Tyler Thornton is set to sign with Duke

D.C. Connection - Nate James poses with Tyler Thornton during Countdown to Craziness - copyright BDN Photo

D.C. Connection - Nate James poses with Tyler Thornton during Countdown to Craziness - copyright BDN Photo

Internet rumors are a dime a dozen these days in that all it takes is one inaccuracy to snowball into, well, a big mess.  BDN’s tag line is that we deal in facts not rumors, but that doesn’t keep them away from our members board.  Yesterday was no different in that another one was born, this time Tyler Thornton was supposedly going to back out of his verbal to Duke.  We told you then it wasn’t true, but decided that hearing it from the horses mouth will calm down the minions who fall hook line and sinker for things anonymous posters blurt out on a regular basis.

So, if you are looking for the skinny, Tyler’s comment on this was “Naw [laughing], that’s just a rumor.”  But if you want more including Tyler’s thoughts on his official visit, Countdown to Craziness and Nolan Smith’s antics you will need to become a premium subscriber.

I have seen Tyler play about 12 times in AAU ball and he is a consummate team player who makes few mental errors.  He’s tough enough to play down low on a zone and he talks of his workouts and improvements in the interview.

The soon to be signed Duke commitment spoke of many other things as well, previewing Duke’s 09-10 chances, Harrison Barnes, Kyrie Irving and well, see for yourself -

Your high school season is about to kick off at Gonzaga.  Can you tell me what you have been working on?

I’ve been putting up a lot of shots and extending my range, a lot of ball handling drills to make sure my handle is safe.  We’ve been doing open gyms and lifting weights.  Open gyms have been good to incorporate what I’ve worked on with my shot, so it’s a good time to practice with that.  We’re getting our chemistry down with the younger guys on the team to get ready for the season, so it’s been great.

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