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2013’s Nate Britt Recaps His Visit To Duke

It was a big few days of recruiting for Duke athletics this past weekend. The football team hosted the nation's #1 team, Alabama, and thousands came out to watch. Not only was there a boatload of football recruits on hand, but there were also some basketball recruits who came to take in the college atmosphere. The Blue Devils hosted 2011 verbal commits Michael Gbinije and Marshall Plumlee, as well as 2011 recruit Quinn Cook and 2013 recruit Nate Britt. Nate is a 6’1 PG that hails from the D.C area as so many past Duke players have. He attends Gonzaga College High School in Washington D.C., where current Duke player Tyler Thornton once played. BDN caught up with Nate to get a chance to get to know the young D.C prospect.

Can you talk about your game a little bit for those of us who don’t know you?

Well I’m a point guard, I play the 1, that’s my position. I’m more of a pass first point guard, I like to make plays and I consider myself a playmaker. Basically my goals on the floor are to do whatever it takes to win at all times. Whether it’s stepping up and making a big stop, making a pass to a teammate, whatever [private] it takes.

Can we get a quick update on your height and weight?

I’m 6’1 and 160lbs.

Can you talk about the advantages of being a lefty point guard?

Yeah,  I do think it’s a great advantage being a left handed player because it’s a bit awkward for others because the majority of the players are right handed, there’s only a few lefties you have out there.

Definitely not many lefties out there. Do you prefer the pull up jumper or attacking the basket?
I prefer the pull up. I do kind of like a two move combo, one move and then a quick pull up right beyond the paint.

What do you consider to be your strengths as a player?

I would say my strengths are being able to get to the basket and finish and creating plays. Another strength is playing in the open court and getting my teammates into the lane.

What about something you need to work on?

Something I need to work on I think is my three point shooting and knocking down the open jumpshot.

Can you talk about what it’s like to have a father as a coach and its advantages?

Yes it’s a great advantage because we have both relationships, the coach and the father-son relationship. It’s good to be around a coach all the time and it’s even better to have him as a dad because you might want to talk about basketball and he’s always there. And we can relate basketball to life so it’s a good experience.

Absolutely! You play for Gonzaga, a great school in the WCAC, is there anything you want to accomplish this year on a personal or team level?

Yes, we definitely want to win the WCAC championship this year and then play in the city championship title game, we want to win that game as well.

Good luck with that. Playing at Gonzaga you got to play with two great players in Tyler Thornton and Cedrick Lindsay, can you talk about them and how it helped you as a player?

Tyler's a winner, he’s always the one that does anything to win. With him having that kind of mentality it kind of spreads throughout the team and has everyone out there doing whatever it takes to win. Cedrick was a great scorer and he’s a great leader. Going against Cedrick in practice and playing against him all the time at school taught me how to create plays off the dribble and things like that.

Do you have a list of schools or offers currently?

No not right now, not that I know of. As of right now I’m interested in any school that is interested in me.

You recently had some schools drop in to watch your team, who came to watch?

Yeah, it was Virginia Tech, South Florida, Rutgers, Villanova, Georgetown, Miami and I think that’s it.

You got a chance to visit Duke this past weekend and check out the campus, could you talk about that?

The visit was a great experience, I got to hang out with my former teammate Tyler, and you know Tyler played with me at Gonzaga so we’re real close. We also played for the same AAU team in the summer, D.C Assault. Josh Hairston also played with me for D.C Assault. I got to kick it with them for the weekend and really experience what the college life is like for them. I also got to hang out with Kyrie Irving, Nolan Smith, Seth Curry and pretty much the whole team. Nolan is another guy that played for D.C Assault in the summer, so all of them are family. It was great for them to take care of me for the weekend.

That’s great to hear. What is it that you like about Duke?

It’s definitely a school I’m interested in. I like the coaching staff and how they treat their players, they take care of their players. The campus was great, it was a big campus. Everyone supports each other, it reminds me of Gonzaga, everybody’s family. Their fans and players really support each other. I definitely like that experience.

Who did you make the trip with?

Me and my dad made the trip down.

Who are you going to look to for support when you make your decision down the road?

It’s definitely going to be my mother and father. They will have the biggest influence on my decision. They support me in everything I do, and everything I do is with them.

What would you like the audience to know about you away from basketball?

I consider myself an artist; I like to draw in my off time. I really like to draw and doodle and things like that.

I really appreciate your time, Nate. Thank you.

Thank you very much. [/private]