Andre Dawkins talks of showing off his athleticism and more

Blue Devil Nation Premium caught up with Andre Dawkins this past weekend and as always he had a lot of interesting comments.  He talked of which other 2010 prospects he’d like to play with.  Then there was a resounding dunk where he turned and gazed with a “did you see that” look at Duke Assistant Coach Nate James.  There is much more -

It’s good to see you play again.   After watching your team (Atlantic Shores) play, I now understand what you were trying to tell me. 

Andre Dawkins - copyright BDN Photo

Andre Dawkins - copyright BDN Photo

That being you have to play big or the 3 or 4 position at times due to a lack of height.

Yeah.  We basically play four out and one in with our perimeter guys.

So, you got to play in front of Nate James.  You threw that one tomahawk dunk down and then turned to Nate with a scowl on your face as if to say, did you see that?  The crowd liked it and one of the refs even smiled at James.

(Laughing) Yeah, it

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