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Monday Links – Langdon, Redick, Tauliliili and Wall in the news

Redick will start for Orlando versus Boston tonight
Redick will start for Orlando versus Boston tonight

First off, John Wall, the nation's top-rated point guard, has been charged with breaking and entering by Raleigh Police. We'll have more on this development a bit later, but the incident happened on April the 27th and is just now coming to light for most outlets.  Nothing was reported as being taken and sources are saying that the house wasn't occupied.

Former Duke linebacker Michael Tauliliili has signed a two year deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

Another former Dukie, JJ Redick, will have the unenviable task of guarding Ray Allen tonight as the Orlando-Boston series starts.  Redick gave his team a huge lift off the bench and has a great opportunity to shine in a start this evening.

Trajan is one of Europe's most respected players
Trajan is one of Europe

Trajan Langdon and CSKA Moscow fell just short of another Euroleague Basketball title yesterday.  Langdon has been a star across the pond.  I had the pleasure of watching the game on Fox Sports and on the last timeout, the Greek team could be heard in the huddle saying, "Watch "blanking" Langdon."   CSKA comeback falls short

Duke Basketball Recruiting Update – Wall, Barnes, Bledsoe

The John Wall saga continues into May

BDN Photo
BDN Photo

Don't look for Wall to trim his list today, but [private] Friday and  Monday are possibilities, as is any other day in the future.  There are many complexities which make up the battle for Wall.  And it remains to be seen if World Wide Wes can swoop in at the last minute and work his magic.  Make no mistake, he will likely make a play on the Wall Camp during the midnight hour.

On the other hand, Wall's Mom continues to side with the Blue Devils and some feel Brian Clifton wants him to stick close to home as well.  But before anything can happen, John needs to pass his SAT's.  He will make his first attempt on Saturday, but there are many who feel it may take another try before it's done, according to sources I have within the school.   If  Wall does not pass his SAT, he would forgo college and the options available are many.  Keep in mind that he has three opportunities to pass before the school year begins.

Still, if Wall can pass, Duke will remain in the race with Kentucky and a school or two which will likely make his final list.   I told you long ago that it would come down to Duke and Kentucky and while that could change, I have no reason to think it will.  As for a timeline on a decision, I will stick with what I told you a few weeks back in that this one could drag out until May 20th at the latest.  IOW, I am certain it will go into May.

As for Wall's meeting with Krzyzewski, nothing is etched in stone as I type, but that could change within hours.  Duke still wants a face to face where Coach K will get to chat with Wall one more time before a decision is made.

Eric Bledsoe

I told you on the message board that Bledsoe had passed his ACT and that he would visit Memphis and Kentucky on Saturday.  There is nothing set up with Duke at this time, but Bledsoe remains interested and the staff is following this situation with Nate James as the lead recruiter.  I have said for the past few weeks that Bledsoe is a long shot, and I stick by that.

Harrison Barnes

I told you a while back that UNC got in the Harrison Barnes sweepstakes and that they have an unofficial visit scheduled with him in June after the NBA Player Developmental Camp.  That seemed like bad news at the time, but the Heels have a lot of catching up to do.  Barnes is telling everyone his recruitment is wide open, but if we allow some patience, this could be a similar situation to Kyle Singler's.  Singler was thought to favor Duke all along, but he waited until the end for the decision, which put a lot of Duke fans on pins and needles.  I don't look for Barnes to verbal anytime soon.  Oh yeah!  The good news is that, not to be outdone, Coach K and the Duke staff "may" get an unofficial visit the same weekend Harrison heads to Chapel Hill for the first time.  This would make the third visit to Duke for Barnes.
There are no other unofficial visits set up at this time.  (I had to edit this  for the nature is sensitive)

A busy July ahead for the staff

Duke will not be able to hit the road until July which gives them a much smaller window than in years past due to NCAA rules changes.  Until then, they will study what they hear and by August, we will have a good idea as to who is really on the radar.

Event coverage

We will be mapping out the rest of our spring and summer schedule shortly, but rest assured we'll be represented at the tournaments that count.  There will be no drop-off in our coverage of the nation's best prospects.

One last note.  There are some things involving the John Wall recruitment where I am sworn to silence.  I must respect the wishes of my sources on this, but promise to keep you more than just a little aware of what is going on.  Thanks for being a member of the Blue Devil Nation.  The best is yet to come. [/private]

Wallmania continues – John Wall is ready to trim his list this week

John Wall - BDN Photo
John Wall - BDN Photo

John Wall has returned from Miami where he took a look at the facilities, met the president and took in a baseball game and, of course, South Beach.  According to Wall, he will trim his list to two or three schools on Thursday or Friday of this week.

How was the visit to Miami?

It was good, I toured the facilities, went to a baseball game and met with their president.

Did you see South Beach?

Yeah, got to see south beach.  It was really hot down there.

On Friday, Calipari came in, can you talk about that visit just a little bit?

He [private] just said the same thing he was saying at Memphis, nothing had changed.

Will you visit Duke?

I don't know yet.

So you may work out something?


Do you have any idea when you will trim your list or make a decision?

This week.  At the end of the week.

Is there a number you are looking for, two, three?

Yeah, two or three.

Just briefly, can you tell me where you are in the process?  Are you talking it over with those around you ...

I guess, just  that.

What are your plans in the next couple of days?

Just to get some rest.

Okay, I appreciate your time.

It's safe to say that John Wall is playing it very close to the vest for now as seen by the above answers.  Talk about this on the message board. [/private]

Roundball Recruiting Internet Radio – John Wall discussion

AAU Coverage and discussion on Rounball Recruitng
AAU Coverage and discussion on Roundball Recruiting

If you would like to hear an internet call in radio show on college basketball recruiting, check out this link.  I was a last minute guest on Marc Maggard's Roundball Recruiting show where we discussed John Wall and other recruiting issues. It's free to listen to the replay and you'll want to go to the April 23rd show.  We discuss Harrison Barnes, Andre Dawkins, Duke and Kentucky recruiting and more. Here is the link:  Roundball Recruiting Podcast

Duke Basketball Recruiting Update – Barnes, Wall, Irving, McCallum, Bledsoe and more

misc-challenge-0652Before we get to the latest recruiting information, let me tell you what's coming to Blue Devil Nation Premium this week.  We'll have an informative interview with Harrison Barnes and comments from one of his AAU coaches.  BDN's Andrew Slater was on the scene at the Pittsburgh Jam Fest.  Slater will have the latest, including interviews with Kyrie Irving, Ray McCallum and more.  Both of us will offer scouting reports on prospects we see firsthand this week as well.  Then there is some hot information on visits, but you have to be a member to see that.

Here is the latest on the recruiting trail from BDN, a source you can trust.  [private] Duke is very high on Kyrie Irving and that's why Andrew was scoping him out this weekend.  Irving is moving up the ratings as I type and he has already listed the Blue Devils on his list of ten schools.  Duke Assistant Coach Chris Collins will visit Irving this week and there may be an unofficial visit in the future - we'll keep you posted on that.

Another guard prospect Slater interviewed this weekend is Ray McCallum.  This youngster has a lot of schools on him and if you have read our past update you have a good idea of his capabilities.  It's no secret that Duke is now going after athletic guards and the staff is determined to get one or two in the fold in the class of 2010.  Coach Collins will also take time to visit McCallum this week, so make no mistake in that Duke is very active on the recruiting trail.

BDN's best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Steve Wojciechowski who recently tore his ACL.  The injury will cause Wojo to be on the mend and off the recruiting road show for a good while.  This means that head of basketball operations, Chris Spatola will take his place.  Spatola will be looking at some of the states younger players and will check out some action in Virginia as well.

Don't freak out that Chris Carrawell wasn't the choice, for he is a notch behind Spatola in the chain of command.  Both will one day be assistant coaches.  CWell will once again participate in the James-Carawell, where donations from Duke fans helped me send three underprivileged kids that I work with to the camp last season.

Everybody keeps asking on the message board whether Duke still has interest in Eric Bledsoe.  Well, the answer is yes, despite the fact that another site says he has a final four which does not include Duke.  In fact, Duke Assistant Coach, Nate James will be heading south to visit Bledsoe this week as well as some young prospects.  Either James or Spatola will visit Luke Cothron, likely James.

Duke is trying to get a feel for some of the youngsters in the 2011 class so they will know who to track come July when they are allowed to go to camps.  Yes, the camp availability is a bit more stringent this year, see the link from the NCAA on the message board if you are curious.

Then there is the continuing recruitment of the talented John Wall.  I am going to give you my speculation on what I feel is happening at "the moment."  I feel N.C. State is out despite being listed and that Miami is on the outside looking in as well.  I would in no way be shocked if Wall cancels his Miami visit.  His visit to Miami is set for this Friday and may last until Sunday.  Baylor seems the long shot as well, but of course I am pretty much repeating myself with all of the above.  Of late, Wall has added Oregon back.

Kansas has made a push but with their PG returning and the distance, I feel Wall will not be a Jayhawk.  Then there is "Dart gun," Billy Donovan who crept into the Wall home only to fly to Portland to meet with Wall in a motel room. That meeting was set up by Clifton who continues to listen to overtures.   Well, Billy has already used that dart gun trick with Kenny Boynton, so he'll have to reach deeper into the bag of tricks this time. Wait a minute!  Kenny Boynton and John Wall in the same back court?  One basketball is simply not enough for these two players and neither of them is going to take a backseat.  Could this mean that Wall stays in state like Boynton?

I also find it a bit interesting that rivals are doing their best to sway Wall away.  Florida comes rolling in when Kentucky becomes a player and North Carolina and Roy Williams would do anything to push Wall anywhere but Durham.  Both Florida and North Carolina have got into this race late - too late in my opinion.  If you put a gun to my head asking which one of these teams could weasel their way closer, I would go with UNC for the location.  Still , no secret that Roy and UNC dissed Wall for the longest time and his camp is not too happy about that.

That brings us to the two real players, this of course being my opinion.  Duke is trying to set up a visit with Wall before the contact period is over.  The Blue Devils made some major in roads and there are plenty of positives for both Wall and Duke should he end up in Durham.  The Duke staff hopes staying close to home and honesty wins out.  Of all the Wall suitors, Duke has pretty much backed up what they said and stayed straight up.

Duke could also start quite a pipeline for D-One Sports and Brian Clifton, but then again so could Kentucky.  Make no mistake there are some deep pockets in the deep south and they tend to let it be known in one way or another that there are "opportunities," to be had.  That's as nice as I could put it.  Like Duke, Kentucky needs a point guard and Calipari will try to sell Wall that he is a one and done specialist.

If Jodie Meeks comes back, Wall better hope he gets some shots, but UK can sell him better should he remain in the draft.  Personally, I don't see Meeks as a first rounder.  I told you a good bit back Patrick Patterson would cast his name and I feel he stays in.  I could go into all the prospects who are trying to sell John at various schools but that really isn't going to make that big of a difference.

Duke has put points in the pro's in Hurley, Williams and Duhon all first round picks.  And Coach K has been straight with Wall in saying he hasn't really had a point in four or more years.  Anyhow, enough rambling opinion, for this recruitment will take a few more twists and turns before Wall decides and you can count on a live announcement on ESPNU or some other network.

Still, at this time Duke is in as good a shape as possible but they will have to fight off Kentucky.  Keep in mind, I could be wrong and admittedly, my opinion changes a bit as the wind blows on this one.   Lastly, anyone who reads too much into comments in the coming days on Wall is wasting their time.  Wall is changing some of his answers from one interview to the next and is obviously enjoying his day in the limelight.  Please read our policies on sharing information on the message board.  Sharing of information from our premium site is strictly prohibited. [/private]