Duke and the ACC Navigate Tricky Waters

Most of you are wondering if Duke football and basketball will be played this season and the truth of the matter with concern to an answer is that it is up in the air.

Just today, the Miami Marlins baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles has been canceled or delayed due to players testing for the COVID-19 virus. No less than fourteen players and coaches in the Marlins organization have tested positive.

That unfortunate news was then followed by the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies canceling their contest.

The ACC presidents are scheduled to meet this Wednesday and there is no way to know how the latest news will hinder their plans. We were originally expected to hear their outline for Fall sports and scheduling by weeks end, but more developments between now and then could once again delay the process of a firm commitment.

The Duke basketball team is scheduled to be on campus in early August. Most recently, Duke announced that upperclassmen would not be on campus, but the athletes have been given permission to do so. This also means the football team can move out of their temporary quarters in the Washington Duke motel unless those plans change in the current climate of liquid and ever-changing policies.

Another item that has come to light is that Duke expects to implement a 30% reduction in fans allowed to attend athletic events. This too is something that could change as we all watch how major league baseball and the NBA season set to tip-off again this Thursday.