Barnes goes to the other guys – time to move on

41Wow!  Today's Harrison Barnes decision broke a lot of hearts in Durham in that he went to our bitter rival the North Carolina Tar Heels.  As Duke fans, you can sulk or move on.  Times like these are when we find out just who the real Duke fans are for it is not the Blue Devils birthright to get every prospect.

The only thing Duke fans can do is man or woman up, break out the royal blue and move forward by supporting Duke in their home opener this evening.  Duke Basketball is bigger than any one recruit and that includes Harrison Barnes.  Make no mistake that Barnes decision was a brutal blow, but the last time I checked the fight is still on and Duke will show up.

We'll discuss today's disappointment later but for now there is a Duke game to attend and I am on my way to support the team I cover.  Best of luck to the Barnes family.  I hope you guys made the right choice for you certainly turned a great opportunity down.

Next play ...