Bank On It: This Chase is Solid Gold

Chase Jeter January 18, 2014

Chase Jeter
January 18, 2014

Vegas, baby!  It’s bright lights, late nights, a high-rolling, 24/7, look-at-me party that is a magnet for the young and rich, including many young and rich athletes.  You would think that anyone – especially a basketball player —  who grew up in the oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert would almost have to be all about the ego, all about the style and the bling and all about the Benjamins.

If you thought that about Chase Jeter, you could not be more wrong.

The junior forward at Las Vegas’ Bishop Gorman High School and his mother and father have their feet planted firmly on the ground, despite the whirlwind of attention brought on by Chase’s ascension to be one of the top forwards in the Class of 2015.  Duke, along with a seemingly endless list of other elite programs, has set its sights on landing Jeter, whose combination of size, skills, smarts, and character would make him a unique and highly desirable addition to any team in the nation fortunate enough to see him enroll in the Fall of 2015.

In a wide-ranging interview last weekend at Bishop Gorman with Chase and his father Chris Jeter, the fast-rising forward spoke at length about his background, his game, his season, his recruitment, and his hopes for the future.

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