5 Questions for future Dukie Rasheed Sulaimon

We have several leftover questions on the cutting room floor from our recent AAU coverage where we chatted up Rasheed Sulaimon.  Here are five of those -

Are you glad the process is over now that you have selected Duke as your college destination?

Recruiting can be a very tiresome process but I felt like after I committed it was like a big weight being lifted off my shoulders and now I can help my AAU team get to Peach Jam.  I still get a few letters but it has died off some now.

I see you're rocking a Duke shirt.  Do guys come after you harder now that you are a Blue Devil, trying to prove themselves if you will?

Yeah, yeah.  You know, it's a big target on my back and everytime I step on the court people want to prove themselves against me.  It's a big target on my back but it just gives me hungrier to go out there and play hard everytime.

You have a lot of desire, confidence in your game.  Where does that edge come from?

I get thart from my Father, he's a very competitive guy.  Even growing up if we were playing checkers he wouldn't let me win.  I get it from him a lot.  Everytime I step on the court I just want to win.

What area of your game has seen to biggest improvement since last season?

I think the biggest improvement has been my quickness.  I would use my length a year ago but now my quickness has helped me laterally.

Has the staff asked you to work on anything in particular?  Like ball handling?

Oh yeah, definately.  Right now I am only 6-4, so I will have the ball in my hands more.  I started doing that in my high school season and I am prety confident with my ball handling skills now.  I can play the point or off guard.