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Kevin Knox Talks Recruiting

knoxKevin Knox continued to impress this past weekend during the Nike EYBL event in Hampton, Virginia.  Knox is a can't miss prospect from Florida who is being recruited by the nations heavyweights,  I actually ran into a few scouts who said they were not that impressed with him, some even calling him skinny.  But I am telling you now that the youngster has the perfect body type to put on muscle to his frame and that it will happen.  People often want to see a finished product at the high school level, but that usually means a kid has topped out. Knox knocked down nine consecutive three pointers before missing on in warm ups.  He has been working on his outside shot making him a player with size who can stretch the court.  What makes Knox even more dangerous is that he can mix it up inside as well. I caught up to the budding star for the following interview at the third session of the EYBL in Hampton, Virginia this past weekend.

You are arguably one of the most popular players in the EYBL with microphones always around you, how are you adjusting to that?

I am just learning how to do it all with media, my Dad helps to teach me different things to say and I am prepared to answer the questions I'm asked.

Your Dad was a football player -- how does that help you?

He knows what it takes to get to the next level.  He got there, so he is teaching me all the things to do, how to work out and a work ethic. He had a great work ethic, so that helps.

I am sure a prospect like you is hearing from coaches all the time. Who are some of the coaches you have been hearing from of late?

Coach K thanked me yesterday after my game and before I got up here and Coach Cal texted me and I talked with Coach Wright from Villanova.

What does it mean to you when those guys contact you.  Is it important that they stay in touch?

Yeah.   Yeah, that's one thing I am  looking at in how they stay in touch with me throughout my sessions and throughout my games and if they are keeping up with me and seeing how I am doing.

Duke and Kentucky, could you break those two schools down?

Kentucky came in late but I am really interested in them and I liked what Coach Cal said when he came in home.  I was really impressed with what he had to say.  Coach K, they've been up to see me two times which is great and they have good coaches and everything.  I am looking forward to getting to know the schools better later on.

Is it the plan for you to be a one and done in college?

I mean I am going to a school to be a one and done, so if I go in and play well, I am hoping to leave but nothing is guaranteed when you are in college so I am focussing on going to the next level to better my career and be a one and done.

Will a school have to show you their history with one and dones to get you?

No, that has nothing to do with it. Some of the things which go into committing to a school will be family, how I fit into their team and if they are coming out to watch me play and keeping up with me.

What kind of role are you looking for on a team?

I am trying to win games .  I am trying to win national championships. so I will do whatever the team or coach wants me to do.  Most coaches want me to come in and play on the wing, so that is the stuff I am working on with my game right now.

So will you be dropping some schools or new ones from coming in. Have you established your list?

Oh no.  I am open to any one.  So if they text me right now, I will text them back.  I just picked up an offer from California, so I mean so it might seem like it is pretty late but I am still open.

What about USA Basketball?  Obviously, you are real involved with that. Are their any players on the USA squad or on the circuit you talk with about playing together?

We talk about it some in the motel rooms and when we are hanging out and stuff like that, so I mean I have heard a lot of people say my name where people say they want to play with me, but it really doesn't matter who I play with at the next level.  I am just trying to win games,

What is your number one goal this summer?

I am trying to win Peach Jam.  So, I am trying to make it to Peach Jam first and win it all.

You will obviously be at the USA camp instead of the NBA Top 100 Camp, right?

Oh, yes sir.  I think we'll be going up there soon and I am looking forward to going and trying to make the team, so I mean, that is m goal.

Has Duke told you how you would fit into their system?

Yes, they've told me and I have watched Brandon Ingram a lot and how he gets rebounds and is able to run the point and being able to push the ball.  So  just having that freedom is what Coach K and Coach Capel have talked about to me a lot.

What about Kentucky?

Just how to play 1 though 5, rebound the ball and run the floor.  If I got a little dude on me to take him.. Coach Cal  has shown me those things.


Mohamed Bamba Talks Recruiting

bambaI have got to admit that it was disappointing to see that Mohamed Bamba was in a cast for this weekends Hampton EYBL session.  The talented Duke prospect will miss the entire session, but the good news is that the injury is minor in nature. Bamba hurt his left ankle this past week which is considered a sprain and he will have his injury looked at this coming Monday.

Bamba said he had most recently spoke to Duke Coach Mike Kryzyzewski, Villlanova head man Jay Wright and John Calipari of Kentucky.  One of the things Bamba stays up on is who the teams chasing him are recruiting.  ''I want to go to a team where it is not just me, I want to play with other talented players,'' said Bamba after his PSA team had finished playing.

One thing you quickly learn when speaking to the double-double machine to be is that he is very analytical.  He thinks about his answers and like many these days, doesn't give away too much with a quick response.  The budding big man is also very much a player who like to play in a team concept.

I asked Bamba who he liked playing with and he immediately spoke to his current teammates while stating he gets along with pretty much everybody on the circuit.  ''I have been playing with Hasahn French since we were in the seventh or eight grade and I love playing with him.  Knox continued, One other guy who I really like playing with and it's the first time is Deng Gak.  He is pretty much just like me defensively, which is great''  For the record, Duke has offered both Bamba and more recently Gak.

Bamba also spoke to the coaches that were recruiting him, stating that Jay Wright of Villanova had been taking a different approach. As for Calipari. his message was about player development and the 2017 players Kentucky was targeting.

Bamba also spoke of Duke, saying, ''When I spoke to Coach K, he just pretty much talked about life.  I am big on recruiting classes, so he talked about that as well.''

He went on to mention that there was a lot of talk about point guards and who is going to stay on teams.  He also spoke about the new rule.  ''I am looking into every aspect, I am not going to jump into something.  I surround myself with people who want the same thing and part of the process is research,'' said Bamba,

Bamba also mentioned that some coaches talked about him playing with another current teammate in Quade Green with some coaches. He stated twice that all of his conversations with the coaches recruiting him the hardest were good,

I asked Bamba what were the three most important things to him with concern to recruiting.  He responded, ''There are a lot of things which are important but as I have mentioned before, a strong alumni base.  That goes beyond basketball.  Another thing which has been recurring or that is popping up more for me of late is who will be coming to school with me.  The third thing, is probably the balance of academics.  That and how good the team is,''

When pressed on more with concern to the alumni base, Bamba mentioned Harvard and Duke first and then added Kentucky.  Bamba hinted that the first two schools mentioned were strong in academics and basketball and then mentioned that Calipari was strong at networking with his former players as well.  As for Krzyzewski he just said, ''Coach K is just Coach K and has made a name for himself,''

He also stated that he hadn't learned anything new from his conversations with coaches past who they were looking at in his most recent conversations coming into the latest EYBL session.

In closing, Bamba continues to be calculating with his answers and there seems to be a set of leaders developing with him.  While he failed to give a concise list of schools, it was clear that Duke and Kentucky are major players for his services.

More to come on Bamba and discussed on our message board.

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Duke offers PG Tremont Waters

images (22)Duke Assistant Coach Jon Scheyer visited PG Tremon Waters this afternoon where the prospect learned that Coach K was offering him.  Waters is a 5-11 PG from South Kent, Connecticut who plays for South Kent High School.  He currently holds offers from UConn and Seton Hall.  Duke is in pursuit of a multi year PG in this class.


Coach K and Duke offers Hamidou Diallo

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Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski has extended an offer to Hamidou Diallo.  The 6-4, 180 pound shooting guard is from Queens, New York and plays his AAU ball for the New York Rens.  His play at this past weekends EYBL Session 1 has made it clear that he is one of the nations finest talents in the Class of 2017.  He is currently attending the Putnam Science Academy and is considered a sure fire prospect and he holds offers from Connecticut, Kentucky to mention a few.




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Langford Garners Duke Offer

images (18)Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski offered 2018 guard Romeo Langford last evening.  Langford is a sleek 6-4, 178 pound wing that plays his high school basketball for New Albany High School which is in New Albany, Indiana.  Despite being in the Hoosiers backyard, Langford liked the Blue Devils growing up.  Langford is very athletic and considered a scorer.  The Blue Devils are actively recruiting wing guards to replace current or expected defections on their roster. Duke Assistant Coach Jon Scheyer is the lead assistant for Langford. Indiana, Louisville, Kansas and Kentucky are among others who have offered the talented Langford.

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Jack White Commits to Duke

The Dimages (4)uke Blue Devils have added Aussie, Jack White to their 2016 class.  White is a 6-6, 220 pound wing player who has until this point played his basketball career in Australia.

Jack White selects Duke
Jack White selects Duke

The White family informed Duke Coach Mike Krzzyewski of his decision on Thursday.  White will now learn future skills at the highest level of college basketball.

White played for his Australia National team in the FIBA U19 World Championship last year, averaging 8.3 points and 3.9 rebounds.

White is currently enrolled at the Basketball Australia Center of Excellence in Canberra where he is expected to remain until he matriculates to Duke in June.

During his visit to Duke, White was able to meet the players and staff, see the campus and check out the Blue Devils state of the art basketball facilities.  He also started to form what will become key relationships in his future basketball endeavors.


He joins a recruiting class that features Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum, Javin DeLaurier and Franks Jackson.  Duke is still recruiting Marques Bolden as well.  Bolden recently said he would be making his decision within a month.