Grayson Allen & Marques Bolden Talk Duke-UNC

Duke senior guard Grayson Allen (February 7, 2018):

On the playing his last game in the Smith Center
“It’s almost bittersweet. It’s that I won’t have to go back there again and get booed, but it’s also an amazing place to play. It’s always
fun to go there and guys love to play in those type of crowds. It’s such a big game and there’s a great atmosphere around the game
and the rivalry that it’s really something that we look forward to because it’s exciting. You can have adrenaline going the whole game
from the crowd, atmosphere around and the high level basketball that’s going on the court.”

On relationship with Joel Berry II
“A lot of people assume there’s a lot of hate going on and off the court while Joel and I know each other, we’re friends. I’m not
texting him good luck this week, I don’t think he wants to hear that from me. But our parents talk to each other, we check in during
the offseason. There’s definitely a mutual respect from coming up in the same state, playing against each other, playing with each
other and winning in the Nike EYBL and now playing each other.”

On preparing the freshmen for North Carolina:
“We’ve had intense practices and trying to get these guys emotionally ready to be in that type of game. Because when you’re in that game, playing UNC on their home court, if they start off the game with two big plays, they’re going to be extremely excited and so is the crowd. That can be defeating for guys’ first time being in that environment. That’s what we have to avoid, bring our own energy. It doesn’t matter if they go on a run, we have to be together.”

On similarities between Carolina’s style this year and Duke’s in years past:
“They’re very dangerous offensively because they spread it out so well because they have five guys who can play like guards. On
film, you see Luke Maye grabbing defensive rebounds and pushing the ball up the court at times. Four guys shoot the ball really well
and then Theo (Pinson), in his own right, can shoot when he’s open but he’s a great facilitator so that makes him very dangerous
because of how athletic and how he can attack and then he’s a great passer so he can find these guys. They can spread the floor
really well and because they run so well in transition, it’s important that we find our guys and you might not be guarding the same
guy every time down the court. That’s where talk is going to be so important. It’s very different from Carolina teams in years past
because they’ve always had such a great inside presence that they rely on and go to, but now there’s a lot of perimeter scoring.”

Duke sophomore forward Marques Bolden (February 7, 2018):

On the status of his knee:
“It’s feeling great. I’ve gotten back into the rhythm of things now with me practicing now than I did before so it’s good.”
On what caused the delay in his return:
“We didn’t really have a set time table when I got injured. Being longer than expected, we didn’t really know how long I was going to
be out. Being an injury in practice, we tried to take it day-by-day. With it being a knee, it was hard to judge when I could come back.”

On his rhythm:
“My bond with these guys on and off the court is really strong so my rhythm is back where it used to be. This is a new group that I’m
playing with than before I got hurt. They’ve progressed offensively and defensively in major ways. My rhythm is up there with the

On role in the team:
“It’s to always bring that energy off the bench. The starters do a great job of bringing that energy to start but my job is to come in
and bring that presence that I have on the inside and rebounding and scoring on the inside when I get the ball. Being that spark off
the bench.”

On preparing the freshmen to play against North Carolina:
“One of these games, it’s not something you can really prepare someone for. We just try to tell them to play their game and not play
to the crowd or their environment because we know it’ll be an away game and a hostile environment. We just tell them to do what
you’ve been doing