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Communication plays a key role for Duke Basketball

[private]Communication plays a big role for Duke Basketball.  During last weeks Coaches Clinic, Coach K told the audience that his team is instructed to talk to the ball, and see the ball.  He expects his team to look him in the eyes, and that goes for their interactions with the other coaches and teammates as well.  "There is no fooling around," said Coach K when telling of a recent team meeting where he asked his troops to contribute in a meeting after a film session. 

During practice, all of the players are vocal and if they do not call for the ball or the switch, they will be told to do so.  In my years of coaching, I can attest that the tight knit team which plays together via communication is almost always in the game even when less talented.  Fortunately, Duke is supremely talented, so the learned skills could make the difference in making the Sweet 16 or the Final Four.   Check back for a complete report on the Coach K Coaches Basketball Clinic tomorrow.[/private]