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Duke Football Camp featured prospects of interest

Many of the prospects on hand this weekend were trying to impress the Duke Football staff to earn an offer - Rick Crank, BDN Photo

There were a few surprised faces on the kids and prospects who attended this past Saturday's Duke Football Camp.  It would be easy to think the scorching heat and humidity was the culprit, and yes sweat indeed played a role.  The sweat came from the crop of talent going through the various stations of drills being conducted by the football staff.  In short, the coaches worked their butts off and you could see the surprise in the faces of some of the prospects as the day wore on.

Coach Cutcliffe is always quick to tell you that he is looking for kids who can run and that was evident as he peered out from his golf cart, concentrating on a drill which not only tested speed but the cutting ability and reaction time.  As the day progressed, Cutcliffe would go from station to station while his competent staff barked out signals and suggestions.

If a prospect was caught walking to a station or back to the line after a drill they were quickly met with the sound of a coach telling them that their actions wouldn't cut it at Duke.  This in turn brought out the best in some of the kids while others learned quickly that Duke Football practices and conditioning is no joke.

The camp will continue this weekend and each year that Cutcliffe has been at Duke, the numbers of attendees swell.  Duke Football is being taken seriously in Durham and if you attend the camp as a participant or parent looking on, this is evident.

The Blue Devil Nation will be checking in with some of the prospects and their thoughts on the camp this week.  Among the prospects holding offers who attended this past weekend's session were Desmond Floyd [Union HS 6-4, DE], Cameron Clear [Memorial Central 6-6 TE], Marc Mustoe [Avada West HS, CO 6-6 OL], Kyler Kerbyson [Knoxville Catholic 6-4.5 DL], and Michael Cooper [Woodlands HS, TX 6-5 DE/TE].

Other offers have been tendered as well and you can learn of those on our premium message board which is for BDN Premium members.  Stay tuned for more on Duke Football Recruiting.

BDN’s Monday Musings

BDN Photographer Rick Crank captured Cutcliffe as he closed the Duke Football Camp this past weekend. BDN Photo, Rick Crank

A friend of mine told me over the weekend that it must be nice to finally have a break in my work with the season over and no sports in play around the Duke campus.  As I explained to him, there are no breaks when you run a Duke web site for there is always something going on.  Just this past weekend Duke Football held there annual camp as some of their top prospects and area talent put their skills on display.   BDN will be bringing you coverage from the event this coming weekend and we'll recap the past weekend as well tomorrow.  Coach Cutcliffe is turning the football program around and it's exciting to watch him add building blocks for the future.  BDN continues to offer our football prospect interviews for free, so please visit often for we are dedicated to following Duke Football Recruiting.

Returning Duke players Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith and Seth Curry all attended the CP3 Developmental Camp this past week as well.  Reports and sources say that all of them enjoyed a successful camp.  And speaking of camps, the Duke Basketball Camp gets underway this weekend as well.

Another big camp kicks off this week and that is the NBA Top 100 Camp in Charlottsville, Virginia.  Several Duke prospects will be on hand as will BDN to bring you coverage via out site and our popular twitter page.  Be sure to sign up for our twittwer page for updates as the camp progresses.  For a complete listing of the prospects on hand, check out BDN Premium's message board.  Also, see our trial one month offer for BDN Premium, so that you might see if you like what we have to offer.

BDN's Andrew Slater talked with Isaiah Austin recently and we bring premium members an in depth interview with a kid who is ranked #2 in his class by Prep Stars.  Austin is an Arlington, Texas native and stands 6-11 and while listed as a center, he has great perimeter skills.  Check out Andrew's in depth interview with a kid who is truly one of the nations elite.

It was good to see former Blue Devil Quin Snyder be tabbed as an assistant coach by Doug Collins, the new coach of Philadelphia 76'ers.  This is a great opportunity for Quin.

We still have a couple of offerings on the way from the Coach K Academy including a nice one on one with ESPN anaylist Jay Bilas.  Be sure to check out the Chris Collins interview and Elton Brand, both of which have already been posted.

Good Monday all, and Go Duke.  Oh!  And there is never an off season if you want to cover Duke Athletics right.  Don't forget to sign up and follow us on twitter where we are listed as BlueDevilNation.  Also, see and join us on our facebook page as well.