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BDN on the scene in Akron – Miller tosses in 25 and Gbinije has a solid game

BDN's Andrew Slater is on the scene in Akron, Ohio where he is sending back results as they happen this weekend. Another reason to join Blue Devil Nation Premium where we are more than a little active on the recruiting trail. Join and talk about the results from the weekend with other members in our private forums.

AKRON -  The Blue Devil Nation's Andrew Slater is on hand for the LeBron James "King James" camp in Akron ,Ohio.

Just this morning Michael Gbinije's  numbers were 10 of 13 (0 for 1 3pt FG), 2 for 3 FT totaling 22 points, 2 assists, 6 rebounds ( 2 off), 2 steals, 1 block.  Quincy Miller followed with a 25 point effort and if you are or were a premium subscriber these are the kind of updates you would get as it happens.  So, why not join the hottest premium Duke site on the web and get what we feel is the best overall information in the business.

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2011 prospect Quincy Miller pulled for Duke to win the title

Everyone is recruiting Quincy Miller

HAMPTON - Duke prospect Quincy Miller [6-9 Winston Salem, N.C., Quality Education, D-One Sports] was a scoring machine during the Nike EYBL Session I AAU event in Hampton, Virginia.  Miller was finding various ways of scoring and he was clearly one of the most talented players at the camp.  Miller showed steady improvement from a year ago and he is a consensus top ten pick in his class.  Currently ranked 6th by Prep Stars, Miller took the time to talk with the Blue Devil Nation in the following interview.  We also chatted with his AAU coach and got his thoughts on the budding star as well.

You look better than you did a year ago on the court and l...

I've just been working on my game, my jump shot and my handle and becoming a team player

Where do you stand on the recruiting front?

I'm [private] not close to making a decision and I don't think I will be until next year.  Not sure of the time period, but next year.

Who will play a big role in your decision?

Really my mom.  She will go on the visits with me and help me make my decision.

And your current list of schools?

Duke, Kentucky, Wake Forest, Memphis, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, uh, that's all I can think of.

A lot of people have said you are a Kentucky lean.

[smiling] Everybody thinks so because I took a couple of visits.  You know, they seem to think I'm going thee or something.

Duke is on your list, did you watch them win the title?

Yeah, I was cheering for them

Do you have friends on their team?

Andre Dawkins and Nolan Smith.

What do you think of Coach K?

Greatest coach in the nation right now.

Do you have a relationship with him?

Yeah, were close, me and Coach K are real cool.

What do you feel like you can improve upon with your game?

I still can improve on everything. [said with emphasis]  My game is not nearly where I want it to be.

What is it like to have so many people pulling at you being one of the top rated players inb your class?

I kind of have like a tight circle, so it's not a real problem.

You seem to love social networking?

Yeah, I just have a lot of fun.  I'm a fun kid and just want it to be light.  I'm just having fun and taking advantage of the hour.

Any official or unofficial visits set?

Not that I know of yet.

Will you be making any plans soon?

Yes sir.  I'll probably set some up by the end of summer.

And your list of schools?

Duke, Wake Forest, Kentucky, South Carolina, N.C. State ... that's it.

Will you take all five official visits before deciding on a school?

Yeah, I will take all five. [nodding]

What are you looking for in a school?

A comfort level and if their style of play will fit my style and a coach.  I want a coach that can take my game to a whole new level.

What kind of guys do you want to play with in college?

Team players.  I'm a team player and I want to play with team players.  I like to get up and go [run].

Thanks for your time.


His AAU Coach -

Your thoughts on Quincy Miller ...

With his length size and athleticism he can get a lot done around the basket.  I do think his future is a perimeter face up guy, so I have been working with him.  He has a little more freedom. I have been working off him coming off screens and getting use to the dribble, drive and he should be able to show his strengths a little bit more.

What is it like coaching one of the best prospects in the nation?

It's not a problem, I've been with Tyreke Evans before, so it's nothing new.  Brian Clifton has some years now in D-One sports and he is involved with his recruitment.  When Brian is busy with John Wall now, I'm kind of walking around Quincy to know he's straight.  He will sit down with Brian and his family and they'll make a decision.

Where can Miller improve?

Playing every possession.  Learning to play every possession without taking one off.

How do you see Miller being used in college?

I think he will be a face up power forward.  He's a leader and his teammates love him.  He can be a Kevin Durant type. [/private]

BDN Premium set to cover Austin Rivers and Quincy Miller

First of all, Blue Devil Nation will be celebrating Duke's national championship for some time to come, but there is little rest when you want to bring fans the best Duke coverage available.  Blue Devil Nation Premium will kick off its AAU coverage this weekend as we cover the Nike EYBL Session I, also known as the Boo Williams Invitational in Hampton, Virginia.

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Austin Rivers is still committed to Florida, but he has shown interest in a Duke team that just won the national title. Current Flordia player Kenny Boynton Jr. spurnned Duke for the Gators saying he felt like he could play for a national championship there. Well, he would have won one had he been on the Duke roster this season. There are many stories on the recruiting trail and that's what we cover better than any other site hers at BDN. Join Blue Devil Nation Premium and follow us on the recruiting trail as we cover fuure Blue Devils and coveted prospects like Austin Rivers. Our coverage starts this weekend at the Nile Boo Williams Invitational, don't delay in joining so you get stay in the loop.

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BDN talks Duke Basketball Recruiting with Prep Stars’ Rob Harrington

Rob discussed Austin Rivers with BDN's MArk Watson - BDN Photo
Rob Harrington discusses Austin Rivers and others prospects with BDN's Mark Watson - BDN Photo

I sat down with Prep Stars' Rob Harrington to get his thoughts on Duke Basketball Recruiting.  In our conversation, Rob breaks down what he likes about the kids Duke already has locked in with verbal commitments and covers prospects as well.  We talk about Kyrie Irving to Quincy Miller and Austin Rivers and then backtrack to Harrison Barnes and more.  For more information on Prep Stars visit their site by going here Prep Stars Link-  To listen to this article and have full site access, join BDN Premium.

Just [private] press play -

Talk about this article with other members on the BDN Premium Message Board [/private]

BDN’s Duke Basketball Recruiting Update

Austin RIvers, Kyrie Irving and Andre Dawkins share a moment during this past seasons AAU Nationionals in Orlando - BDN Photo
Austin RIvers, Kyrie Irving and Andre Dawkins share a moment during this past seasons AAU National in Orlando - BDN Photo

With all the questions surrounding where Duke will seriously look to fill another spot in the class of 2010, I decided to break it down as it stands today.  First off Roscoe Smith is a [private] long shot, but Duke is still involved but to a much lesser degree than some think.  While Smith is talented, there seems to be too many issues to overcome, mainly academics.

Duke has turned their focus to three players and you heard about all of them in our past updates.  Duke is involved with Trey Zeigler and they like him a lot, but then again they like others as well.  As has been mentioned Zeigler will take a while to make his decision.  Some of the incoming prospects have been networking with Zeigler and while Duke is in this one a little late, they are still in it.

Nate James recently checked out Carrick Felix a 6-6, 180 SF who currently plays as a freshman for Southern Idaho Community College.  Felix is a very athletic wing who would benefit the Devils with his versatility.  Felix has the grades to get in from sources close to the situation and he has a bevy of schools after him.  Felix got his start in Arizona where he burst onto the scene and would be a rare reach into junior college.  Like Zeigler, the Blue Devils like what they see in this kid.  He cuts through defenses and plays good on ball defense, filling passing lanes as well.  Good shooter but a bit streaky.

Then there is Terrence Ross who as you know backed out of his verbal to Maryland.  We told you early on Kentucky was involved and there will be plenty of company joining the race.  Ross is a very athletic wing, similar to the aforementioned prospects. There are some questions as to whether Ross can qualify and he has already been talking with Kentucky.

As for Tashawn Mabry, you can pretty much consider him off the radar from what I have heard.  The Rocky Mount product has been suspended and from what I am hearing, it is from a serious incident which is under investigation.  Maryland has turned their attention towards Marbry after losing Ross.

So Duke is heavily involved with all three of these guys and are looking for anyone else who may pop up.  In short, Duke wants to sign a player in this size range to help balance their team according toa source as close to the program as one can get

Duke is still looking to get Austin Rivers in for a visit and that will likely happen as the ACC season gets into full swing.  Look for a lot of guys visit during the UNC game and there will be other games as well.  As of now, no visits are set in stone.  If Brad Beal de-commits from Florida it is unlikely Duke will look his way for Rivers is their guy.  Still, we'll take a wait and see approach on Beal.

Duke is also still very active with Quincy Miller and they'll ride this one out.  Duke continues to look at Marshall Plumlee as well.

JP Tokoto is still on the radar as well but Duke is aware that this one seems to be getting more and more like rides they've been on so they will keep their options wide open.  Tokoto holds an offer and showed a lot of interest at the Elite Camp but his camp changed their tune a bit after many felt a verbal could happen early on.  Still, I am in no way saying Duke is not very much in this race for they are and his step father likes Coach K a lot.

Unrelated, strong rumors out of Chapel Hill have been say for three weeks now that not all of the Heels are happy.  Many of the recent additions have been recruited over and you can just about bank it that someone will leave.  My guess would be either Stirckland or McDonald and fwiw, the word is stronger on McDonald.  But let them worry about their own and we'll worry about ours.

I will be adding a few more tidbits to the thread on the message board later this evening, so no need for questions in that I will tell you what I know.[/private]

BDN Premium – Duke Basketball Team and Recruiting Update

Austin Rivers set to make a play - BDN Photo
Austin Rivers set to make a move - BDN Photo

As many of you are aware, the Duke Men's Basketball staff has been very active on the road of late, but they will now take a break to spend time with their families.  Just about all of the Blue Devils players are at home with their families for the Holiday season.  We will be covering a few kids live after Christmas and I will have more on that later.  Let's just say that BDN will be back in the groove in a major way in the coming year and our coverage will be better than ever.

Many of you have asked if there is anything new going on and the answer is [private] not much.  We'll start with Austin Rivers who you can see on ESPNU tonight against one of the best teams in the country.  Rivers dropped 45 points and, as we told you months ago now, he will concentrate on his high school season.  Rivers continues to say he is a Florida Gator, and that is technically true.  However, Rivers is quick to tell you that Duke is recruiting him and that he likes the fact that Coach K has taken an interest in him.  Rivers will take a visit to Duke this season after the new year if all works out.  I continue to feel very good about Duke's chances of landing Rivers - far too many reasons to list, but it's not over until it's over.  The Rivers family will watch and see how UF and Duke fare this season and see how Austin fits in.  It's no secret that Rivers has stayed in close touch with Kyrie and Andre among others.  Krzyzewski loves what Rivers brings to the table and he has been front and center for Rivers games since the AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  Krzyzewski and Collins attended Rivers' game last week. The staff will follow him closely, staying in touch as often as the NCAA rules allow.  This one will go to Spring or after the season.

As many of you know, one of my pet peeves is the unsubstantiated rumors that make message boards go crazy.  It's one of the reasons I spend little time on my own board these days.  The latest one says that Duke has stopped recruiting Roscoe Smith, which is false.  I have been telling you for a good while that Duke has been trying to arrange an on-campus visit and that remains true today.  UConn is the chief competition and probably the leader at this time.  It's been hard for Duke to proceed, for they need to make sure Smith can qualify.  There is no secret that it is easier to qualify for UConn than Duke.  My understanding is that Krzyzewski likes Smith's potential and he did catch one of his games over the break.  So, there is a wait and see approach with concerns to Smith and the picture should become clear in the next month or two.  Nobody would have put Smith and Duke together early last summer, but Nate James hit the road running and developed a good relationship with the prospect.

Rocky Mount's Tashawn Mabry and his family sat behind the Duke bench for a game recently and Duke is in the evaluation or get to know stage with Mabry.  I was scheduled to check him out during the Glaxo Tournament, but Rocky Mount could not work out the logistics to be there.  Mabry was one of the most underrated players in the country but his star is rising this season.

One thing to keep in mind is that Duke will be careful who they offer and they will not just throw one out there for anyone who they don't think can contribute.  I must admit that project players like Boateng or Czyz rarely work out, for the learning curve is behind other kids.  Duke has, however, had success with role player types going all the way back to Brian Davis and Marty Clark for but two examples.

Brace yourself for a ride with two prospects.  Quincy Miller attended the Duke Elite Camp and he, indeed, likes the Devils as does a key member of his family.  Miller is a good interview in person and he has a great personality, but the recruiting game seems to get fun for these kids as they go along and anything they say until they are a rising senior should be taken with a grain of salt.  The longer this one goes on, the more familiar it will seem, meaning a little stress.  Still, Duke is right there for Miller at this time and there is a strong foundation with concerns to relations with the coaching staff.  I will be catching one of Miller's games soon and we will eventually talk with him.

Then there is JP Tokoto who loved the Duke Elite Camp but he grew up a UNC fan.  Tokoto sent signals that he may commit early, but that changed in a matter of days and he is now scheduled to visit UNC for the Duke game.  The Heels are coming on strong and will offer him as a junior.  Whether Duke decides to look elsewhere or pull back remains to be seen.  But they will surely send some feelers out there to gauge his interest.  If he is like PJ Hairston and the debacle Harrison Barnes, maybe Duke should broaden their options.  It's hard to imagine Duke wanting to go down to the wire again while other talented kids might be a better option.  Tokoto's stepfather likes Duke, but he also likes UNC.  This one promises to be, as I mentioned, stressful over time.

Duke has been keeping tabs on Trey Ziegler for a long time now and they are still checking him out, seeing him play recently.  There haven't been enough developments to take this much further at this time.

Duke will continue to watch Marshall Plumlee and Christ School as the new year comes in as well.

As for Brad Beal, he just had his mind set on Florida and he was simply unable to make visits due to family reasons. As things started looking good with Rivers, Duke pulled back on the reins with the talented Beal.

Let's talk about Olek Czyz for a minute.  The transfer is on good terms and he has already talked with Nevada but is looking elsewhere.  Czyz was rated in the top twenty players in his class by Clark Francis in perhaps one of the clearest cases of gurus rating players too high after a single AAU event.  Czyz, always a dunking machine, simply never got the rest of his game together.  He worked hard over the summer, but when given a chance he would miss assignments, causing a chink in the armor when he was on the court.  Duke will not miss Czyz and to make a lot out of the transfers of late is overreacting a bit.  Many never consider that kids may struggle in the classroom as well as the hardwood.  In short, Czyz leaves in good standing and simply wants to go to a school where he can start.  We wish him luck.

The staff is happy with this year's team and feel like they are in a good place for this time of the season.  Duke is now ranked seventh in both polls and their team defense has been a pleasant surprise.  Look for Duke to continue to play the bigs that produce while on the court.  Expect more development with Mason in the new year and Kelly has positioned himself with hard work to contribute more.  Duke is looking for consistency down low.

If Jon Scheyer continues his play he will push for not only All ACC honors but ACC POY and maybe even All American.  The staff is not worried about him wearing down, saying he is young and in the best shape of his life.

Some good news is that at this time the Duke feels Kyle Singler will return for his senior season.  Singler is enjoying the college life and it may be in his best interest to return in what could be a magical senior campaign.

Back to future Dukies, the staff is pleased with the development of Josh Hairston who is going against tougher comp this season.  The same holds true for Tyler Thornton.  We'll check in with both of these guys after Christmas and or the holidays.

Nate James checked out 7-1  Aziz Ndiaye JUCO from Southern Idaho.  Word is that this kid is a beast.  He also took in Carrick Felix, a 6-6 swing who is swift afoot.

When there is some real news or changes I will let you know without you having to ask daily if anything is different.  We'll talk to the kids and bring you our famous interviews, but until there are legitimate developments BDN decided not to bug these kids until after the holidays.  After all, they are all playing in tournaments galore and no matter what site you visit, they are saying nothing you haven't heard here a long time ago.  Sometimes, things are just a little slow and we have been facing that after Barnes' recruitment.  So hang in there and you will see what separates us from the rest as time goes on.   You have to keep in mind that Duke is in the midst of the season and sometimes it's good to enjoy the current team instead of always worrying about the future.  Okay, I will admit that only works for a awhile 😉  Happy Holidays to the Blue Devil Nation! [/private]