  Then I started running and lifting a lot.  That has been able to help me through out the season.   I continue to progress with my conditioning.  It's been a process.  I started out struggling because I just started playing again in early September but I keep getting better each game.  And I keep adding more things that I do.  I'm getting back to where I can do a little more.  I've been hindered a lot with what I've had to go through.  In the past I've struggled with turnovers.  When you get the ball so few time you want to make something happen.  Now that I'm getting the ball more I'm able to dish it off and I'm pretty comfortable with that.  I love passing and want to keep getting better at it.

On Virginia Tech -

They're a great team.  They're losses have come right at the end of the game.  They could be undefeated.  It's ACC and they will be strong and physical and we just have to prepare for them.My freshman year we had a close loss against them.  I can't forget that and there has been a couple of close ones the last couple of years.  They're a good team and they will come after us.ink unbelievably better. 

On the Duke front court -

We've got a lot stronger guys up there now and a lot of guys that can come in and give us solid minutes.  I think it will help us a lot as the season goes on.[/private]