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Mitch McGary: Energy and Effort Personified

Mitch McGary, BDN Photo

Each year, there is, at least, one fresh face that demands attention be paid to him through unexpectedly good play in the AAU season. A player will seemingly come out of nowhere and vault to the front of his class. Some attribute this novelty to being a "late bloomer," an improved work ethic, coming from an underreported community, fruits finally being born from the labor of hard work, or a late growth spurt. Two years ago, the player was Kyrie Irving. Anthony Davis was last year's primary example. This year, Mitch McGary of Brewster Academy is on the short list of everybody's favorite player in 2012. The Chesterton, Indiana native has transformed his body, his low-post game, and his commitment to academics to such a degree that he's now capable of being recruited by all of the major college basketball powers.

McGary has become the poster child for the benefits of New England prep school basketball. It's rustic locations, small college-quality facilities, low teacher-to-student ratios, high-caliber coaching, and the most talent-rich leagues in the country have caused players to gravitate to these New England powers from around the country.

These past four months, the social big man has enjoyed both individual success, including at the NBA 100 Camp and LeBron James Skills Academy, and, while playing for SYF AAU program, team success, including winning the recent NY2LA Summer Jam in suburban Milwaukee.

Recently, Mitch received new offers, including one from Duke University. He spoke again with Blue Devil Nation about a variety of topics, including the influence of sneaker companies, his metamorphosis at Brewster from vocally supportive sixth man to being one of the most sought after recruits in the country, and whether he's looking for more of a buddy or an adult figure in his college head coach.

How do you feel your summer's going?
It's going good. I'm honored to be here and all of the other camps, like the Amar'e camp. I feel like I'm going against the best of the best between here and the NBA Top 100 camp, so it's been good so far.

Can you talk about going from being a Big Ten prospect...highly regarded, but maybe not on this level...to being considered arguably the most dominant big guy in your class? You're sort of in the middle of it, but what's going through your mind about that right now
It's been pretty cool. I mean, my overall improvement on and off the court, making me more mature and responsible, I think the transition to Brewster. It's been 100% percent improvement.

You're like the poster child for the Brewster program.
(laughs) Yeah, just moving out there really helped me a lot. I mean, that's all I've got to say, pretty much. Coach Jason Smith does a great job with us out there. From an academic standpoint, the teachers do a great job out there, too. 

(Mike "Peegs" Pegram) Have you been home for a while?
I've been home for a month on-and-off, between the camps and stuff.

(Mike "Peegs" Pegram) Have your old high school buddies noticed any changes?
Um, yeah, but I haven't really played with them yet. When I come home, I usually play, but this time they noticed I was a little bit taller, a little bit more cut, a little more defined, they noticed my body. They said it's incredible, the transition. (laughs)

(Mike "Peegs" Pegram) Are you talking about guys or girls?
Both (laughs). I love it when we're playing together and they say I'm a lot stronger than I used to be. Girls like it, I guess, too. 

Has this been a fun process or stressful?
Yeah, it's been fun overall. I mean I'm honored that I went to Brewster and, even though I had to leave my hometown high school, which was tragic for me and stuff... You know growing up there and giving up all of my friends and family. I thought it was something I had to do. I had to make a choice. I had some consequences before that and I just had to turn my life around, I guess, start being mature. 

How did your trip to Michigan go the other day?
Oh, it went great. I liked the coaches. I see Coach Meyer over there with that yellow and blue jumpsuit. It's cool. I like him. He's a great big man coach. I talked to all of the coaches there and they really want me. There's a rumor that it's between me and Gary Harris, whoever commits first, but we may have to wait and see and see how everything plays out. 

In terms of a timeline, if this were a baseball game, how far along do you think you are in your recruitment?
You mean before I commit? I mean I'll probably commit before the season starts.. so whatever that is (laughs)

Whatever that is.. It seems like you're tied in with Gary Harris for some schools. Have you guys talked about that?
Yeah, I mean, a little bit. I mean, he knows what's up. How's it going, G? (shakes hands with Gary Harris)

(Mike "Peegs" Pegram) Purdue and Indiana, where do they stand?
I mean, a little bit, right now. I mean, everyone wants to go hometown state, but I mean, I won't say they're out of the picture, but they're kind of on the bottom part of my list. I'm wide open to everybody, but they're just kind of on the bottom of it. Just because they haven't been talking to me lately and stuff. I mean, they're still in contact. I just don't think that they're going to be right there.

Can you talk about that list that you're going to be coming out with? 
Yeah, I'm coming out with a list next month with my AAU coach.

How big will this list be? 5 schools? 10?
It'll probably be about 10. 

How has this camp gone and what have you learned about yourself?
It's gone good. Pretty much every top player from every AAU team is here. It helps you measure out your strengths and weaknesses and how well you're matching up against the other big-time players.

What kind of guy is toughest for you to defend?
Jarnell Stokes. He's like a Coke machine with legs. (laughs)

You did well against him tonight, you got him on a few plays.
Yeah, I felt happy with it. I mean I probably have a little weight on him. I may not look it cause I'm a little leaner, but I'm about 260 and he's probably about 250.
Yeah, he only had that one fadeaway over you.
Yeah, he only had that one, but he's tough. I mean, overall, I think Julius Randle would've been the hardest guy for me to defend here, but he's on my team, fortunately.

(Mike "Peegs" Pegram) What's going on for you in July after this?
The Super Showcase in Kansas City.

Did you talk to any of the college guys at all?
Yeah, I talked to Thomas Robinson, T-Rob, he's kind of like a big brother to me. He went to Brewster. I talk to him a lot, not just about Kansas, but about the whole recruiting process. He wants me to go to Kansas and stuff, and that worked for him, but it's just like he taught me a lot about the recruiting process..who to trust and stuff like that. And so he's been good to me, I like him. 

Can you talk about keeping the passionate mentality and always being supportive of your teammates, as you were on the bench at Brewster, while now being the team's resident star? Staying vocal out here...I frankly wondered if you'd change.
Yeah, I mean once you make it to the collegiate level… let alone whoever makes it to the NBA, you're going to have to talk. Like we were watching LeBron play and he was non-stop talking. I mean, if you want to be the best that you can be for you and your team, being vocal out there is a key.

Touch on the importance of being vocal, in terms of leadership.
Yeah, absolutely, it is. It's really good for leadership. I guess I wasn't really like the talkative kid growing up. I was just the goofy kid, but I had a loud mouth so, you know, it just stayed with me I guess.

Well, I mean you've got a lot of energy..
Yeah, yeah, absolutely

Not just here... At Brewster and with SYF too
Yeah, yeah..I mean also wear the arm sleeve and the headband too. I mean I could probably break it out (laughs) next weekend or something

No, no, that's all right. (laughs)
I can do it next week if that's something that you want (laughs)

No, no, that's okay.
No, but I think it really just rolled over. I like being the real leader, even if I'm probably the biggest dude on the court. I mean I guess I've always grown up as the biggest kid and being the real leader among all of my friends and family.

Beats having to learn how to fight because you're not 6'10"
(laughs) Yeah, well, My parents wanted me to be a good leader and I guess it just carried over. I mean, we just beat the number one team, so that was great. I guess that means it's a good day.

Talk about being a good teammate. I had talked to some of your teammates both at Brewster and SYF. They both really raved about you, but what do you hope your teammates say about you when you walk away?
I hope that they think that I play really hard and with a lot of heart and passion. I hope they like playing with me and that I have a lot of heart, like I said. Overall, that I'm just a worker and that I'm just the hardest worker on the floor.

Some of them have said that, you don't have to worry.

What are you looking for on your visits?
Mostly, first of all, I want to find a great head coach that'll take me in like his own son.

That was one thing I wanted to touch on. Are you looking for more of a buddy-coach or an adult figure? Because some guys are looking for one or the other...
Oh, definitely an adult.
Because some guys were just looking for a friend or something.
Oh, yeah, I know, but I just want someone who's going to encourage me and teach me. I'm willing to learn, so... The greatest players are always going to need a coach and be able and willing to learn.

Back to the visits, what else are you looking for?
Basically, some colleges most guys that are there like the names and stuff. And the schools I've already been to, I already knew the players there. I'm always interested in speaking to the players because the coaches don't necessarily always speak the truth, but the players are going to speak the truth to you. They'll tell you things that you wouldn't otherwise find out til you get there. There are things that the coaches might not tell you before you get there. I want to actually know some of the players that go there. You know, like with Michigan, one of my good friends Zack Novak..

He's from your hometown.
Yeah, he is. I'm really good friends with him and he speaks the truth about coaches at Michigan and like truthfully, how the coaches are to deal with.

In terms of that list that you were mentioning before, who's going to help you make it more manageable? Your dad?
Yeah, my AAU coach and my dad.

This is a sort of Kyrie Irving type question, but you've sort of come out of nowhere and you sort of moved up the rankings steadily and ultimately came up very high. Do you think you were always this good and nobody noticed or do you think you've gotten considerably better in an extremely short period of time or a mixture?
(laughs) It might have been a mixture, I mean, everybody on my AAU team is one of the best players on their high school team, but at Brewster I wasn't the best player. I guess that encouraged me to get a lot better.

I mean, you guys were stacked though.
Yeah, I know. I just had to transform my body and stuff and work on my skills. I guess everything turned good. That's a good question.

This is one I've never asked a player on the record before, but I've always been curious about-- what kind of impact do the sneaker companies have over you and do you honestly care what sneaker of the program that you ultimately choose is?
I mean I don't care. I've always worn Nike growing up, but, at Brewster, I'm Adidas and my AAU team just got signed with Under Armor. I don't really care.

That's exactly why I was asking because you're with all three of the major sneaker companies.
Yeah, I don't really care, as long as the shoe fits and supports me, I'll run with it. I don't care how it looks.

Who are some of the assistants or head coaches that you've enjoyed talking to?
Rick Pitino, when he was at Florida... I should say Richard Pitino. Now that he's at Louisville, I've lost touch with him. I like him a lot. And I like Coach Book.

Yeah, he's from my area. He used to be with the Gauchos and now he's at Arizona.
Yeah, exactly. And I also like Coach Ogden of Texas. Those three are probably my favorite and Coach Meyer from Michigan too.

Have you seen any ACC schools? Do you have any visits planned?
Hopefully, Duke and North Carolina. I'm not really sure when, though.

Will that come after July probably?
Yeah, probably. Yeah, after the AAU thing. North Carolina offered me so I probably have to go down for an unofficial.

Has Duke offered you?
I'm not sure quite yet, Coach K called.

They're clearly watching you.
Oh, yeah, I noticed.

Thank you very much, Mitch.
Oh, no problem.

Mitch McGary impresses Duke staff, gains offer

Duke offered Mitch McGary - Photo BDN

Duke has offered 2012 big man Mitch McGary after the Duke Basketball staff watched him play during the open recruiting period this week.  McGary is one of the hottest prospects in the country and his play impressed Dukes' Mike Krzyzewski this weekend during the LeBron James Skills Academy.  McGary stands a solid 6-11 and weighs 255 pounds and plays his high school ball for Brewster Academy.  McGary likes to battle in the post but has good outside skills as well.  Even when McGary is on the bench, he shows emotion, rooting his teammates on.  He has a long list of suitors vying for his services.  For more on McGary and the latest offer, go to our message board.

BDN's Andrew Slater has been live streaming information as it happens from the LeBron James Skills Academy and the Adidas Invitational.  His coverage continues for members where he is right in the thick of events as are all of the nation's top coaches.  For full site access, join Blue Devil Nation Premium and get all the latest inside information.

LeBron James Skills Academy, Adidas Invitational Updates

Shabazz Muhammad is but a single player BDN Premium will follow this week.

BDN Recruiting analyst Andrew Slater is currently sending back live reports to members on the Blue Devil Nation Premium Message Board.  He's checking out the skills portion of opening night at the LeBron James Skills Academy and he'll float to Akron for the Adidas Invitational this week.  He will of course be checking in with all the major Duke prospects as the coaching staff can see prospects play during the open period and will be present at the events.  Don't miss any of the reports from BDN by joining today.  We set the standard for complete AAU Basketball coverage of Duke prospects and we are sure you'll enjoy what we have to offer.  Whether you like in person player analysis, prospect videos, or our famous in depth interviews, BDN brings you the highest quality of coverage available on any Duke site.

Duke Prospects Recap from NBA Top 100 Camp

You can sit in the middle of a bunch of well seasoned analyst and hear several different takes on prospects at major events.  Or, you can sit alone and form your opinion.  I do a lot of both and in the process I see prospects play in upwards of 20 times in a single AAU season.  One thing to keep in mind is that one tournament or camp does not make or break  a player.  Sometimes kids are sick or maybe a family member is having health issues.  Some fly in the same day of the event after attending another one and pick up play right away.  We try and find out the details and that allows a fair take on prospects.  I personally, like to see a kid play five times or more before offering an opinion on his overall game.  In short, talent evaluation is an inexact science and what I see and what Coach K or the staff might see can differ greatly.  I like to see how a kid plays when he is tired.  I like to see how they play from ahead and behind in a game.  I like to see how they step up when the game is on the line and how they face adversity.  I even like to watch their body language and especially what they do off ball.  That said, here is my take on ten prospects and one Duke verbal from this weekends NBAPA Top 100 Camp.

Nerlens Noel (2013) - This kid is a defensive stalwart in the post.  He has good footwork and an impressive and quick leaping ability.  When open he can rattle the rim with the dunk, but he needs polish on his offensive moves and he doesn't seem to have that go to move in his repertoire as of yet.  With a year of maturity, he may well push for the top rated player in his class and that says a lot when you know Jabari Parker and Julius Randle are his comp.  Clearly the third best player in 2013 in my eyes.  He dominated Tony Parker for the second and third time on the defensive end this past weekend, although Parker did adjust some in his third meeting.

Tony Parker (2012) -Tony is adjusting to the expectations bestowed upon him analyst.  That makes players come hard at him trying to make a name for themselves.  When he has you on his hip or gets an angle, he is effective on the offensive end and or around the block. I thought he went to the well far to often with his fade-away jump shot.  While it worked early, his overuse of it allowed opponents to adjust.  When he reaches for the ball on the defensive end, he usually is not in position to recover if the opponent gets the ball first.  Strong rebounder and space eater, plays position defense and is not a big time shot blocker or leaper.  He ism however, steady and he can be coached to better offensive moves.  Tony was one of the top three bigs in camp and there are times when he is dominant.  Now he needs to work on consistency and taking good shots.  He tried to stretch the floor with his perimeter jumper, a couple from the three point stripe, but he had little success in pulling his man out in that most of the shots didn't drop.  This also meant that he was not in position to board.  He can be a 16-8 guy in college and there were times when he was dominant this past weekend, but not as consistent as I'd like to see in that I hold him to a higher standard. He mentioned Ohio State as the leader but the question was a hypothetical one and I think he knew it got back to people he wished it hadn't.  Duke is in good shape with Tony, no matter his comment, but they will let the net stretch a bit wider with concerns to post guys.

Mitch McGary (2012)- He is a typical blue collar Inna grown boy who has a toughness to his game.  He displayed a surprisingly good handle and he was almost always in the middle of the play when in the game.  I liked his hustle and he seemed to be in good shape, never dragging while in the game.  He picks up a lot of garbage, plays decent position defense and blocks the occasional shot.  He is a good teammate, cheering for his team when on the bench, showing a lot of emotion which helps pump his team up.  Earned the "Psycho T," nickname from his teammates.  He is a beast.  He does not back down and has an edge which could be thought of as a bit of an attitude.  Started talking to refs late which I didn't like.  Needs a better outside game on the offensive end, but he sets a lot of picks is active and calls for the ball with a wide bodied stance to protect his turf.  He also runs the floor very well.  I liked him a lot but some think he is raw in certain areas.  He is to a point but everything I saw is correctable.  One worthy note is that his team won a single game.  Part of that was guard play for it was weak overall in the camp. He is wide open in his recruitment and has no idea where he wants to go.  The media attention is something new and eye opening for both his whole family.  He said Maryland was over the top aggressive in some many words and Texas is a team he like when he was young.  A long list getting longer.  UNC and Duke are both showing interest now.

Nate Britt (2013) -He was much better than when I last saw him two years ago, especially his stroke which was always near the target hit or miss.  He weaves in and out of traffic well and is quicker than I remember.  In short, he is starting to mature.  He went off in a couple of games on offense and his 30 point effort was a game high.  He teamed with Rodney Purvis who arrived a day late.  He also played with NCSU bound Tyler Lewis, who was sick and played but a single game.  The reason I mentioned the aforementioned two is that Britt adjusted to playing with each one.  Duke has good ins with him.  He is close to Nolan Smith and Kyrie Irving.  One guru ranked him as the eighth best PG in the camp.  He needs to be fired.  He was in the top three.  The question posed most often in reference to whether he is a point or two guard.  I think he is a PG that can shoot and or a shooting PG.  His size just isn't there as a 2G but some disagree with me.  I like his game, think he is smooth and worthy of Duke keeping close tabs on.  Paul Biancardi questioned me as to if I though Quinn Cook was the answer at Duke.  He didn't think so.  Oddly, they remind me of one another in some ways going into their junior season.  If Cook were to stumble, an offer will surely come Britt's way providing another kid doesn't sprout up in the 2014 class.

Amile Jefferson (2012) -He was the camps leading scorer and he earned high marks from everybody involved.  His point production is especially impressive when you looked at the guards on his team.  But to be fair, he got a lot of points on the break so his numbers are a bit inflated.  He can get through the smallest of creases in the defense and spots a mismatch in a heartbeat, taking immediate advantage of the situation.  My concern is his defense, which is quite average.  He doesn't always mix it up in the paint and he floats outside more than he should at times.  He'd be rated much higher if  it were not for the aforementioned.  Still, I like his game a lot ... a whole lot and I would personally like to see Duke open talks with him again or take another look in July.  His consistent offensive effort was most impressive in Charlottesville, but his team?  They played in the toilet bowl and were winless going in.

Rasheed Sulaimon (Duke verbal) -He blew up early and almost evey guru had him the tip shooting guard but he played at a lower level on day three.  For one thing, he was feeling under the weather in that bugs were going around in the camp.  His handle is stronger than ever as is his confidence.  He wants the ball.  He nailed a three (video coming) to lead a 20 point comeback and helped his team go to overtime.  In the overtime he handled the ball for just under a minute but his coach suddenly called timeout.  Thing is, there are no timeouts and the other team got the ball and won by a deuce.  Sulaimon looked puzzled which you will see via BDN Video as well.  Nice stroke and super on ball defense is what Rasheed Sulaimon was about.  BTW, Sulaimon will be sending his first diary entry in soon and he will update us throughout the high school season.

Alex Poythress (2012)- Two things ... firstly, he was not getting the ball from his teammates.  Secondly, he should have been more aggressive when he did.  He had a so-so camp, scoring 16 in one outing but less than 4 in the rest of his contests.  He still was in good position most of the time but he was lost with the talent level and or ball hogs.  Don't make too much out of that for Kyrie Irving didn't play that well last year always and there is a history of such cases.  Still, many will drop him in the rankings.  Poythress is a victim of soaring in the rankings, 15th in Prep Stars when he is a 20ish plus player IMO.  He is versatile and he is having a great season for the Georgia Stars, so keep an open mind before judging his play in the camp.

Robert Carter (2012) - Confident, active and aggressive fits the bill here.  I am not going into his game too much for I have seen him play in 1.5 games total.  However, as members, you will hear from the post player from Georgia sometime this week.  HE said his phone was ringing off the hook when the coaches could call.  He is listed at 6-9 but looked closer to 6-8 to me.  Once I see him again, I will form a better take on his game.  FWIW, I have a five game rule before I will go into a kids game.  He showed a sweet jump hook at the camp and his stock is taking off as offers roll in every few hours.

Devonta Pollard (2012) -From what I saw of him, I liked him but like Carter, I simply need more views.  So we'll revisit this one day in the future should he remain on the Duke radar.  The coaches have made contact with him as they have Carter.  Some say he got a Duke offer but that is not true.  He may well have misunderstood, so we'll give him a pass, especially since is very talented.  He helped himself in the camp and his ranking will likely rise from his play.  He has been through a lot of adversity of late, starting with the tornado in Alabama.  Earlier, his Father passed away from cancer.

Rodney Purvis (2012) - Dude can shoot and he likes to shoot, anytime, anywhere.  The problem is that he is streaky.  What I didn't like about Purvis was the fact he seem bugged out to sit on the bench and he rarely gave up the ball when it was in his hands.  In short, he didn't seem to cheer his teammates on.  IMO, he is a two guard in that he does not look to distribute, but he feels he is a PG.  When he is on, his team wins, when his shot is off they lose.  The kid can play but he is not on the level of a Kyrie Irving or Austin Rivers.  I feel he is a NCSU lean but those close to Rodney tell me that he finds negatives in all the teams.  I just think he wants to play right away and I know Coach K can only tell him you can compete and the best will play.  Nice handle but not great, very good at taking his man off the dribble if he gets a step and has the ability to stop on a dime and drop a step back shot.

Beejay Anya (2013)  - Holy Big Load, Batman!  He is a beast of a kid but he has a lot of baby fat.  Kareem Abdul Jabbar spoke of the benefits of staying in shape in the camp, saying it is a must to make it and remain in the league.  Let's hope he was listening.  At first I thought the drills took a toll on his legs but I later found out that he just flew into the camp after playing in another.  That said, I will reserve judgement.  He in no way plays above or even near the rim, but you can see the possible up side and that is why he is worth keeping an eye on.  We have an interview with him as well and he is a good kid.  Didn't like his hands from what I saw nor that he struggled getting up and down at times.  A space eater for sure who showed me little offense, but of course, he might have touched the ball three time  a game via the pass.  Britt hit him once where he had the man on his hip but he muffed the pass and never saw another one.  However, when he had the advantage he showed he could finish.  He has no outside game on offense.

Note to members - I touched base with all of the above prospects and interviews both print and video are on the way.  We will also have another guest analyst give their take on Duke prospects.  If you are a member and do not have access to the BDN Message Board, you need to sign up for it is included with your subscription but requires a separate sign up and approval than the main site itself.  Just contact me under the FAQ section on the front page of the site if you have any questions.  Many of you are not signed up for the message board and a lot of information you awaits you there that is not seen on the site.  Feel free to drop me a PM message if you have any comments, complaints and the sort.

NBA Top 100 Camp Morning Recap

Tony Parker - BDN Photo
Charlottesville -
BDN is on hand for the NBA Top 100 Camp on the campus of the University of Virginia and we'll bring you updates on our message board all weekend long.  We are focused in on key Duke prospects and have a lot of cool stuff coming members' way.  Here are the stats and recaps from the morning session.  For more detailed analysis, join BDN Premium for full site access. 


Lakers 71
Spurs 68

Ryan Arcidiacono led a low scoring affair with 11 points and watched as Gabe York’s game-tying attempt sailed short and the Lakers edged past a tough Spurs squad 71-68 in the opening game of the 2011 NBPA Top 100 Camp this morning. Zena Edosomwan added 10 points in the close victory. George Niang, Brandon Bolden and Anton Gill finished with 11 points each and Jordan Tebbutt added 10.

Grizzlies 96
Mavericks 78

The Grizzlies, led by 6 players in double digits, defeated the Mavericks 96-78. J.P. Tokoto led the Grizzlies in scoring with 14 points. He was followed very closely by Evan Nolte and Daniel Ochefu with 12 each, Anthony Bennett and Terry Henderson with 11 each, and Adam Woodbury with 10. T.J. Warren led all scorers with 17 points for the Mavericks in the loss. Amile Jefferson added 16 and Marcus Hunt contributed 13.

Heat 89
Bulls 76

Chicken Knowles led with 15 points as the Heat blistered the Bulls 89-76 in opening day action at the NBPA Top 100 Camp. Justin Anderson added 14 points while Jabari Bird and Ricardo Gathers finished with 10 points apiece for the victors. Omar Calhoun and Jordan Adams finished with 14 points each for the Bulls in the tough loss. Brice Johnson added 12 and Montrezl Harrell finished with 10 in the loss.

Celtics 91
Thunder 86

The Celtics came out like a ball of fire scoring the game’s first 17 points, and then withstood a furious Thunder rally to come away with a 91-86 victory. Jerome Hairston led a crew of four teammates in double digits with 17. Joining him in the scoring column were Jordan Price with 14, A.J. Davis with 13 and Robert Carter with 12. Tyler Lewis led all scorers in the game with 19 points for Thunder. Danuel House added 15, Nate Britt 14 and Jordan Burgess 13 in the close loss.

Magic 101
Hawks 73

The Magic placed five players in double digits as they vanquished the Hawks 101-73 in the morning session’s final contest. Codi Miller-McIntyre was outstanding, scoring 16 points and controlling the tempo of the game throughout. Devonta Pollard added 15 points while Katin Reinhardt finished with 13, Denzel Valentine managed 12 and Yogi Ferrell added 11 in the convincing victory. Joell James led the Hawks with 13 points followed closely by Gavin Ware and Mitch McGary with 12. Michael Frazier added 10 in the loss.

# Name Year Team Game 1
3 Tyler Lewis 2012 Thunder 19
7 Jerome Hairston 2012 Celtics 17
73 T.J. Warren 2012 Mavericks 17
23 Codi Miller-McIntyre 2012 Magic 16
84 Amile Jefferson 2012 Mavericks 16
42 Danuel House 2012 Thunder 15
83 Devonta Pollard 2012 Magic 15
78 Chicken Knowles 2012 Heat 15
47 Jordan Price 2012 Celtics 14
15 Jordan Adams 2012 Bulls 14
44 Omar Calhoun 2012 Bulls 14
5 Nate Britt 2013 Thunder 14
9 J.P. Tokoto 2012 Grizzlies 14
51 Justin Anderson 2012 Heat 14
86 A.J. Davis 2013 Celtics 13
8 Jordan Burgess 2012 Thunder 13
109 Joell James 2012 Hawks 13
35 Katin Reinhardt 2012 Magic 13
60 Marcus Hunt 2012 Mavericks 13
53 Robert Carter 2012 Celtics 12
21 Brice Johnson 2012 Bulls 12
63 Mitch McGary 2012 Hawks 12
103 Gavin Ware 2012 Hawks 12
48 Denzel Valentine 2012 Magic 12
66 Steve Taylor 2012 Grizzlies 12
67 Daniel Ochefu 2012 Grizzlies 12
2 Yogi Ferrell 2012 Magic 11
33 Anthony Bennett 2012 Grizzlies 11
22 Terry Henderson 2012 Grizzlies 11
38 Ryan Arcidiacono 2012 Spurs 11
65 George Niang 2012 Lakers 11
75 Brando Bolden 2012 Lakers 11
88 Anton Gill 2013 Lakers 11
57 Montrezl Harrell 2012 Bulls 10