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BDN goes One on One with Devonta Pollard

Duke is showing interest in Davonta Pollard - BDN Photo

Davonta Pollard is a multi sport athlete that stands 6-7 and weighs in at 200 pounds.  Pollard plays AAU ball for the Southern Phenoms and goes to Kemper High School in DeKalb, Mississippi.  Pollard is one of the top rated players in the class of 2012 and he recently sat down with BDN to discuss the latest on the recruiting front.

You were just talking to some guys from an N.C. State site.  They are one of two ACC schools you mentioned.  What do you think about the Wolfpack?

I like their basketball program and staff.  They're rebuilding and putting in a new weight room and it seems like it will be a good school in the future.

There is a lot of buzz concerning the Blue Devils as well ... 

I talked to both Wojo and Coach Kand they were just telling me what they'd [private] heard about me and asked if I were interested in coming to Duke and I told them that yes, I was.  I haven't taken a visit to Duke yet because that was my first time talking to them.  I plan on going to visit them and looking at their school.  They have a great basketball program.

You are being chased by a lot of SEC schools as well,.  Can you list them, please?

Yes sir.  Kentucky, Georgetown, LSU, Mississippi state, Ole Miss, Alabama.

Who will play big roles in advising you on your collegiate decision?

My mom. She will be the key in helping me with my coach.  And there is also Darrell Carter, a football and basketball coach at our school.  He came into our district three years ago and we've had a bond since then.  He's like a brother or father to me, so I look up to him.

Do you play other varsity sports in high school?

Yes sir.  I play football.

Have some of the coaches recruiting you tried to persuade you to give football up and concentrate on hoops?

Some coaches have and some tell me that I'm young and to enjoy life.  Really, I played football before I played basketball.

Describe your game in your own words for our members.

I'm an all around player that can do a little bit of everything.  I can take a guard and put him on the block.  I need to work on my ball handling skills and jumper and I can always get stronger.

You'll be going to the Nike Skills Academies, right?

Yes sir.  The Lebron James and Derron Williams camp.

Is their a definitive timetable on your coming decision?

I really don't know but if things work out I plan on deciding in the spring.

What are you looking for from a coaching staff in college?

Willing to help a kid, accompany his dream and help him be his best and get to the next level.  I like coaches to be straight with me and tell me what I need to work on.  I want to go pro so I will do anything I need to accomplish my goal

Are you hesitant of going to a big time school where you will have tpo battle for playing time?

No sir.  I love competition.

Where did you first learn your basketball skills or who taught you the game?

My mom and my dad.  My mom was a player, she went to Kemper High and then she went to Delta State and got drafted by the WNBA's Chicago Hustlers.  My mom wants me to go wherever I'm comfortable and she'll be happy with that.  She wants someone who will work and push me to become my best.

Is it important for you to go to a school where most every game is televised?

That's not a big deal because she is going to be at the games.

So, she is planning on moving to follow you?

Yes sir.  She will come for the first year and no matter where she might be after that, she will find a way to get to games.

Thanks for your time Davonta and we'll be keeping tabs on your progress.

Yes sir.  Thank you. [/private]