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PG Prospect Josiah Turner is Open to Duke

Photo courtesy SacBee

The Oakland Soldiers AAU team has four big time college prospects and one of them is point guard Josiah Turner.  Turner [6-3, 195 PG Class of 2011 Sacramento, CA] is very aggressive with the ball and gets after it hard.  College coaches are getting after Turner hard as well for there was no shortage of head men watching Turner during this past weeks Nike Peach Jam, now known as the Nike EYBL.

Duke has added Turner to their watch list and BDN caught up with point guard prospect recently for a Q & A session where he discussed a recnet call from the Blue Devils and more -

This is the first time I've seen you play and in the two games I beamed into, the one thing I come away with is that you are aggressive.

Yes.  I'm an aggressive point guard that can get into the lane and to the rim when I want.  I'm a pass first point guard looking for the open man.  I play defense and I'm bigger than most guards, so that's what I have over them at this time.

What is your go-to move?

My go to move is my hesitation.  Hesitation.  I'll take them [private] out or in to get to the basket.

What are you like off the court?

I like to joke around a lot, I play video games, workout.

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Yeah, I try to be a leader on this team, that's what I try to do.

Which schools have been the most aggressive with you to date?

UCLA, UConn, Kansas, Wake Forest, Oregon, St. John's and uh, that's about it.

You're a west coast guy.  Would there be a problem moving east?

No it's not a problem, not a problem at all to move east.

Where did you learn your basketball skills?

I've been playing since I was four or five and always had a ball in my hand.

Do you pattern your game after anyone in the pro or college game?

I look at Gilbert Arenas.  I like his play and Chris Paul's play, that's about it.

I'm from the ACC area and heard that Duke most recently called you.

Yeah, they called me like two nights ago. 

Who did you talk to?

Nate James

How did the chat go?

Oh, it went good.  They were talking about how they haven't seen me yet.  But the head coach saw me at the LeBron James camp and they are here at the Peach Jam as well.

Coach K?

Yes, Coach K.  There somebody I'd really be interested in.  I like Duke and they're one of the top programs, so of course I'm interested.

The coaching staff and how good of a relationship I have with them.  How the offense is set up and how they play and that's about it.

Who will help you with your eventual decision on where you'll play your college ball?

My mom, just my mom.  And my Dad, they are both huge in my life, especially my mom.

Where will your team go from here?

We're going to Vegas for the Fab 48 and then we're going to L.A.

Did you enjoy the Peach Jam?

I like it and like coming east because there is more competition.

What area of your game needs improvement?

My off the ball defense.  I turn my head a lot where defenders can sneak behind me.  So, I need work there.

Did you have a dream school growing up?

Not really.  It was Kansas when I was real young, but I don't really have one.

Thanks for your time.

Yeah, thank you. [/private]