Top in-state DE Darian Roseboro impressed with Duke

Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe hosted top in-state DE Darian Roseboro on a recent unofficial visit.
Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe hosted top in-state DE Darian Roseboro on a recent unofficial visit.

In order to take the next step as a program, it's no secret that the Blue Devils must improve their defense, and it all begins up front. The Duke defensive line has made strides under Coach Rick Petri in Durham this offseason, and the staff is hopeful that it will be a strength for the 2013 season. Having worked with college and NFL stars such as Warren Sapp and John Abraham during his career, Coach Petri knows what it takes to build a dominant defensive line. But with the pending graduation of 8 defensive linemen over the next two years, Duke will have to reload in the class of 2015.

With that in mind, the Blue Devils have targeted an elite in-state junior defensive end on the recruiting trail. Duke was the first to offer a scholarship to Lincolnton star Darian Roseboro. At 6'4" and 260 pounds, the explosive defensive ends is one of the top defensive line prospects in the class of 2015, and has recently been named one of the top 300 players in the country by the scouting services. Among his many accomplishments already in his high school career, Roseboro totaled 30 tackles for loss and 8 sacks as a sophomore. With his strong work ethic both on and off the field, the Blue Devil staff feel he is the ideal candidate to excel in Durham. Just as they have built a strong recruiting class around top-300 prospect Nico Pierre in 2014, the Blue Devils hope that Roseboro will anchor their recruiting class of 2015.

BDN caught up with Darian after a recent unofficial visit to Durham with his mother.

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What are your strengths on the field?

I'm a pretty good playmaker, quick hands, quick footwork. I'm a good pass rusher and I'm able to stop the running game as well.

What position do most college coaches expect you to play at the next level?

Defensive end.

What are the most important factors you are looking for in a school?

Well, an amazing coaching staff, a family-like environment. Somewhere I can fit in on the field and off the field. That always offers a great education, education system. If the program's on the rise, it has a really good program.

Where do you stand with scholarship offers?

I have 11 scholarship offers. Duke was one of the first offers, actually Duke was the first one to offer me, then Carolina offered me second. But Duke offered me first, and the schools that have offered me have been Duke, Carolina, Clemson, Virginia, NC State, Michigan, Auburn, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, ECU, Tennessee and a couple other schools.

That's an impressive list already; do you think distance from home will be a factor in your decision?

I'm kind of open to anything. But whether it's ACC or SEC or Big-10 or Pac-12, wherever I'm more comfortable.

Living in the heart of ACC country, is there a school or conference that you've grown up following?

Well, I followed . . . I can't say a particular school, but I followed the ACC a lot when I was a kid, not only in football but basketball as well. But supporting local teams, home teams. You get to see more of the home teams.

Which schools have you had a chance to visit so far?

I have . . . I've been to NC State and Duke, Carolina. I've been at Clemson and Auburn. I made more appearances at Duke and NC State. I'm really impressed with NC State and Clemson. I'm really impressed with Duke. I like the coaches they have at Duke. Coach Cutcliffe's a great guy. He's all about family, and I really respect that and I really like that about Duke. I really don't have any top school right now, but if I did, Duke would be one.

Do you have a timeline in mind for when you hope to narrow things down or even make a decision?

Yeah, I'll probably narrow it down by the end of football season, this football season, and I plan on committing the end of my junior year, early in my senior year, somewhere in-between there because I will be enrolling early and graduating early.

Is there anything else you want college football fans to know about you?

Well, all I have to say about me, I'm a real hard worker. I'm not afraid to do all the work. I like to improve my game as much as I can. I feel like nothing's good enough. I'm all about family and putting education first, football second.

Thanks, Darian.


Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe reviews first scrimmage

DURHAM - Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe reviewed the first scrimmage of 2013 training camp on Monday evening. The Blue Devils were able to play a number of players to fully evaluate the depth of their squad, and the staff came away impressed by several new faces. Duke will return to the field again on Tuesday, with the next scrimmage scheduled for Friday. Fans can get their first look at the 2013 Blue Devils on Saturday at 2PM for Meet the Blue Devils Day.

Connette Highlights Duke Scrimmage

Brandon ConnetteDURHAM, N.C. – Redshirt junior quarterback Brandon Connette completed 14-of-21 passes for 152 yards and one touchdown while rushing for a game-high 67 yards and another score to highlight Duke’s 100-snap scrimmage on Monday evening in Wallace Wade Stadium.

“What we did was look at a lot of different personnel groupings,” said head coach David Cutcliffe. “We took portions of our starters and mixed in twos and mixed in freshmen. We wanted to see how people responded, best versus best. All the way through the scrimmage we did that, blending in our youngest players. We have over a hundred snaps to evaluate on tape. It was good and hot. It was in the nineties. It was a good test all around. For the most part, we came out healthy.”

Connette, who darted 47 yards to set up his own four-yard touchdown run, compiled 219 yards of total offense and hooked up with wideout Anthony Nash for a 15-yard touchdown pass. Fellow redshirt junior quarterback Anthony Boone was 12-of-25 through the air for 139 yards with two interceptions while freshman Parker Boehme hit on eight-of-nine throws for 84 yards including a 22-yard scoring toss to Ryan Smith.

Smith finished the night with a game-high five receptions for 84 yards while Nash had four catches for 41 yards. Max McCaffrey added four receptions for 42 yards. Freshman running back Joseph Ajeigbe gained 49 yards on eight attempts.

“I think everybody saw Ryan Smith,” Cutcliffe said. “He has short-area quickness that’s incredible. He’s going to make plays.”

Defensively, redshirt freshman Devon Edwards and freshman Breon Borders registered interceptions while redshirt freshman Michael Westray recovered one fumble. Redshirt freshman defensive end Allen Jackson posted two tackles for loss including one quarterback sack.

The Blue Devils kick off the 2013 season at home against N.C. Central on Saturday, August 31 at 4 p.m. in Wallace Wade Stadium. Tickets are available now at

Southern Comfort: 2015 Backcourt Star Malik Newman Chats with BDN

Malik Newman August, 2013 Garden Grove, CA
Malik Newman
August, 2013
Garden Grove, CA

From deep in the heart of Mississippi, stud 2015 point guard Malik Newman is regarded by some as the top overall prospect in the Class of 2015.  Some regard him as a point, others as a combo guard, but regardless at this point, he is clearly a highly skilled scoring guard with deep range who can also handle it pretty well.  He has a very strong body, and he uses it well to get into the lane almost at will.  I didn't see enough of him to really assess his defensive abilities, but he's a kid with a good attitude and a lot of athleticism, so there's no reason he shouldn't be able to defend points and two-guards at the college level.

Personality-wise, he is a soft-spoken, respectful young man with a deep southern drawl, and one who, at least at this point, has not allowed all the attention he has recently garnered to go to his head.  He's just beginning the recruitment process, really, so this one has a long way to go.  Some say he ultimately may be tough to get out of SEC country, but to me it's way too early to make pronouncements like that.

Here's what he had to say in our recent sit-down:

BDN: All right. I’m here with Malik Newman, Class of 2015. You guys just had a tough game. Was that a tougher game than you expected?

MN: Yeah, it really was.

BDN: That team was aggressive, man.

MN: Yes, sir.

BDN: So some of the Duke fans that will probably be reading this may not be as familiar with you as with some of the other guys. So tell me a little bit about your background. I know you’re from Mississippi. Tell me a little bit about yourself, your family, that kind of thing.

MN: I had a dad who was a former player –

BDN: He played, correct?

MN: Yes, sir, at Mississippi State. Also an uncle. I’m just a regular kid, fun to be around. I like to hang out. I just really love the game of basketball.

BDN: A lot of people got their attention on you after what happened in Vegas last week. That game that you guys played, with you and Mudiay, and Tyler Dorsey on the other side, people are talking about it like it was one of the greatest AAU games they’ve ever seen. Tell me about it. What was it like to play in a game like that?

MN: It was great. High competition, great competition. It was a fast paced game. We had --

BDN: You were knocking down three’s in that game.

MN: Yeah, you know, everyone was. Zimmerman, Tyler, Daniel, Mudiay, so . . . All of us, we were playing good, playing to the best of our ability, just trying to put on a good show.

BDN: It was high level.

MN: Yes, sir. Very high level.

BDN: Now, I know you played for USA Basketball this summer.

MN: Yes, sir.

BDN: Tell me a little bit about that, what that was like. That was your first time playing USA?

MN: Yes, sir.

BDN: Tell me about it.

MN: It was a great experience. For one, the top players in my class and the class under me, we all came together and you know, we put that “USA” across our chest and we decided that we were going to fight for each other and the country, for one another and try to help the USA shine. So it was a good experience going over there and learning about that culture and seeing their fans and things like that.

BDN: You ever been out of the country before?

MN: That was my first time.

BDN: First time out of the country, to Uruguay of all places, huh?

MN: Yes, sir. Uruguay.

BDN: Did you guys get out of the gym at all or out of the hotel and check out the country or was it just kind of a basketball thing?

MN: We did a little bit. You know, we played at 6:00 every day, so we had to go to walk-arounds, then we had to eat, then we had a little time to go walk around and things like that. But they really made us get off our feet a lot.

BDN: Now, there’s been some confusion with the Duke fans. Do you actually have an offer from Duke?

MN: Yes, I do.

BDN: OK. What was that like to get an offer from a program like Duke? How do they do it? Let the fans in on that process a little bit.

MN: Coach called my dad first.

BDN: Coach K?

MN: Yes. Coach K called my dad first. And then, after he called, what’s his name . . . Coach . . .

BDN: Coach Capel? Coach James? Coach Wojo?

MN: Coach Capel. Coach Capel called me later that day and he had a conversation with me. And he really just told me about the program, the ups and downs, the pro’s and con’s about it. And he really just told me it’d be a great experience for me and then he told me that I had an offer.

BDN: What other schools have offered you? Long list, I know. What are some of the top ones?

MN: Mississippi State, Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas . . .

BDN: All the big boys.

MN: Yeah, it’s a lot. There’s a lot more.

BDN: What an honor, to have all these top schools interested in you?

MN: Yes, sir.

BDN: Now, are you friendly with Rodney Hood?

MN: Yeah, very.

BDN: You guys talk a lot?

MN: Yes, sir.

BDN: What has he told you about his experience – and I know he hasn’t played yet in an official game – but what does he have to tell you about his experience with the campus, the coaching staff, the program?

MN: He told me it was great. He told me it was really like no other campus, no other atmosphere. He said if you’re a part of Duke, then you really have no worries because the other team, they have worries when they come in there because the fans are so rowdy. But he told me it’s fun. He said they really love the game of basketball at Duke. So that’s a good thing there. He said it was great being up there.

BDN: How do you think you would fit in with Duke’s system?

MN: I think I’d fit in good. He lets them go and play how they want to play, but he keeps them under control, so that’s how I’m used to playing.

BDN: Now, most people I think would describe you as a scoring point guard. Sort of a combo guard. There’s no question you can shoot the rock. No doubt about that. Couple of other scouts that I’ve talked to said, “yeah, he can score. What I want to see is, I want to see him distribute. I want to see him make his teammates better. “ Are you working on that aspect of your game?

MN: Yes, I’ve been working on that all summer.

BDN: How?

MN: Just getting involved with Mudiay. He really helped me become more of a point guard, because that’s the position that he plays. So he kinda taught me some of the things that – because he’s more experienced than me so he kinda taught me some of the things that he knows and I kinda added to my game. And being at camps like this, going to point guard camps, different things like that.

BDN: Are the schools that are recruiting you, including Duke, are they telling you “we see you as a point,” “we see you as a 2,” “we see you as a combo?” What do you think?

MN: Mainly they say they see me as a point. So that’s something I’ve really been working on. You never know how it turns out. Maybe at a crucial point in a game I have to play the 2, so --

BDN: You’ve got the handle, so it seems like you could do both.

MN: Yes, sir. So I really try to work on both positions.

BDN: Now let me just ask you, last thing. A lot of services, scouts, have you ranked the #1 player in the class right now. How do you handle that pressure, or do you feel pressure from it? How do you keep your head on straight?

MN: I feel no pressure at all. I have a great circle around me, so the people that are really close to me and really around me, they never let me get the big head, so I can really say it’s thanks to them it’s the reason why I’m so humble.

BDN: Who are the people that are in your closest circle that are going to be involved with your decisionmaking when it comes time for that?

MN: My dad, my mom, and my stepmom.

BDN: And do you have any visits planned, official or unofficial?

MN: No sir, not yet.

BDN: Not yet. You’re going to wait on that?

MN: Yes, sir.

BDN: OK. It’s been a pleasure to watch you play and definitely a pleasure to meet you. Thanks so much.

MN: Thank you, sir.


Malik Newman