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Coach K updates Kyrie Irving’s status

Kyrie Irving has been cheering the Blue Devils on from the bench - Photo Lance King

DURHAM - It wasn't long after Duke defeated N.C. State 76-52 that Coach Mike Krzyzeswki addressed the situation concerning Kyrie Irving.  As all of you know, he is getting almost as much publicity as the league leading Blue Devils are.  Everywhere you turn there is a rumor or the latest so called insider telling you, well, a lot of inaccurate statements.

Irving went out with a possible season ending injury in Duke's win over Butler earlier this season.  Despite returning to the court in that game, it was later learned that it was a significant injury and he's sat out the season ever since.

"The main thing we're optimistic about is there is more healing.  You can only get so much healing in a cast but next week he starts going through therapy," said Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski when questioned after the game.

The Hall of Fame Coach continued, "He'll have a cat scan or MRI in a couple of weeks to see how it's healing and it should but we still feel he is not going to play so we have to go forward with that."

But he made it a point to also say that it would still be a while before Irving returned to the court, "He's a long way from playing, you gotta be 100% before you come back but he is a ways from that but it's progressing well for his career and it's being done the right way."

One reporter asked if he was anxious to get back on the courts and Krzyzewski responded by saying, "Of course, he's anxious.  He loves his teammates, he loves Duke [pause] a lot of people forget he was the best guard in the country -- a lot of people forget about that."

Coach Krzyzewski made a point to emphasize that Duke isn't hiding anything.  "I don't tell you [media] everything but we don't hide an injury.  We've been straight forward with this from the very beginning and it's not going to be some miraculous thing where it heals in three weeks.  That's not going to happen, believe me."

Only time will tell the tale on Irving but one thing Duke fans can hang on to is the fact that nobody from within the team has stated Irving would not return in a firm manner.  And what does that mean?  It's simple the glass half full crowd will remain positive while the glass half empty crowd will throw their hands in the air giving up.

As for BDN, we cover Duke Basketball so it is easy to be a glass half full crew around here.