5 Questions with Vernon Carey Post UNC win

Duke center Vernon Carey Jr. fouled out of his first Duke-UNC game, but he leaned on his teammates for the win. Carey praised his teammates and the perimeter pay down the stretch which enabled Duke to come away with a 98-96 overtime win in Chape Hill.

Wow! What are your initial thoughts on the game -

The last ten minutes of the game in regulation, our guards and perimeter stepped up big time. Tre stepped up big time, I mean everyone stepped up big time defensively down the stretch.

On his thoughts when he went out of the game with his 5th foul -

I was frustrated obviously but just had to trust my teammates.

What does this kind of a win do for the team?

It brings us closer together. We're even closer now as a team.

It is hard to believe but you have got to put this game to bed quickly with Florida State coming on Monday night...

Yeah. Coach [Krzyzewski] said to just enjoy it tonight and that we would have to prepare for FSU tomorrow and practice, so that is what we will do,

How does it feel to be 1-0 against Carolina?

It feels great.