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BDN Hoops Recruiting Update – Duke in home with Rivers on Tuesday and much more

Duke set to visit Rivers in home on Monday and more happenings from the recruiting trail are part of BDN Premiums latest update - BDN Photo

Just recently, we posted our latest hoops team and recruiting report, but even more information is coming in.  Let's start it off with talk of Austin Rivers. who recently had an in home visit with Roy Williams and North Carolina.  The Blue Devils get there turn this Tuesday when Krzyzewski and Chris Collins will head south.

Once they arrive in Florida Duke [private] hopes to start wrapping his recruitment up.  And yes, Austin will visit the UNC campus for certain.  We have no idea how the in home visit went with the Tar Heels but I can tell you that I still feel just fine with where Duke is at this point and time.

The Rivers camp has never sent anything other than good vibes Duke's way and it is not unusual for him to want to take a couple of visits.  I feel Rivers already knows where he wants to go but is simply going through the process due to what happened with his brothers choice of schools.

The Duke coaches had as much contact as is allowed with Rivers all the way through to Istanbul.  And as I told you, the action would sart in the Rivers camp only after Kryzewski returned stateside.

I think a key here is that Duke will get their visit after UNC's.  This one could be over as early as late October.  Austin and his Dad Doc know exactly what Duke wants.

There has been talk of Myck Kabongo but he seems to be happy with Kansas.  Duke could not and would not contact him and could only show interest if he were to re-open his recruitment.  There sole focus is on Cook at this time.

That means Quinn Cook joins Austin Rivers as the final two targets with offers.  While a lot of people didn't seem to know Cook held an offer, I can tell you that Kryzyzewski made it official in late July.  Duke is turning up the heat with Cook and I'm getting some good vibes with other information I heard which I cannot share at this time.  I can say that Nolan Smith is turning up the chatter with someone he is obviously very close to.

Despite what Savon Goodman said, Duke is still more interested in Amile Jefferson but they will keep an eye on both.  Jefferson needs to put on some muscle and Goodmans outside shot is a work in progress.

In the class of 2012 only Shabazz Muhammad and Alex Murphy have offers.  In short, Duke is in the proverbial evaluation stage with several players and one of those is Rasheed Sulaimon.  We hinted a while back that interest is picking up here and as you read in our last update Nate James dropped in on him recently and took in L.J. Rose as well.  We will not know Duke's full interest in Rose until Cook makes his decision.

Our last update let you know that Wojo was on the recruiting trail but we now know that list included J.P. Tokoto.  Duke still likes this kid and will hang in there with him.  We already told you he checked out Muhammad

Chris Spatola was also allowed to be out on thee road [three at any open period per NCAA rules] also checked out Grant Jarrett, a talented kid they will evaluate. and local sensation Rodney Purvis.

The Blue Devils still like Kaleb Tarczewski a lot and he will definitely be at the forefront in the future.

The football team will host a ton of prospects this weekend as well and we are putting something together on that and will have it up by Friday.

Finally, here is the list for Countdown to Craziness at this time - Austin Rivers, Michael Gbinije, Rodney Purvis, Amile Jefferson, Marshall Plumlee, Tony Parker and Rasheed Sulaimon. [/private]

BDN checks in with Alex Murphy at the Boost Mobile Elite 24

Duke prospect Alex Murphy took time to chat with BDN during the Mobile Boost Elite 24 event in Venice Beach, California. Photo- BDN, Rick Crank

VENICE BEACH - Fresh off battling some of the brightest and youngest stars the NBA has to offer, BDN caught up with the rising junior from St. Marks Prep School, Alex Murphy. The young prospect more than held his own in the Midnight Run game which starred NBA talents Brandon Jennings, current NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozan and recent #1 pick John Wall.
BDN: We’re here with Alex Murphy at the Elite 24 Midnight Run.  First things first Alex, could we please get your height and weight?

AM: Yeah, yeah, 6’8 about 210lbs.

BDN: So, you’re a rising junior, how excited are you for this game? Could you give us some thoughts on it?

AM: Yeah, absolutely, I’m definitely excited.  It’s an honor to be picked for this game.  Obviously it’s the Elite 24, the top 24 players are picked.  I think I’m one of 3 juniors picked for the game.  It’s definitely exciting.  It’s a lot of fun out here in L.A. so far, so hopefully it continues.

BDN: That’s good, man, I hope so too.  So you’ve had a pretty good summer so far and this is a nice way to end it with the Elite 24.  Do you feel like you’ve [private] played as well as possible?

AM: Uh, yeah, I think I had a good summer.  I’m always hard on myself though. I think there’s always room for improvement no matter what people tell you how well you played, in my head I think I could have definitely played better.  But like I said I was happy with it and I think I had a good summer individually and we had a good summer as a team too.

BDN: So you’ve got a big season ahead of you, do you have any specific goals, either personal or team, that you’d like to achieve?

AM: Oh well, as a team definitely we want to win the NEPSAC Class B championship, which is the league we’re in.  It’s a big league we’re in with all the prep schools. And, individually, I think I just want to get better and just take my game to the next level and do whatever I can to do that.

BDN: Right, right.  Now is there anything specific on offense or defense that you’d like to work on?

AM:  Yeah, well, strength and quickness.  Those are two things that at each level you go up those take a step up too, so I got to keep improving on those and just all aspects of the game, nobody's a complete player.

BDN: Absolutely.  So you’ve had a pretty hectic AAU schedule but you spent a lot of time in Gainesville earlier this summer.  Could you talk about how he has helped with your game or with any tips in recruitment?

AM: Yeah, I was down there for about a week visiting with him, just hanging out with him.  I don’t get to see him a lot now cause he’s down there obviously, so that was good.  Yeah, he’s definitely helped me with the whole recruiting process.  Obviously he went through it himself, so if I ever have any questions or concerns or anything like that I can always talk to him about it, he’s really good about it. 

BDN: Do you guys ever get to play a little one on one? And does it get pretty competitive?

AM:  Yeah, it is, it’s real competitive; we play all the time whenever we get the chance.  I mean, I’ll beat him in games here and there, but usually when we play serious he’ll end up getting me cause he’s older than me and stronger than me, but I’ll get him soon.

BDN: So you and Shabazz Muhammad spent some time earlier this summer taking in the Team USA training camp.  Could you talk about that experience and how it went? Did you watch anyone specific or get to play with them?

AM:  Yea me and Shabazz were there on different days, we didn’t get to play with any of those guys.  Obviously we saw all those guys that are on the USA team right now over in Greece and Turkey:  Durant, Derrick Rose and all of them.  Kevin Durant is probably my favorite player in the NBA, so seeing him and getting a chance to meet him was really cool.

BDN: Oh, definitely.  You had the chance to play in the Adidas Nations earlier this summer, could you talk about that experience a little bit?

AM: Yeah, that was a great experience; it was a lot of fun, you got to play against the best players in the class.  The most recent Nations program was in Chicago where all the countries from around the world were there, so we got to play against the European team, the Asian team, the African team, the Latin American team, so you got to play against guys all over the world, so that was really cool and a good experience.

BDN: Yeah, that must have been very cool.  Now playing the AAU schedule you get to play against a lot of tough players night in and night out. Is there anyone that you would say was the toughest?

AM: I wouldn’t say there was one player. I played against a lot of good players.  Like I said, a lot of good players in 2011 cause I played up in the 17’s this year, and then in my class as well, all the top guys are here and I played against pretty much all of them.

BDN: So just to switch focus to recruiting a little bit, could you talk about who is coming after you the hardest right now?

AM: Yea I think a couple of schools are coming after me hard now after this summer:  Duke, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Villanova, Butler, Boston College.  Those are just some of the schools that are coming to mind.

BDN: That’s a nice list.  Now, most recruits cut their list down usually.  Do you think you’ll follow suit with that or just commit when you’re ready?

AM: I think after I get back from here I’ll probably sit down with my parents and discuss that.  I’ll probably cut the list, well I wouldn’t say cut it down but I’ll have a list of about 7-10 schools or somewhere in that range.  Now with the timetable, there really is no timetable, just whenever the decision feels right and I know where I want to go.  I definitely still want to visit some more places, so hopefully I’ll do that this fall.

BDN: Could you talk about what factors will go into your decision of picking a school?

AM: I think ultimately my goal is to one day play in the NBA, so, obviously, all the schools that are recruiting me can help and offer that. I think it’s where you feel most comfortable and I think that starts with the relationship with the head coach; style of play is import as well. I think another important factor is am I going to be able to go in and play right away, or am I going to have to come in and sit. Obviously in some situations that has worked out great for people, but in my mind I don’t think I can go anywhere and just sit out and sit my freshman and sophomore year and not play.  I mean I love to play the game so there’s a lot of different factors that come into it.

BDN: Absolutely. Do you have any visits planned for this upcoming college season?

AM:  I don’t have any planned as of right now, but obviously, like I said, I want to visit some places before I make a decision, but I’m not sure when and where yet.

Thank you Alex.
AM: Sure, no problem man. [/private]

One on one with hot Duke prospect Alex Murphy

Andre Slater has another in depth interview up on BDN Premium, this time with Duke prospect Alex Murphy - BDN Photo

At 6'8" Alex Murphy is one of the most coveted recruits in the class of 2012, due to his unique mix of skill, basketball acumen, and athleticism. The son of 6'11" former NBA veteran Jay Murphy, who coaches him along with former Celtics coach John Carroll for the New England Playaz,  and  his wife, Paivi, a 5'4" former Finnish National point guard and ex-Swedish league pro, Alex has been bred to be a difficult match-up on the court. After a thirty point outing against Quincy Miller and D-One Sports, Murphy spoke with Blue Devil Nation about his recent offer from Duke, his relationship with both Kaleb Tarczewski and Shabazz Muhammad, and the comparisons between the rising junior and his older brother Erik of the Florida Gators

Can you talk about your match-up with Quincy Miller?

Yeah, it was a good match-up. He's a tough player. Anytime you get a chance to play against somebody like that in the first round of a tournament it's a challenge, but luckily we came out on top this time.

What schools are coming after you the hardest right now?

Duke, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, Syracuse, Butler, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, and Boston College

Do you have a timeframe for when you'd like to decide by?

I don't. Not yet.

Where have you visited so far and what do you have planned for the future?

I visited Florida last year. I just visited Duke when I was down there for a tournament. I've been to Boston College. I've been to UConn as well. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit all of the places I haven't been that are still on my list, but we'll see.

Is there a player that you try to model your game after?

Well, Kevin Durant is my favorite player in the league, but guys like Mike Dunleavy [private] and Mike Miller are a little bit closer to my game.

They're about your height as well.

Yeah, and I think they have similar games too.

What are you looking for ideally whenever you do decide?

Whatever best fits me. A program that I help from day 1 and do whatever I can and in return ultimately helps get  me to the next level and do what I want to do.

Who will you be seeking guidance from?

My family primarily and also from some of the guys with this program.

St. Mark's as well?

Oh, yes, absolutely. I'll definitely be talking with my coach there, Dave Lubick. He's family as well. Well, he's basically family anyway.

What are your strengths and weaknesses at this point?

Well, one thing I think I need to improve upon is my strength.

I think that's one of the things that you have noticeably improved upon already to a degree.

Yeah, well, I have because I was, for the most part, home during the month of June so I was lifting or working out. I feel like I'm already stronger than I was before and can deal much better with a physical opponent. I'm looking forward to hopefully putting on some weight.

Drinking some protein drinks?

Exactly, exactly

That moves to a later question. Do you do a lot of strength and conditioning right now?

Oh, yeah, I lift about three times per week and I'm in the gym working out almost every day. So I try to keep it balanced between basketball and getting my body into great shape.

Obviously, your not fat. So I didn't mean to get on you about hitting a treadmill or something

(Laughs) No, no

Before I forget, what do you feel is your strength or what you can bring to a program?

Oh, I think the way I think and my ability to make others around me better.

Definitely, a high basketball IQ

Yeah, and I think I can pass well, dribble, shoot, have a high basketball IQ, and, like i said, make others around me better.

Who's the toughest player you've faced so far, either at St. Mark's or in AAU competition?

Oh, I think I'm going to have to say that, during my freshman year at St. Mark's, we played Findlay Prep and they had Avery Bradley. He was just a first round draft pick so I think I'd have to go with him.

That league and the schedules that you play have improved so much. Well, at least during my lifetime. It used to be such an easy league, but now it's improved.

Yeah, it has. The out of league schedule helps us too.  We actually played Quincy and Quality Education during the season.

Oh, yeah, where was that?

It was down in Georgia. He beat us in double-overtime though, but we got him back today.

In terms of your goals for this summer..

Just win. That's all I want to accomplish this month is to win and keep playing. Just keep playing games. The rest of it will take care of itself.

You play with Kaleb both here and at Saint Mark's. Naturally, people are going to be curious if you guys have talked about playing together in college and, if so, how important would that be to you? You've both put yourself in a position where you will have many options. I know it can sometimes be an awkward issue.

Yeah, absolutely, but we're like best friends. We sometimes talk about it. We live like right next to each other at school. We're always together.

You guys both dorm at your school, right?

Yeah, yeah, but we don't live in the same room together. He lives right next door.

Talk about the preparation you receive at St. Mark's and how you think it might benefit you in your transition to college, both academically and from a basketball perspective.

Well, number one, it's a small school and academically real tough. From a basketball perspective, we play in a small league, but we play against a lot of fifth-years and other quality players.

And facing Nate (Lubick) and Erik (Murphy) in practice everyday had to have advanced your game. Where do you like to catch it?

Yeah, they did. Um, I like to catch it on the break more than anything else. I love to play up-and-down. So, transition basketball is my thing. just getting out there and getting easy buckets while the defense is trying to figure things out. Easy baskets, man.

Can you talk about your recent visit to Duke?

It was really good. We sat down with the coaching staff for a little while. We got to talk about

(Interrupted by an Adidas guy telling us we needed to move to a different area of the gym)

(Resuming) What was your reaction to the offer?

It was exciting. As you know, they don't just offer anybody out here. They're selective. It was really cool, but it was also motivation for me to come out here and keep playing as hard as ever. To continue to do what I've been doing, but also to push myself even more.

What do you think is your range right now? Where do you feel comfortable shooting it?

As long as it's a clean catch, I feel comfortable. I feel I can shoot the three pretty well.

Can you give a scouting report on both Kaleb and Shabazz Muhammad?

Yeah, well, I know Kaleb really well because we're together all of the time. He's my high school teammate and my roommate. He's been playing well and, if he continues to work, the sky is the limit for him. I'm really close with Shabazz too. We talk a lot. He's a real good kid too.

Yeah, he's a very nice kid to deal with off of the court and a killer on it.

Absolutely, he's a tremendous player. We met through Adidas Nations initially I think, but, yeah, he's great both on and off the court. I talk to him all of the time.

Genetically or otherwise, just how much of an advantage or impact  do you think it is in having a mother who was a professional point guard in Europe and and a  dad who was able to play in the NBA on you, Erik, and Tomas?

Yeah, I mean just everybody plays in our family. It's something we do and have fun doing. It's definitely an advantage. We're all pretty good athletically. It's just something I've grown accustomed to.

Do you know Tom Konchalski?

Oh, yeah, absolutely.

We're close and he had said that he thought you would be a good interview because you were more of an extrovert, to use his phrase, than Erik?

Yeah, I guess I am.

Can you talk about the similarities and differences between the three Murphy brothers?

Sure, when Erik was younger, he would always play inside. When we were growing up, we were always around the same size. When I was younger, my father would always try to have me play point guard, particularly when I was real young. I think it helped me develop more ball-handling skills than Erik. He's sort of worked his way out  and developed and I've sort of worked my way in and developed.

For those that haven't had the opportunity to see you play, please describe your game to them.

I think I'm a versatile player. I think that I can play inside and out, depending upon the match-ups. I usually like to take the smaller guys inside. With the big guys, I feel comfortable taking them off of the dribble or shooting right over them, if they don't want to come out.

You mentioned before about your development as an inside player. How comfortable are you playing inside for short spots or grabbing boards?

I've worked hard on both dimensions, but I feel like I can play inside. That said, I feel I can still improve substantially. I'm not done improving, by any means.

(The interview concluded abruptly as the team had to rush off) [/private]



Hot Duke prospect Alex Murphy talks recruiting [updated]

Alex Murphy - copyright Rick Crank BDN Photo

Many of you know by now that Alex Murphy is visiting Duke in an unofficial capacity today and BDN was on the scene at the Tournament of Champions to take in his play all weekend long.  It was the first we'd seen of him since watching him play in four games during last seasons AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  Murphy improved and is starting to grow into his body and he averaged over 20 ppg during the tournament.  We'll get into his game a bit later but for now here is a

Q & A with Alex Murphy.  Part of this is a one on one mixed with a Q & A session with the media throng.   BDN's coverage of two major events will continue all week long and you can get immediate reports from the Nike EYBL  in Los Angles on our message board as well by joining BDN Premium.

When did you first start playing basketball?

Basketball has always been a part of my family growing up and all of my brothers play.  My Dad never forced us to play despite playing in the NBA.  My mom played for the Finnish National team, so it's in my blood and that's awesome.  It's what we do as a family and we can[private] all relate. [note to members - we will add the audio Q and A to this article shortly.  These were some additional questions we asked Murphy at a later time and more will be added.  Bare with me while I break in a new computer and get it set up and coordinated with the old one - thanks]

Style of play you prefer ...

I like to get up and down, run.

How important is immediate playing time to you?

Yeah, but I am willing to come in and help a program in any way possible. If I have to come in my freshman year and not play forty minutes a game, that's fine with me.  As long as I am becoming a better person and a better player, it's fine with me.

Will you take all five official visits before making a decision?

I have no idea.  It could happen and it might not.  I don't have a time table so when the time is right I will commit.

How are your academics?

I'm a strong student and like academics.  My school, St. Marks is a small school of three  hundred so we get special attention.

Do you want to follow your brothers footsteps to Florida?

Uh ... a lot of people say wouldn't you like to go to Florida and play with your brother, that'd be cool and others say don't you want to go and do your own thing, so I mean it's sort of like 50-50.

Is Erik happy with Florida?

Yeah, yeah.  He's definitely happy.  He's down there right now working out and in summer school.

Your team just won my the mercy rule but it seems the team is heading home?

We won and we would be playing in the championship game in the silver bracket but I'm actually staying to visit Duke tomorrow with my family.  We have to get back because our flight is at 5:00.

How do you feel your team fared this weekend?

We did well, we finished 5-1 I think ... it was a good team and a well coached team that beat us.  We came out a little bit flat and could've done better but it was a good weekend individually and as a team.

How was the visit with Duke set up?

Just from talking with the coaches, my family and the AAU guys.  I will meet with the coaches tomorrow morning over there and head right out after that.

And your list of schools?

Right now it's Duke, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, Syracuse, Butler, Iowa ... a bunch of schools I can't think of ...

Has Duke or Carolina offered you?

Duke hasn't yet not nor has Carolina.

[At this point his AAU coach came up and joked around]  That's my AAU coach.  [rolling his eyes]

Is UNC recruiting you as well? [Inside Carolina entered the conversation]

Yes, they are.  They've talked to my AAU coach buit I haven't heard a lot from them yet.  I think the interest is there, hopefully because Carolina is a good school, so ...

Do you pattern ypour game aftrr anybody? {Ken Tysiac News and Observer}

My favorite player in the NBA is Kevin Durrant.  He can do everything and I always liked him in high school.  Guys like that, Mike Dunleavy, Mike Miller ... a fairluy tall white guy that can shoot.

How tall are you? [Inside Carolina]

6-8, I'll probably grow a little bit more.  My brother my father and my mom, all of them are tall so it's in the genes.

What is the rest of the summer looking like? {Ken Tysiac, News and Observer]

I'll be out in Portland for a few weeks with the Adidas Nations.  I'll be doing a lot for work back home too.  July is busy with us going to Vegas, Chicago ....

What will you work on?

Definitely one thing I want to work on is getting stronger.  I weigh about 205 right now and to play at the next level strength is important.  Also my speed as well, I can get a little quicker and have more balance in my game.  Everything, I can improve on all aspects of the game.

Gabcast! Blue Devil Nation #0


Duke set to entertain top prospects Alex Murphy and J.P. Tokoto

Murphy will take an unofficial visit to Duke tomorrow as will J.P. Tokoto. Action shot of Murphy by Rick Crank, property of Rick Crank Photos in conjunction with Blue Devil Nation

DURHAM, N.C. - The Duke Blue Devils Men's Basketball Coaches are set to entertain some of the nations top prospects for unofficial visits tomorrow.  Two of the names which stand out are Alex Murphy and J.P. Tokoto, both wing players in the class of 2012. Both Murphy and Tokoto's team played their last games just moments ago.  Tokoto's Wisconsin Playground Warriors lost in the semi finals while the New England Playaz won their game but they will forfeit moving to the final in that their team had to leave save Murphy.  The Playaz ended the tournament 5-1 while Wisconsin went 3-3.  BDN caught up to Murphy after the game and the rising senior said, "I'll be visiting Duke tomorrow morning with my family."  Murphy said that Duke had a firm place on his list and that they had yet to offer but that will in my opinion change tomorrow.   Murphy also mentioned that he has been hearing from North Carolina and that he would be open to their overtures.  When talking of his game, he mentioned former Duke player Michael Dunleavy.

Tokoto has family locally and they will take trips to both UNC and Duke tomorrow.  Tokoto is in the class of 2012 and he stated that he was a year away from making his final decision.  While Tokoto grew up a North Carolina fan, he is high on Duke but it's obvious he is waiting to see if and when they'll offer. For further details and interviews with both prospects and many more, join Blue Devil Nation Premium for full site access.  It's a good time to join with coverage from the TOC and this weekend Nike Session 4 event from California on the way.  BDN is the only Duke site which covered both events and we'd love for you to join the rest of our satisfied members to talk recruiting.

The latest on Duke Basketball Recruiting from BDN Premium

Everybody wants to know whats up with Austin Rivers - BDN Photo

BDN takes a look at how things are going on the recruiting front in our latest detailed update.  If you want to know who the Blue Devils are seriously interested in and their likely strategy, read on.  Join BDN Premium for full site access and be there every step of the way as we cover every major AAU event as warm weather rolls in.  At BDN, we focus in on the players you want to hear about by concentrating only

A lot of talk surrounds Austin Rivers these days, [private] but nothing has really changed.  Duke expects to sign Rivers by the end of summer but as I have stated numerous times, the decision could come sooner and maybe, just maybe, even later.  The bottom line is that Duke has a significant lead and that has been the case throughout the threads which total 50,000 views collectively where people hang on every little blip on the radar.  My suggestion is to sit back and relax and allow this to happen for it is on pace.  The Rivers camp will not make any kind of move until the NBA playoffs are over and that could be in July if they keep winning.

Duke recently reached out to Anthony Davis, a top notch prospect from Chicago, Krzyzewski's old stomping grounds.  They will be taking a good long look at him once they are allowed to take in events.  Andrew and myself will be sure to keep a eye out for him as we get to know him better together.  With a busy AAU tournament schedule coming up, we see no reason in calling him before we see him play.

The Duke staff will also continue to evaluate players they've developed early relationships with. Among those will be Quincy Miller, Marshall Plumlee and Amir Williams. The Blue Devils will be looking at other players as well to see who emerge as the humid days of summer give way to September.

Duke will continue to recruit Miller while look at others as well. BDN Photo

One of the questions I often get is how may players does Duke look to sign in 2011.  The answer is that number could vary from three to five.  Duke is happy having steady swingman Michael Gbinije and ever improving Tyler Adams in the fold and they of course want Austin Rivers as well.  The fourth and fifth guys would come into play of Duke experiences a mass exodus to the NBA.  That is a pretty good possibility for Mason Plumlee and Kyrie Irving could join Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith in the first round.  If Duke somehow defends the title this is almost certain to happen but we all know how hard that is.  Regardless, Duke will have a target on on their backs again in that they are the likely pre season number one team in the country.  Duke will only sign a guard in 2011 if Irving or Curry leave.

The great thing about winning the national championship is that Duke can once again be selective and with another banner season seemingly coming, the Blue Devils will remain hot and in the spotlight.  That means they'll take their time with a bevy of names that will grow in the coming months.   We told you last summer that Duke assistants loved Alex Murphy's game and he is a hot name at the moment, but Coach K needs to check out his game.  Shabazz Muhammad has impressed them immensely.  It helps that the Team USA training facility is where Duke can keep a close eye on the talented Vegas native.  While some would have you think J.P. Tokoto is already a Tar Heel, Duke is not buying that just yet and they are still involved withthe athletic prospect.  Amile Jefferson, who Andrew interviewed just last week is also an early name on the radar.  Again, there are other names that will come to light some of which you already know of  and others who will be new when Duke can get their views in July an open period for events.  Duke is not rushing the process with any of the above mentioned names at this time.

I was waiting for some new info but it has been delayed so I'll add an addendum later. [/private]