2012 Prospect Justin Anderson says Duke is his dream school

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HAMPTON - BDN continues it's coverage of the Nike EYBL with another prospect interview, this time with Justin Anderson, a player who already has a college ready body at a very young age.  Anderson [6-5 Rockville, MD., Montrose Christian, class of 2012, ranked 14th by in his class by Prep Stars] took time to talk about his take on Josh Hairston and his game.  During the interview he stated that Duke was his dream school growing up and then talked in depth about the recruiting process and where he stands at this time.

If somebody had never seen you play, describe your game in your own words.

I would say enthusiastic.  I love to defend which is something a lot of people really don't like to do.  I just love getting the easy buckets just to get my team going.  I'm all about my team.

How long have you played for Montrose Christian?

I have been at Montrose Christian two years now and I will likely play for them again this season.

You're teammates with Josh Hairston.  Can you describe his game for me?

He's [private] really good.  Josh can score the basketball in many different ways.  He can put it on the floor, he can rebound and shoot over guards.  He can rebound and tip it back in or dunk.  He can do so many things.  I haven't played like a scorer like him in awhile.

Where do you currently stand in the recruiting process?

I really haven't got deep into it yet.  I like Maryland, Duke North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma.  I really haven't got to deep into it yet because I have two more years.

Which school is recruiting you the hardest?

Maryland is the most aggressive and they've been on me a while.  I like Coach Williams and his intensity.

What other schools are looking at you?

Duke has been in contact with me just from coming through and seeing Josh [Hariston who will be a freshman this coming season] and they're a really good program.  If there is anybody who deserves that championship this year, it's them and they were the two best teams in the championship and I just love how Coach K runs his team and let's them play.  And North Carolina, they had a bad year but Coach Roy is a good coach and they'll bounce back and they have good coaches to be around.  Just being around Kendall [Marshall] and the decision he made and I may possibly consider them as well.

Did you have a dream school growing up?

My dream school has always been Duke and the reason why is when I was playing video games I would be Duke.  They always had a three point shooter so I would pick Duke.  I love beating everybody as Duke on the NCAA video games.  As I get older, it's [the recruiting process] starting to become much more intense.   You don't just go out and pick someone, becasue you never know what they are really like until you see them up close.

Who is the lead assistant from Duke?

Coach James.  He played for Coach [Stu] Vetter.  He comes up and is authentic.  He may say hello and talk to my parents about maybe coming down and seeing the campus and all but nothing official.

Your parents will play a big role in your decision?

Oh, most definitely.  The reason why is because they were the ones to get me in this position with sacrifices and all.  My mom doesn't want me to go too far from home but if that's what it takes it's what I have to do.

Your goals for this event would be?

Just to win out.  We took one loss but that will motivate us to win these next games.

What are you looking for in a school?

Just a school that I can use my athleticism.  I'd rather go to a school that runs up and down a lot and slows it down when they have to.

Thanks for your time and good luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you. [/private]