Monday Musings – Another Gold for Coach K, Recruiting, Duke-Bama, need 2 tickets!

Back by popular demand is a shot from cheerleaders past! Okay, we cannot access our latest pics so this weeks Monday Musings cheerleader of the week is from the past.

It's Monday morning and that means more musings from BDN and we start it off talking of Coach K and his added wears.  We then go into basketball recruiting and end of course with a game which is rocking the headlines, that being the #1 team in the nation, Alabama visiting Duke.

No lickings but he sure keeps ticking

What could Mike Krzyzewski possibly do after coming off a gold medal in the Olympics and winning a national championship with Duke just months ago?  That's simple for him.  He goes out and restores USA atop the FIBA rankings and returns the Naismith Trophy to the United States.  Watching Duke, er, Team USA defeat Turkey in their backyard yesterday, it was easy to see why I mistakenly thought I was watching the Blue Devils.  Team USA used some lock down defense and their quickness to squelch any hopes of  a comeback from Turkey once they built an early lead they never relinquished.  The end result is more confetti atop the heads of the HOF Coach and his sidekick Robin, otherwise known as Duke Assistant Coach Chris Collins.  I found that many Duke faithful felt they were pulling for their beloved home team when watching the games, hanging on every made basket or turnover.  Meanwhile, back in Durham, construction began at the Krzyzewski home where an extra room was being added to house all of his trophies and wears.  Yes, I am kidding.  I do wonder where he puts all of those awards though.

Another shot in the arm for recruiting

So here is Coach K without a single player from the Olympic team, referred to by the media as the "B" team but my thinking is that Coach will have none of that chatter.  Krzyzewski has proved time and time again that he adjusts to his teams strength and weaknesses and in the process he made Kevin Durrant a household name.  His team bought into the defensive philosophy that it takes to win in International Basketball and each players, despite being the man for their NBA teams bought into the scheme which is a testament to his communication skills.  Any prospective Blue Devil could not help but be impressed with how the NBA guys took to Krzyzewski and his staff and you can bet that this was another shot in the arm to recruiting.  Add that to the style his 2010-11 team will play and you can bet that some good names will start to show up soon.

BDN Premium has the latest on several prospects

In our latest offering on BDN Premium our all access  extended service subscription site, we take you inside the recruiting front.  Our first offering of the week is an update with prospect Tony Parker, a load of talent in the paint.  Parker talks to BDN's west coast correspondent Varand K, yes we have our K around here too, about the recruiting process.  As you can see by the headlines, Parker has confirmed he will attend Countdown to Craziness and he chats of Nate James recent visit as well.   It is truly a good time to join and learn of what is going on on the recruiting trail which will soon be red hot.  Heck, it already is inside!  Join and come on in and talk about the latest happenings with other members.

Alabama is a cure of sorts

Alabama is a temporary cure for the Duke Football team after their defense struggled to contain Wake Forest  in a 54-48 shootout this past Saturday.  In yesterday's call in show, Duke-Bama hype dominated the Q and A session enabling Coach, the team and fans to put the Wake game behind them.  Of course, once the ball is kicked off in one of the biggest games in Wallace Wade history, Duke will be in the fire of fires facing the nations top team, a juggernaut, if you will.

Circus Atmosphere in store for Bama at Duke

The weather reports are stating that high tides are expected in Durham this week.  That would be a high Crimson Tide.  It'll be nuts around Durham leading into the game against Alabama.  As early as Thursday, you will see Crimson red all over the place in the local communities.  I mean, they have installed temporary bleachers for the game and the media doubled during yesterdays call in show.  RVs will be parked at the old South Square Mall and Bama fans will then be shuttled into the stadium.  And let me go ahead and warn you, this will seem like an Alabama home game north for they will wear their colors and cheer in unison in a way which might teach some of the locals how to root for their football team.  Do you think Duke concessions will be ready for the onslaught?  I am giving them a heads up.

Tickets anyone?

As of this morning I have had nine people ask me if I could help them get a pair of tickets to the game.  Folks, this ain't no Duke-Elon game!  Bama faithful bought an ridiculous amount of season tickets for this game. Yes, season tickets.  If you see a few scalpers driving new cars the following week it will dawn on you how much money will exchanges hands making those verminous scalpers a lot of money.  The question is will Duke fans sell out for the moola?  If you do, you will not experience a game they will talk about for years to come. 

My phone is ringing

It started yesterday morning and by dawn of Monday, five people called me to ask if I saw the opening line.  "It's just  23.5 exclaimed each person," as if they were trying to get my okay to lay their hard earned money on the visiting Crimson Tide.  I must say that I was a bit surprised by the line myself, but maybe ... aw heck, I don't know because I don't gamble.  One of them said I would take a 24-0 loss right now.  Let's not be that defeatist no matter how foreboding the game looks.

And that ends another addition of Watzones' Monday Musings.