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Hoop Group Southern Invitational Interviews are on the way

Tyler Thornton - copyright BDNP
Tyler Thornton - copyright BDNP

As you all know by now, I have been off line for 72 plus hours due to a hard drive crash.  Is this where I say avoid Dell for they are not what they used to be?  Anyhow, I will spare you the rest of the gory details 🙂

I will have a lot of information coming from the Southern Invitational starting tomorrow.   No  more news on the John Wall front, but I do think [private] Brian Clifton likes what Duke offers, but I did not get the impression he was a major lean.  He did seem to want John to make sure of his decision and as I said he will go where he does by the blessing of his Mother.

You can read into that many ways, so let it play out a bit longer.  The talk of Kentucky leading could very well be true, but there is only one ball to go around with Meeks and Patterson eying the league by electing to come back.  The team which has gained ground is Florida.  Okay, enough on that for now, let's move on.

Quincy Miller mentioned Duke this weekend where he hasn't much before.  He also said that Coach K would be checking out one of his practices shortly.  Chris Spatola made contact recently, so Miller is on the radar.  I will have an interview with him shortly.

I will have an interview with Ryan Kelly some time this week as well.  I was to have called him back, but the hard drive issue halted everything.

CP-3 crushed Boo Williams in the championship game this weekend.  Reggie Bullock is the real deal and the Enloe duo which I will cover later this week was large in this game.  Boo was taken out of their game from the word go.

Boo Williams defeated DC Assault to get to that game, where Andre Dawkins scored 21 second half points after tallying 2 in the first half.   Tyler Thornton guarded him tightly before getting into foul trouble.  Josh Hairston was held to 3 points.

I will recap how each of these kids played in the coming days and break their game down for you.  Interviews with each one are coming as well.  Another player who had a 24 ppg average was Quinn Cook and we will hear from him and others. 

So, let me get settled in with a borrowed computer and I will start to churn out some information.  I'm truly sorry I couldn't update from the event this weekend.  We'll catch back up and show you why this site provides the best coverage around. [/private]

Recruiting Focus – DeMatha and D.C. Assault PG Quinn Cook

Quin Cook - BDN Photo
Quin Cook - BDN Photo

Last year, Quinn Cook, a 2011 prospect, lost his father, Ted, to a cardiac arrest. This year, the point guard led the legendary DeMatha high school program to a City Title in Washington (D.C.), including a one-point victory over Tyler Thornton and Gonzaga. During the AAU season, he is the engine for the D.C. Assault 16-and-Under team. In each of the last two weeks, Cook has almost single-handedly led his Assault team to the finals of the Pitt Jam Fest and the semi-finals of the King James Shooting Stars Classic, scoring 17 and 28 points, respectively. During the Pitt Jam Fest, Blue Devil Nation spoke with Quinn about winning the City Title, dealing with the death of his beloved father, and future Duke guard, Tyler Thornton.

Blue Devil Nation: How’s your recruiting going? Do you have any timeline for when you’d like to decide by? [private]

Quinn Cook: My timeline… I don’t really have one right now. If I feel that the time is right, I’ll just sit down with my mom, my AAU coach, and my high school coach about the decision.

BDN: So nothing really planned?

QC: No

BDN: What schools are after you right now? [private]

QC: North Carolina, Georgetown, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, and a couple of other ACC and Big East schools.

BDN: A lot of East Coast schools
QC: Right, right

BDN: Which of those schools have formally offered you?
QC: I’m not really sure right now. My coach…my high school coach, actually, has been handling that.

Blue Devil Nation: Whenever you do decide, what will be some of the most important factors in choosing your college?
Quinn Cook: Exposure, tradition, academics, of course, and just, like, a family atmosphere.

BDN: Have you made any visits yet?
I’ve visited Georgetown this fall and I planned on going to North Carolina, but I had an obligation I had at school. After all of this settles down, I’m going to go down there.

Where do you plan on going to camp?
QC: I’m really not sure at this point.

BDN: Who are some players that you try to emulate?
QC: I have my own style, but I really watch Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant.

Blue Devil Nation:
As a point guard, what style of play do you like to run?
Quinn Cook: Fast. I like to run up-and-down and keep going.

BDN: What do you feel you need to improve upon most?
QC: My strength and my foot speed. I want to work on a lot of things, but those are my main two that I have to work hard on.

What do you do best?
QC: I think my passing. I’m a pass-first point guard.

Blue Devil Nation: Now you play in a great high school league, but what are some of the differences that you’ve found between playing in the WCAC and playing AAU basketball?
Quinn Cook: The differences that I’ve seen are that the competition in high school is much more physical. Guys really get after it, but, in AAU, guys want to try to showcase their talent. I would say the high school competition is more aggressive, but the AAU is more better because it’s all-Americans out there.

Blue Devil Nation:
Can you talk about winning the City Title and particularly winning on a last second shot?
Quinn Cook: It’s great because it’ll go down in history. I mean you can be fifty years old and be back at high school and just …

BDN: You’ll always remember those guys and be able to share that time.
QC: Yeah, absolutely right.

BDN: What’s your current height and weight?
QC: I’m 6’1” and 175.

What’s your role going to be like next year?
QC: More of a leader and more of a distributor

Blue Devil Nation:
What’s your relationship like with Curtis Malone? A godfather?
Quinn Cook: Yeah, he’s like a godfather to me.

BDN: Who’s been the toughest player you’ve ever faced, either in high school or in AAU competition?
QC: Oh, wow, I’ve got to say, um, that’s tough. I’d say probably Samardo Samuels.

Blue Devil Nation
: Can you talk about some of the great point guards you’ve played with and against in the D.C. area? Guys like Markel Starks, Tyler Thornton, Josh Selby, Kendall Marshall.
Quinn Cook: That’s why I think the Washington metropolitan area is so strong because you’ve got point guards all over the place.

BDN: Your fellow D.C. Assault point guard Tyler Thornton was saying that the WCAC is like a mini-ACC.
QC: Yeah, everyday you’re going against elite competition

How would you assess your handle, your defense, and your overall shooting?
QC: My handle is okay and my D is something I need to work on. My three-point shooting is going well. My mid-range is good. It’s good.

Blue Devil Nation:
Since you didn’t mention them before, I’m not sure if I should ask you these next two questions, but what’s your impression of Duke from afar?
Quinn Cook: Oh, I love it. I mean my godbrother. I mean I’m very close with Nolan Smith.

BDN: Have you visited it?
QC: I mean I went a little bit, but...I love Nolan and I love Duke. They’re like one of my favorite schools. I’ll probably visit them when I go down there.

BDN: So you’d be open to them if them if they start recruiting you heavily?
QC: Oh, yes, of course…of course

What about Coach Krzyzewski?
QC: He’s a legend. I really want to have a pleasant meeting with him. I really respect him and what he’s done.

Blue Devil Nation:
For people that don’t know, you lost your father last year to a cardiac arrest and you wear an image of him on a shirt beneath your uniform. There is never a good time, but I lost my father recently too. It must’ve been devastating, particularly to lose him so unexpectedly.
Quinn Cook: It was very tough, but, you know, I just had to be there for my mother and my sister. I had to be there and, you know, Nolan talked to me. I had a lot of uncles and older friends help and step in.

Blue Devil Nation:
Can you give the audience a scouting report on Tyler Thornton and tell everybody what he’s like as a person?
Quinn Cook:
Like, off the court, he’s genuine and really, like, laid-back, but, you know, on the court, he’s just the opposite. He likes to get everybody going. He’s a very, very good player.

Blue Devil Nation:
What would you like the audience to know about you away from the court?
Quinn Cook: I like to text and to shop. I like to sit and watch movies with my mom.

Oh, yeah, what kind of movies do you like?
QC: Sports, action, comedies…pretty much everything except horror

BDN: I never liked horror either. Growing up, I always felt there’s too many actual scary things in the world to have to worry about.
QC: Yeah, yeah, true

Blue Devil Nation: Well, thank you very much, Quinn, and stay strong.
Quinn Cook: No problem. Thank you. [/private]


High School Hoops Edition No. 11

kelly-iiiRyan Kelly and Mason Plumlee are on a collision course as high school basketball play-offs are underway.  The two Duke commitments are the favorites to compete for the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association championship.  The Championship game is on Saturday February 28, 2009.

Ravenscroft defeated Cary Academy 70-46 to win the TISAC Conference Championship.  Ryan Kelly posted a double-double of 31 points and 10 rebounds.  He was named the TISAC Conference Player-of-the-Year for the second straight season.

Mason Plumlee scored 13 points and had a team high seven assists as Christ School defeated Spartanburg Day School 76-68 to advance to the CAA Conference Championship game.  On Saturday afternoon, Christ School won the championship with a 63-49 victory over Asheville Christian Academy.  Plumlee scored 11 points and blocked five shots.

Eric Bledsoe is a Class of 2009 point guard, from Birmingham, Alabama, whose name has recently surfaced as a Duke recruiting target.  Bledsoe scored 11 points and had five steals as Parker HS defeated Woodlawn 49-33.  Bledsoe was named the 5A Northeast Regional Most Valuable Player.

DeMatha defeated Gonzaga 68-65 on Friday night in Washington Catholic Athletic Conference play.  Quinn Cook scored 25 points in the victory.  Cook is a Class of 2011 point guard that is starting to draw rave reviews.  Duke commitment Tyler Thornton scored four points for Gonzaga.  In a game earlier in the week, Cook dropped 25 points on O'Connell in a 64-53 win.

Out in Iowa, the Ames Little Cyclones finished the regular season undefeated at 21-0.  Harrison Barnes scored 28 points as Ames defeated Des Moines Hoover 65-59 on Friday night.  Barnes recently visited Duke and took in the game against Carolina in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

2011 prospect Quinn Cook chats up the Blue Devil Nation

Quinn Cook is a pure point guard prospect in the class of 2011 who plays for Dematha H.S.  He has started to catch the eyes of some various schools with his

2011 prospect Quinn Cook - photo copyright BDNP
2011 prospect Quinn Cook - photo copyright BDNP

play of late.  Cook is recovering from a knee injury which cut short his AAU  season and is still regaining his mobility.  Cook pushed the ball up the floor and found his teammates in two games that the BDN covered this past month.

Here is yet another interview with a top notch prospect from Blue Devil Nation Premium.

If you have been sitting on the curb wondering whether you should subscribe, all you have to do is take a look at the premium content we provide on a consistent basis.

How are you?  I'm Mark Watson with Sports Nation Network.

Good!  Quinn Cook (Shaking hands) [private]

What happened to your knee?  (He was wearing a brace after getting dressed and coming out to talk)

I tore my meniscus in May in an AAU tournament, so I had surgery in June and I was forced to miss the whole summer.

You're moving pretty good considering that ...

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. (smiling)  We have a great training system at our school (DeMatha), so I go in the weight room and do leg extensions, squats ... I get in the pool sometimes or on a bike.

They were rotating you a lot late in the game, was that something to do with the game plan?

Yes.  It's all about offensive and defensive matchups.  We have a deep bench.

If somebody had never seen you play, how would you describe your game?

I'm a pass first point guard.  I try to get everybody involved and make sure they get their shots.

What is it like playing for a program like DeMatha?  Do you feel it prepares you for the college level?

Coach Jones, if you look at his history, he's put good players in the next level.  That's who I want to be, a player that goes to the next level.

Who is your favorite NBA player?

Kobe Bryant.  Yeah that's my man.

Did you follow any college programs growing up?

I never (paused for thought)  I never was a die hard fan for any college team.  I was just ... I always liked basketball.

Speaking of colleges, are they starting to show interest?

Mainly letters so far.  If I see a coach I will talk to them.

I noticed Oliver Purnell of Clemson and Duke assistant Nate James in the crowd tonight.  Would you have any interest in those kind of schools?

Yeah!  Duke ... Duke, Clemson, that's the best conference in the nation.

You're a young man who obviously has a long way to go ... how old are you?


Any idea when you will start to take the process seriously?

This spring and this summer. but I'm not going to commit early.

So, you want to make the right choice?

Right.  I have a couple of more years.

What kind of coach are you looking to play for?

One that likes to get up and down and has the resources to get me to the pros one day.  A coach I can get along with too -- a people person.

How tall are you now?


Do you feel like you are still growing?

Yeah, I got some big feet. (holding up his sneakers)

Oh yeah, you still have some sprout left ... so, do you want to play at a big school?

Big school, small school, it doesn't matter.  I want to cut down the nets at a school.  That's what I want to do.

What kind of grades do you have?

I have good grades, but I can always do better.

What three words best describes you as a person?

Kind, smart, caring.

What do you like off the court?

Computers and video games.

Have any schools been aggressive thus far?

Georgetown, Maryland, N.C. State, Florida State, Kansas, Syracuse ...

Are you still open to other schools?


What are your goals for the rest of the season?

To win a state championship.  We fell short last year by a game, so, you know ... that's still in my mind.

What do you feel like you need to work on?

Everything.  Mostly on my footwork due to the injury.

And you'll play AAU ball for ...

D.C. Assault  We have a new coach, Mike McGee.  He was a coach at Bishop O'Connell.

I appreciate your time and good luck the rest of the season.

Thanks a lot. [/private]