ESPN’s Dave Telep talks Duke Basketball Recruiting with BDN

In the past week alone, BDN Premium has spoke to Brick Oettinger of Prep Stars, Jason Jordan of ESPN and today we bring our members a chat about Duke Basketball Recruiting with the well known Dave Telep, also of ESPN.  BDN Premium has built tremendous relationships on the recruiting trail, where we get out there and work hard, therefore earning respect.  The beauty of Blue Devil Nation being an independent site with no affiliation is we can talk to the best of the best.  In the past, we have also used Tom Knochalski and others and this is why BDN Premium is known for thinking outside the box and that is what in my opinion, makes our premium section unique.  Our work is often copied in style and such, but never duplicated.  It’s time you tried or came back to BDN Premium to see the quality we offer.  In my chat with Telep, we spoke of the Tony Parker situation, 2012 studs, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle and Rasheed Sulaimon.  And as always, Telep was spot on.  For the record, I have great respect for Dave in that he truly cares for the kid and he’s a class act on and off duty.  Okay!  On to the latest premium offering for members of Blue

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