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#2 Duke holds off Davidson 79-67

[private]The Duke Blue Devils boosted their record to 13-1 with a 79-67 win over Davidson in Cameron Indoor Stadium.  Duke was led by the dynamic duo of Jon Scheyer and Kyle Singler who scored 22 points apiece.

Duke held Stephen Curry in check during the first half, but the nation's leading scorer erupted for 25

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points in the second half.  Curry's scoring effort allowed Davidson to cut a 25 point lead to 8, before Duke gained control to close out the victory.

"I think their help defense allows them to do that because if they create a mismatch where I’m guarded by a big guy, I usually try to take him off the dribble. If I see a guy right behind him on the second line of defense it’s tough to create something. That’s why they’re really good if they can switch and take away the initial shot and then when you drive they’re right there to help and make you make a tough decision,” said Curry in regards to the way the Devils defended him.

Early on, the Dukies defense picked up where it left off against Virginia Tech.  Davidson finally scored Curry's average as a team at the 15:20 mark in the second half making it 51-29.  They finally found their offensive game scoring 38 points to close out the game.

"We beat an outstanding team tonight. I think when two really good teams play one another, you have blows. At the end of the first half, those last eight minutes, we played really well and gave us the lead, and the first six minutes of the second half we played great. Then it looked like we got tired. We took some quick shots that missed, and I thought Lovedale made some big blocks when we did get a good shot," said Krzyzewski.

The Blue Devils played very well as a team for the most of the game before losing some momentum after maintaining large leads.  There is no question that the strong play of Jon Scheyer helped Duke thwart the Wildcats comeback.

"It was just plays needed to be made and opportunities were there, and I just had my shots, had some drives.  We took some pretty good shots in the second half I thought.  Most of them fell, some of them didn’t, but we when we move the ball like that, whether it’s me, Kyle, G or whoever, we can have some good opportunities to make some plays like that,” said Scheyer.

The victory was the Blue Devils 67th straight in Cameron versus a non conference opponent.  Duke will now travel to Talahassee to take on Florida State in a nationaly televised game which tips off at 2:00 this Saturday.

Sidebar -The Blue Devils have started the season 13-1 for the 17th time in school history. The Blue Devils have begun the year 13-1 for the third straight season and sixth time this decade. Coach K has led Duke to a 13-1 start a total of 11 times.

-Duke has now won its first nine home games in a season a total of 25 times, including 17 times under Coach K.

-Duke now leads the all-time series with Davidson, 87-17. The Blue Devils have won the last 22 meetings in the series dating back to a 75-73 loss in Cameron Indoor Stadium on Dec. 29, 1981.[/private]

Gerald Henderson talks of his improvement, Zoubek and more

[private]Statistically, you've really picked it up of late.  What do you attribute that to?  Are you getting in a comfort zone or something like that?

I guess you could say that, but I'm just realizing that I need to play like a really good player every game - not just every now and then.  Part of becoming the player I want to become is being that person on a consistent basis.

My teammates are finding me and I'm being more aggressive on the offensve end.  Being more hungry to score with the ball and also getting points off of my defense, getting out and running the floor has helped.

After the Michigan loss, I felt like I had't contributed like I need to do.  Even though we lost, we were in the game for most of it and that kind of pushed me to contribute more.

Now that the team is getting into ACC play, do you feel fresher as a team than say last year?

Definitely my body feels good.  The guys fell good.  We've have some hard practices, but we've rested ourselves well and are prepared for whats coming.

Is there more intensity going into ACC play during practices?

Coach is always intense.  We are always intense, but there is an added level of intensity as we go into the season - a little bit more urgency.  Every ACC team - you're going to get their best fight every game - we get that from anybody.  You can't get knocked back.  Really at the beginning of the game we try to set the tone early.

Can you comment on the play of center Brian Zoubek -

He's a heck of a player.  He's really developed his game and is becoming one of the better post players in the country.  There are some simple things he does which make him a better player.  Since Brian has come here, we've always had confidence in him.  I think a big thing is that his injuries have definitely set him back.  He played well as a freshman, but injuries were a set back.  Brian is going to do fine.  We have confidence in him and he is confident himself now.  He's going to be a huge part of what we do this year.

Are you guys at the place you want to be so far this season?

Absolutely.  We feel like we are in a good spot.  We feel like we are in a good spot, but we can definitely continue to get better.[/private]

Duke Women rip Temple 87-52

[private]DURHAM, N.C.—Freshman Shay Selby registered a career-high 14 points, while senior Chante Black added 15 for the fifth-ranked Blue Devils as Duke downed Temple, 87-52, on Monday evening at Cameron Indoor Stadium.  The Blue Devils forced Temple to 29 turnovers marking the fourth straight contest the Duke defense has forced an opponent to 29 or more turnovers in a single game.
Jasmine Thomas chipped in 11 points, six rebounds and five assists for the Blue Devils and Joy Cheek added 13 points and eight rebounds as Duke won its 10th straight contest. 
Duke will next host Miami on Friday, Jan. 9 at 7:00 p.m.[/private]

John Wall talks of his visit to Duke, the recruiting process and more

The Duke Blue Devils are recruiting one more player in the class of 2009 and he just so happens to be the best high school point guard in the country.  John Wall dazzles all with his ability to go from baseline to baseline in just under three seconds. 

Wall has until May 21st to decide where he wants to play his college basketball and Duke has made

Wall drives to the rim during the Glaxo Invitational
Wall drives to the rim during the Glaxo Invitational

the final cut.  Coach K has been able to watch John Wall play this season, most recently during the Glaxo Invitational where he was accompanied by two assistants and key players on this seasons roster.

During yesterdays ACC opener, John Wall was sitting behind the bench to see the Blue Devils play lock down defense on Virginia Tech.  Blue Devil Nation Premium was able to get Walls thoughts and details of the visit.

"I came over the there house and watched a pretty exciting game [private] and watched the crowd go crazy when they made some big plays," said Wall when asked about his trip to Durham.

After the contest he was able to hang out before heading back to school,  "I went to the back (locker room) and talked to Coach K for a little bit and had a good time," said an upbeat Wall.

When asked if he had a chance to sit down with Coach Kryzyzewski, Wall stated, "No, that's all I had a chance to do right then."

Wall has been planning a visit to Duke for a while now, but scheduling conflicts kept him from making a trip until Sunday.  "I've been busy of late with Glaxo and all but I am going to set up a visit them hopefully soon, so I can go over there and talk to them.  They just wanted me to come over and watch a game and I said alright."

Wall had some company during his visit, "I went with my AAU Coach Clifton and my sister."  Wall has six sisters all of whom from Raleigh.  I couldn't help but ask the sleek star if there was pressure from siblings to stay at home and he stated, "No, not really.  I think my family - they realize that this is a decision I've got to make even thought they probably wouldn't go far.  I know they'll come to all my games they can whether I am far away or close to home."

When asked if he could see himself playing for Duke, Wall stated, "Right now I am just trying to go to the games and see the atmosphere, crowd and how the coaches coach in situations.  Since you are right there behind the bench you can hear what the coaches are saying and how they're telling the players to play, which is something you need to do before making a decision."

I asked of his contact with Coach Krzyzewski - "He really didn't get a chance to say too much.  I had to get back to school.  He just said it was great having me there and he would love to have me as a point guard and that he saw me at Glaxo and we lost a tough game."

When asked if Duke offered him, Wall said no, but that he expected one to come when he sits down to talk with Coach Krzyzewski.

Wall makes no secret of his desire to play in the NBA as soon as possible. "More than likely right now I am hopefully looking at just being one and done.  It'll be tough because you have to live up to the hype.  It's not just about scoring, but helping your team win which  and play like the kind of player the NBA wants to see."

Another thing that stands out is his confidence in his ability.  "Which ever school I end up choosing, I feel like I will be the go to  or set up man.  But I will have other great players with me, so if I draw a double team or get trapped, I hope to have teammates that can make big plays."

Wall also recognizes the challenge.  "I know it'll be pretty tough on me because I'm just a freshman but I want the ball under pressure.   So I really want to go to a school where I am going to be around great players."

While there are many out there that will tell you Wall is leaning one way or the other, you wouldn't know it when talking to him.  In my opinion, Wall is truly undecided and trying to figure out what eh most important factors are in his pending commitment.  "If you are not going to feel comfortable and feel like you're home, then I figure you shouldn't go to the school.  If you get down and you are far away from home and your coaches are not there for you, who will be there?"

Wall has made no secret of his desire to have a close relationship with the head coach and staff and it always seems to come up in conversations.  "You've just got to pick the situation that'll be best for you.  I will go to the school that wil let me be me and prepare me best for the next level, said Wall.

The young phenom will lead his team against Ravenscroft this Wednesday night at 7:00.  "It was originally supposed to be on ESPN.  It's a big game with me playing and Ryan playing.  It'll be a pretty excited crowd," said Wall.

The schools were unable to accommodate a time change to 9:00 due to a vote from higher ups concerned that it was on a school night.   Thus the battle will not be televised and unfortunately for Duke fans, the time is exactly when the Blue Devils tip off against Davidson and Stephan Curry. [/private]

Duke plays clamp down defense to defeat Virginia Tech 69-44

[private]The Blue Devils defense stymied the Hokies holding them to 7 points in the last fifteen minutes.   Four of five Duke starters scored in double figures led by  Kyle Singler who dropped 19 points to go with 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals.

The physical nature of the game promted Kyle Singler to state, "It's definitely a man's game and if we can play like men, it's going to be a very good year for us."

The Blue Devils benefited from 19 points off turnovers, but more so from a Krzyzewski timeout at the 17:23 mark where he challenged his team.  Whatever was said, it worked as Duke went on to outscore the Hokies 25-7 in the last fifteen minutes.  The Hokies scored a mere 9 points after the timeout.

"I think they got kind of tired and that allowed us to push the ball at both ends and do what we needed to," said Singler.

Of course it didn't hurt that Duke was nearly perfect from the free throw stripe as well, where they hit 19 of 20.

Gerald Henderson continued his outstanding play of late with a stat line of 15 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.  There were time when he guarded Tech's big men inside and he will his way to make several plays.

Also scoring in double figures for Duke were Nolan Smith who tallied 13 points, 3 assists and 2 steals and Jon Scheyer with 11.  Scheyer was held in check offensively in the second half, but played a good floor game.

Zoubek added another points and only two Blue Devils scored off the bench.

Duke had several players slow down one of the leagues top scorers in A.O. Vassallo who managed just 7 points.

"This is the start of a three game five and a half day loop, so this tests you.  Any ACC win is a good one." said Krzyzewski.  He continued, "In our league anybody can beat anybody.  It's a whole different ball game once the ACC starts."

The Blue Devils are now 1-0 in the ACC, 12-1 on the season and poised to move up a little in the rankings where they were fifth coming into this evenings game.  The win was number 273 for Duke since the year 2000 which is tops in the nation.[/private]

Zoubek talks injuries and Virginia Tech

[private]On his injury, rehab and play-

I just  wanted to get healthy first and make sure it was 100% healed before I started doing anything serious.  Then I started running and lifting a lot.  That has been able to help me through out the season.   I continue to progress with my conditioning.  It's been a process.  I started out struggling because I just started playing again in early September but I keep getting better each game.  And I keep adding more things that I do.  I'm getting back to where I can do a little more.  I've been hindered a lot with what I've had to go through.  In the past I've struggled with turnovers.  When you get the ball so few time you want to make something happen.  Now that I'm getting the ball more I'm able to dish it off and I'm pretty comfortable with that.  I love passing and want to keep getting better at it.

On Virginia Tech -

They're a great team.  They're losses have come right at the end of the game.  They could be undefeated.  It's ACC and they will be strong and physical and we just have to prepare for them.My freshman year we had a close loss against them.  I can't forget that and there has been a couple of close ones the last couple of years.  They're a good team and they will come after unbelievably better. 

On the Duke front court -

We've got a lot stronger guys up there now and a lot of guys that can come in and give us solid minutes.  I think it will help us a lot as the season goes on.[/private]