Quick Hitter – Kyle Hill talks of his position switch and Duke Football

Kyle Hill (right)
Kyle Hill (right)

For Duke to have a successful 2009 campaign, it will be important for young players like Kyle Hill to lead the way for the offensive line.  BDN talked with Kyle after the spring football game and here are his thoughts going into the off season.  It is worth noting that once again, Coach David Cutcliffe said that all of his players would stick around and workout this summer.

You have switched positions on the offensive line, how is that going?

It's been going pretty good, I'm enjoying it.  I was playing left tackle last spring and guard last Fall, so it's a nice switch to go back to left tackle.

Do you feel like this team is now looking to you for leadership on the offensive line?

I think they are really just looking for whoever can step forward and be a good leader.  You know, myself and Brian have been trying to do our best to be good examples and work hard for the rest of the line to follow us.

Coach said you've have put on a little  weight, can you talk about that?

I've put on about twenty pounds and I can definitely feel the strength difference.  It feels a lot better and it is helping me in a positive way and has helped out a lot.

You have two years under Coach Cutcliffe and have seen last year's team and this year's team.  Do you feel that you can be as good or better than last year?

Oh, I definitely think so.  The amount of intensity and the work ethic is unbelievable.  We just keep working hard and feel at least as good as we did if not better.  I really feel we can do better than we did last year.

What are your thoughts on the spring game?

It was very game like.  It was fast paced for a spring game and we competed hard against the defense which was a lot of fun and a good experience.