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ACC Suspends Officiating Crew

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Atlantic Coast Conference has announced the suspension of the on-field officiating crew as well as the replay official and communicator following the Miami at Duke game on Saturday, October 31.

The announcement follows the league’s weekly review of game footage, as well as reports and interviews with officials and administrators.

The series of errors during the final play of the game will result in the suspension of the entire crew for two ACC games.

The errors that occurred during the last play of the game are:

  • The replay official erred in not overturning the ruling on the field that the Miami player had released the ball prior to his knee being down. If called, this would have ended the game.
  • The on-field officials erred by failing to penalize Miami for an illegal block in the back at the Miami 16-yard line. If called, the ball would have been placed at the Miami 8-yard line and the game would have been extended for an untimed down.
  • A block in the back foul was called at the Duke 26-yard line. After the officials conferred, which is appropriate, they correctly determined that the block was from the side, which resulted in the flag being picked up. The replay official was not involved in the decision to pick up the flag; however, the referee did not effectively manage communication and properly explain why the flag was picked up.
  • In addition, the on-field crew failed to penalize a Miami player for leaving the bench area and entering the field prior to the end of the play. This foul would not have negated the touchdown because it would have been enforced as a dead ball foul.

“The quality of our officiating program is of the highest importance to the league and its schools, and the last play of the game was not handled appropriately,” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. “Officiating is an extraordinarily difficult job but our players, coaches, programs and fans deserve the best that can be offered. We will continue to strive to meet that standard.”


Trying to make sense of Duke vs Miami

untitledIt should be no surprise that social media and much of the nation exploded with emotion after last evenings controversial Miami win over Duke.  In what was perhaps the most bizarre play in recent memory, the Hurricanes used seven laterals and 40 plus seconds to find their way into the end zone.  There is much to be discussed, so let's take a look back and ahead -

Replays show some missed calls ...

If one is to look at the replay of the play which will live in history, they will clearly see two blocks in the back, a downed knee on a tackle and a player entering the field of play before the final touchdown.  It's mind-boggling that we see this many errors on a single play which was important in many ways for Duke who is competing for the Coastal Division crown.  To make matters worse, the officials gathered for what seemed like an eternity.  Once they were set to announce their decision, they balked again only after the explanation had started.  They finally made the announcement to a stunned Wallace Wade Stadium.  And that's when everything started.  Social media was ablaze with rife.

Objective observers were befuddled ...

It didn't take long for many in the media room at Wallace Wade to see multiple missed calls which in their view should have ended the game with a Duke win.  We are not talking homer-media here but those who cover varying teams on the ACC football circuit.  Even celebrity Dean Cain, of Superman fame, tweeted Duke got robbed.  And then the less objective, Rob Lowe, whose son attends Duke chimed in.  The bottom line is that almost everyone in attendance realized that this was to be a black eye on ACC officiating.

Answers have yet to come

A bewildered David Cutliffe told the media that no explanation was given to him and that the officials all quickly left the field after the announcement.  He mentioned the flag on the field and how it was there for a long time.  Oddly, it would seem that the ACC decided to pick up the flag, actually saying that they reviewed one block in the back and changed the call.  The problem with that is it is not customary for this to happen.  "The ACC has some explaining to do to Duke and to others,"  said Mike Pereira, Former NFL Vice President of officiating.  He continued, "So the crew used replay to pick up the flag. The block, btw, was legal. But, the block at the 15 back up field was a flagrant block in the back. Shortly thereafter Pereira added, "Replay does have a rule that says replay can correct egregious errors excluding fouls that are not reviewable. Blocks in the back are not.  More importantly, they used replay to decide to pick up the flag for the block at the 25. Replay is not allowed to review a call for that."

untitledA picture speaks volumes ...

Not only were there replays showing several missed calls on the controversial play to win the game, there were stills.  Multiple pictures are starting to appear, and the one to the right is perhaps one of the best examples of a tackle being made.  Oddly, the ESPN replay shows an official on top of this play but there was no whistle.  I mean, a play that takes 46 seconds to happen with a team that had been racking up penalties like they were candy on Halloween is a bit concerning.  The reason being that the chances of there not being infractions on such a long developing play are not favored by the odds.  With six seconds on the clock, ESPN had the probability of a win at less than one percent on a later graph which appeared on the site.

Black magic?

Only magicians should be able to make two blocks in the back, a knee down, a flag on the field andthe 12th man, entering the field of play and a Duke win disappear.  Look!  It wasn't a conspiracy, but just missed calls.  But those calls have folks talking of the snafu instead of the upcoming Duke at UNC game.  A Duke win may well have brought ESPN Game Day to Chapel Hill where both teams would be  ranked and with gaudy 7-1 records.  Even UNC standout Ryan Switzer tweeted that he wanted to see Duke pull this game out.  One would think the ACC would have liked a scenario where Duke had earned the win.

ESPN click bait

ESPN was pushing the replay on social media and hard, saying the play was an instant classic.  However, their announcers on Sports Center on three separate shows said that the officiating was a mess and cost Duke the win.  Cutliffe and Duke in no way want to see this play earn as ESPY award n that it was a tainted play.  Instead of people talking about a Duke win, we have folks trying to justify this as one of the greatest plays in history.  It would have been, had it been clean and an asterisk should be present when accompanying the replay which will live on.

Cutcliffe and Duke seek answers

The Duke coach had to ward off emotion during last evenings post game press conference.   He had no answers for his team in that nobody gave him any.  Duke had played their hearts out to get back in a game where they had dug themselves a hole.  It is also fair to say that Miami played very well, save their penalties and put themselves in position to win.  Duke could have played better but it still appeared as if they righted the ship and played well enough to have deserved the win.  I cannot even begin to provide all the words which objective media used to describe the officiating on that last play which was being openly discussed.  And we could not print what Cutcliffe was likely saying to himself as he tried not to go too far with his comments out of respect to the league and their rules on such things.

We are bound the hear more ...

We are bound to hear more on the from the ACC in time.  It was just way to controversial the way this game ended with flags picked u in decision by the crew, etc.  It is a potential black eye and brings to earlier calls in other games which came to the forefront as asides in so many folks bewilderment.  This call cost a team a win and that's a big deal and  story bigger than just Duke vs Miami.

Duke will move on in time

In his opening statement Cutliffe said he knew the media wanted answers and said he would talk about it today on his call in show.  But he also said that by the Tuesday media gathering at Duke, he wanted to move forward.  "They're smart kids and will move on," said Cutcliffe.

The game vs UNC is still a big one

Duke controls its destiny to a certain degree.  The game at UNC which kicks off  noon is still a big match up.  Perhaps, Duke will be even more focused or pumped up after the controversial loss.  While it is possible the call could be reversed in some way, it almost assuredly will not.  There is one choice in the situation, that being one must move on.

Some silver linings exist ...

It's hard to see positives at this time for Duke and their fan base, but social media brought many together.  Fans came out of the woodwork and were up in arms showing togetherness, laced with outrage but more importantly support. Duke Football needed that in some ways and the hope is that fan interest continues to grow.

Breaking News

The ACC has suspended the members of the on-field officiating crew and the replay officials involved in last nights game,  “The quality of our officiating program is of the highest importance to the league and its schools, and the last play of the game was not handled appropriately,” ACC Commissioner John Swofford said in the statement just released. “Officiating is an extraordinarily difficult job but our players, coaches, programs and fans deserve the best that can be offered. We will continue to strive to meet that standard.”


Game Day Preview – Miami at Duke

_DSC7299-001The Duke Blue Devils will look to keep pace in the heated Coastal Division race when they face Miami.  The game will kick off shortly after 7:00 and be televised by ESPNU.

Who knows what to expect ...

Sure, Miami is coming off their worst defeat in program history and yes they fired their head coach shortly thereafter.  Firstly, Clemson is pretty darn good and can make anybody look bad.  The next intangible to point to is the fact that sometimes teams circle the wagons under adversity and play their best.  One loss does not make the Hurricanes a bad team.  Miami is still 4-3 on the season and well entrenched for a bowl bid with two more wins.  Last week, everything went wrong that could go wrongs, but that rarely happens two weeks in a row.  One only has to look right down the road in the NFL, where the Dolphins came out and played well with a coaching team, save last night against the New England Patriots.  More often than not teams have a new found focus and desire when coaches change, so this is something to keep an eye on come Saturday.

Will Brad Kayya play?

A season ago, Miami quarterback Brad Kayya was a chief reason the Hurricanes pulled away from Duke.  He is listed as questionable.  According to the Miami Herald, he may not make the trip to Durham but we'll see.  The Hurricanes will be wearing their all white uniforms against Duke.

Enter Larry Scott

Larry Scott will take over for the departed Al Golden.  “We love coach Scott,” said Miami safety Dallas Crawford. “We’ve always respected him. We’ll do anything for him. He keeps it real. He’s 100. He’ll praise you when you need to be praised and he’ll tell you about yourself when you need to pick it up.”  Scott decided to keep the current Miami staff in place.

Duke must take care of Duke

Coach David Cutliffe and his players do a good job of taking their opponents one game at a time.  Duke will not get caught up in the Miami situation and having played them year in and out, the team knows they possess talent.  Duke must take care of Duke and what they do to have success in this game.  The program will be featured in prime time and it is pretty much a must win game to remain in the Coastal Division race.  Quite simply, the team cannot get caught looking ahead to a game with their arch rival.

Sirk will seek more growth

Thomas Sirk grew up a in the Blue Devils overtime win over Virginia Tech. Sirk led his team to an overtime win and he will look to build on that this week.  Duke must protect Brooks Field for continued success and they will tray and do so on Halloween Night.  While Duke will seek to run the ball often, Sirk's passing may well be the key to a win.

Defense must limit big plays

The Duke defense will perhaps be facing an offense with more speed than any other opponent to date,  The key for the defenders will be to limit explosive plays and not get caught in over pursuit with their aggressive defensive schemes.  Jeremy Cash has been the leader and most feel he will be the ACC's Defensive Player of the Year.  But he's had plenty of help this season and the continued growth into roles of younger Blue Devils remains vital for success.

Miami will win if ...

Miami will win if they are pumped out of their minds with program pride where they seek to show a change is good.  If they make explosive plays it will bode well for them.

Duke will win if ...

They control the line of scrimmage and make no special teams mistakes while having a balanced offensive attack.

Who will win ...

This is a new era where Duke has become a perennial Coastal Division leader.  Coach David Cutliffe and his team have just two more games in Wallace Wade Stadium and they will look to the crowd to lift them on Halloween eve.  Miami is plenty dangerous, but Duke will be ready.  Duke 31  Miami 17


Blue Devils Must Remain Resilient

DSC_0098-002There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Duke Football program after their four overtime victory over Virginia Tech this past Saturday.  Some are pointing to missed opportunities in the passing and kicking game where balls were overthrown and kicks were off the mark that would have sealed a win in regulation.   But the team showed one thing which is important to  championship runs, that being resilience against adversity.

Yes, there were opportunities for Duke to build on a lead with a connected deep pass or two or win the game on the foot of Ross Martin.  But the Blue Devils were able to chalk that up as a learning experience in the film room while still remaining in a hotly contested race for the Coastal Division with Pitt and North Carolina by never giving up.

This was the first ever four overtime affair in ACC Football since the rules were changed and Duke showed a never quit ability that could serve them well moving into the meat of their schedule.  A lot of teams fold under the pressure, but not Duke.

Thomas Sirk had missed on a couple of wide open deep  wide  outs earlier, but he showed the ability to shake it off and move forward.  By doing  so, he grew as a player and leader and his overtime exploits helped Duke pull out a stressful and emotional victory.

Duke fans will not soon forget Sirk barreling into the end zone on a two point conversion.  Sirk had just completed a touchdown pass on the first play of the Blue Devils fourth possession.  Then he took the ball out wide to spread the Hokies defense only to then will his way into over the goal line with q determined run.  As for Ross Martin, he shook off two missed field goals to make them when they counted keeping Duke in a tense battle.

The victory came against a Virginia Tech team playing for program pride.  After some sluggish moments, the Hokies turned a long third down conversion into major momentum.  They became physical to the point of being hard to stop and the Duke defense had to reach deep under the leadership of Jeremy Cash to make a late stop in overtime.

The bottom line is Duke got the Hokies very best shot and they survived it in front of a raucous Blacksburg crowd which tried to will their team to a win.  While Virginia Tech has struggled a bit this season, they still have a lot of talented players and are the same program that beat the currently number one ranked Ohio State team a year ago.  On a given day, they can compete and beat anyone, so don't think this wasn't a big win for the Blue Devils and David Cutcliffe.

The win vaulted the Blue Devils to the #18 position in the Coaches Poll, ahead of some of college football's royalty programs.  And the win served notice that Duke Football is to be reckoned with and losing seasons are a thing of the past.

The Blue Devils are now bowl eligible for the fourth consecutive season under David Cutcliffe and his staff.  They are winning on and off the field with character and a family togetherness few others can emulate.  They are vying to break more and more records where they have turned the corner with rebuilding efforts to have a system in place which is attracting better and better prospects on the recruiting trail.

There are changes a plenty still happening.  While not complete, stadium renovations have been a success.  Duke is providing a better game day experience and learning to refine things as time goes on.

The Blue Devils have just two home games left on their schedule this season.  And the team deserves a solid turn out for the Miami game this week.  Oddly, some have complained about the 7:00 kickoff on Halloween evening.  But folks, that time slot is what teams play for in that it is prime time where more of the nation has eyes are on the game.

The Blue Devils have earned their shot at a Coastal Division title but there are some major hurdles ahead.  A novice fan may only see that Miami fired Al Golden after the worst loss in program history to #3 ranked Clemson as being an advantage.  But one only has to look down the road in the NFL to see how a coaching change can fire a talented team up in the Miami Dolphins.

The Hurricanes, like the Hokies this past weekend will be playing for program pride.  And Miami is certainly still in the bowl talk with a 4-3 mark.  You will see an all out effort from Miami and they will not play as they did a week ago.

This means Duke Football will face another challenge.  It will be a tough game and it will require Duke to take another step in learning how to protect their home field and take a teams best shot.

It should be a fun night where some fans are sure to dress up for Halloween,. What will make the evening ghoulish like more fun is if the crowd can help push the Blue Devils to a 7-1 mark by evenings end.  It will take a win to remain atop the competitive Coastal Division and Coach Cut hopes for more resilience where his team takes the challenge head on.




Game Day Preview – Duke at Virginia Tech

DSC_0132-002The Duke Blue Devils travel to the mountains this Saturday for a 3:30 kickoff to take on the Virginia Tech Hokies in a game televised by ESPNU.

Make no mistake that Lane Stadium is one of the toughest places to play in America and Frank Beamers team while just 3-4 overall is a dangerous opponent.  Why?  Well, the Hokies have played one of the nations toughest schedules to date and they are getting healthier.

The Hokies will be hell-bent on evening their record up while chasing down  bowl eligibility.  Virginia Tech announced Monday that Michael Brewer would return as its starting QB for the contest with the Blue Devils.  Brewer is the Hokies leader and after suffering a collarbone injury earlier this season he is ready to take the reigns.

Virginia Tech has dominated the series with Duke since joining the ACC, but a different era is starting to emerge.  Duke will bowl eligible for the fourth consecutive season with their next victory.  David Cutcliffe and his staff are still hungry and a win in Blacksburg is of the utmost importance to hang with North Carolina and Pitt for the Coastal Division lead.

Duke will need to throw the ball successfully in that it's the only thing that might keep the Hokies from stacking the defensive front.  For that matter, it will be as important to move the ball successfully on the ground, so a balanced attack will be vital to come away with a win.

The Blue Devils defense has been stingy to date, but they haven't faced a lot of opponents who can throw the ball well.  This weekend will test a unit that ranks amongst the nations best and it will be interesting to see the results against a balanced attack.

But perhaps the most important area of success will be special teams.  Duke has been great on many occasions riding the leg of Ross Martin who is having an All American like season.  But the staff remembers Northwestern returning the second half kickoff for a touchdown, and that drastically altered the game in their only loss.  Breakdowns simply cannot happen when on paper the teams are pretty evenly matched if either team is to gain a win.  And let's not forget that the Hokies have long been known for making big plays with their special teams.

I think the outcome of this game will hinge on special teams play.  I also feel that it is vital to get off to a good start and not play from behind for either team.  While everything seems to point to a grinder of a game, this contest could hinge on big offensive plays.  With that said, Thomas Sirk needs to iron out some of his deep throws to help in that department when they do take some shots.

Duke comes into the game a 2.5 point underdog and a loss would knock them right out of the Top 25.  This will perhaps be motivating factor.  Win or lose, Duke Football is more than just a little relevant again under David Cutcliffe.  The Blue Devils are a true contender but in a tight Coastal Division race, one stumble can be the difference in heading to Charlotte with a chance to make some history or having to earn respect all over again.


Turnovers.  As has been mentioned above, mistakes must be at a minimum in this game. Coming out flat after bye week and getting punched in the mouth would not bode well.


Solid special teams play and move the ball effectively through the air against what is normally man to man coverage for Virginia Tech who loves to stop the run.  Remain focused in a game that may well come down to the last play of the game.


This will be a tough, hard-fought game right down to the wire.  Virginia Tech is playing for Hokie Pride and Duke is playing for their hopes of at trip to Charlotte for the ACC title game to stay alive.  In order for this to happen, they need a win in Blackburg.  The pick here is -



Preview of the Second Half of the Season

DSC_0098-002The Bye Week is in the rear view mirror with the second half of the regular season now front and center. The team utilized the past week to recover from bumps and bruises, and enjoy a little down time with many players traveling home, over the weekend, to visit family and enjoy mom's home cooking. Before taking a look at the six second half opponents, let's recap the first half of the season, look at notable performances and rank the conference.


While the lost to Northwestern was disappointing, Duke's 5-1 performance with two conference victories over Georgia Tech and Boston College was outstanding resulting in the Blue Devils being ranked number 21 in the Coaches Poll, number 23 in the AP Poll and sets the team up to compete to be the Coastal Division representative in the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte on December 5. All in all, Duke had a very successful first half of the season.

Notable Performances:

Jeremy Cash and Ross Martin are listed as Mid-season All Americans by ESPN and CBS Sports. Cash has been an absolute monster on defense leading the team in Tackles for Loss with 11.5, while Martin has been a perfect 12-12 on field goals and 19-19 on extra points.

Shaquille Powell has been the workhorse everyone expected him to be on offense leading the team in All Purpose yards with 410 (302 rushing/108 receiving).

DeVon Edwards continued to demonstrate explosiveness as a kick returner running two kick-offs back for touchdowns, while averaging 39.7 yards per return.

A question mark coming into the season was who would perform punt return duties. Ryan Smith has answered the question returning 16 punts for 137 yards.

The performance of the defensive unit as a whole has been noteworthy as Duke is ranked number two in the nation in Scoring Defense, number two in Passing Yards Allowed, number four in Total Defense and number 29 in Rushing Defense.

Finally, despite being microanalyzed and at times criticized on every Duke sports website and message board known to mankind, Thomas Sirk's performance has been notable. He leads the team in rushing with 321 yards on 74 carries, while throwing seven touchdown passes against three interceptions. His 264.2 yards Total Offense per game ranks third in the conference.

ACC Power Rankings:

Power rankings are both fickle and constantly shifting. They are fickle due to teams being ranked below teams they have beaten and constantly changing as each week of the season brings surprise results and new developments such as breakout performances and, unfortunately, injuries. Here is how the teams currently line up, at midseason.

1. Clemson
2. Florida State
3. North Carolina
4. Duke
5. Pittsburgh
6. Louisville
7. Miami
8. Georgia Tech
9. Virginia Tech
10. N.C. State
11. Boston College
12. Virginia
13. Syracuse
14. Wake Forest

The Next Six Opponents, What's in Store for the Blue Devils:

Virginia Tech - the Hokies have a reputation as a tough nosed defensive team. The last two seasons saw Duke and Virginia Tech split two games with a combined total of 56 points scored. Duke won 13-10 in 2013 and Virginia Tech won 17-16 in 2014. The 2015 edition of the Hokies is not as tough on defense as they are yielding 23.4 points per game ranking 10th in the conference in Scoring Defense. The key to this game will be for Duke's powerful defense to contain the Virginia Tech running game. The Hokies are 3-0 in games where they rush for more than 200 yards and 0-4 in games where they do not.

Miami - Al Golden inherited a mess when he took over as the 'Canes head coach as the Nevin Shapiro scandal became public. Unfortunately, the fans and alumni have poor memories and are calling for his job, which creates a volatile atmosphere within the program. Miami is a dangerous team with the best quarterback in the ACC in Brad Kaaya and several talented receivers in Rashawn Scott, Herb Waters and Stacy Coley. The Blue Devils defense will have to be at the top of their game against the Hurricanes with the Duke offense providing support by scoring significant points. This will be a tough game.

North Carolina - the Tar Heels are a powerful offensive team, which lead the conference in Scoring Offense at 40.5 points per game. Marquise Williams can effectively pass and run the ball, and tailback Elijah Hood is an elite talent. Add in large, fast receivers Quinshad Davis, Bug Howard and Mack Hollins plus explosive punt returner Ryan Switzer and the result is a team capable of scoring a lot of points as long as they do not self destruct. I say self destruct because Williams has thrown six interceptions sometimes in inopportune situations such as in the Red Zone against South Carolina.

Pittsburgh - the last home game of season features a team that has scored 106 points against Duke the past two seasons. Of course, Duke also scored 106 against the Panthers with the two teams splitting the series 1-1. Pitt won 58-55 in 2013 and Duke won 51-48 in 2014, so 2015 is the rubber game with no one expecting either team to score 50 points. This one should feature a lot more defense.

Virginia - Mike London is on the proverbial hot seat so the looming question for the second half of the season is will the Cavaliers be playing inspired football attempting to save their head coach his job or will they give up and cash in the season? Duke is 6-1 against Virginia in the Coach David Cutcliffe era. Odds are the record will improve to 7-1 in 2015.

Wake Forest - the season finale, on the road, is another game Duke should win. Duke has been very good the past few seasons beating the teams they are suppose to beat. The Demon Deacons have struggled on both sides of the ball so far in 2015 with their inability to score standing out. Wake Forest is last in the ACC in Scoring Offense, while Duke is number one in Scoring Defense.

Final Prediction:

Duke will go 4-2 over the second half of the season to finish the regular season at 9-3 earning a trip to the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City on December 26 to play a Big Ten Conference opponent.

Preview of the Second Half of the Season