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Watzone’s Duke Basketball Notebook – Duke-UNC Alumni Game & Tantilizing Nuggets

Let's get it started in here! Cameron Indoor Stadium is the place to be Saturday as the Duke Basketball team opens the season against defending Division II National Champion Bellarmine.

Duke-UNC Alumni Game in the works

I have no details other than it is scheduled to take place on November 17th.  With the NBA lockout, this could be a loaded and fun even and we'll have more details in the near future, so stay tuned.

Who is Bellarmine?

Duke takes on Bellarmine in it's exhibition opener this Saturday at 7:00 in Cameron Indoor Stadium.  For those of you unfamiliar with the school located in Kentucky, they are the defending Division II National Champions.  In fact, they are the pre season favorite to repeat and are ranked number one by Sporting News.  They have two first team Division II All Americans in Jeremy Kendle and Jermey Hobbs and a couple of new players have been added to an already talented cast.  Coach K is going to schedule the best teams possible to prepare his team.

Have you noticed yet?

Duke opens the season with a very talented Belmont team who won 30 games a season ago and they return everybody who counts.  This will be a tough test for the younger Blue Devils in that they are a well disciplined team.  The game is schedule to tip off at 9:05 EST on Friday November 11th.  But have you noticed that Duke has another game on Saturday versus Presbyterian at 4:30?  That's one heck of a quick turnaround!  Both games will be televised by ESPNU and every Duke game this season is televised on some network as always.


I had a lot of questions on my Monday Musing article where I said the two Plumlee brothers, Kelly, Curry and Rivers would start.  What I meant to say were these are the five best players on this seasons team.  Andre Dawkins is right there and he may be in the lineup this week.  The key will be seeing which freshman can step up and provide depth for Duke will play a lot of them this season.

Speaking of freshman

Will there ever be a freshman that breaks Chis Duhons' record of 2.85-1 assist-turnover ratio? How about 51 dunks in their first season, a record held by Josh McRoberts?  Heck, how about Mike Gminki's 3.3 per blocks game when he was still 17 years old to start off his first year?  Johnny Dawkins is atop the list averaging 18.1 ppg as a frosh.  Bobby Hurley had 9, 10 assists games in his first year as well.  Now, we'll see where Austin Rivers makes his impact.

Michael or mom ... what's up?

There have been few players as troubled as Michael Beasley.  Now he is suing Curtis Malone, a man that reached out to him, took him off the streets if you will and allowed him to live in his home for five years.  Five years.  So, we are to think that Curtis Malone would allow him to stay in his home and mentor him for five years just to get hooks in place?  Please.  What a farce but it will be a newspapers dream to drag this one all over the place.  There is a long piece in the Washington Post and then there is this From Yahoo Sports.

Tony Parker

The big man from Georgia will be on the Duke campus with his family this weekend.  Duke and Coach K have stayed the course with Tony and it could well pay off.  Parker is a key prospect for the Blue Devils and one they stayed true to turning other big name prospect away to court him.  Maybe, their faith will pay off with an eventual verbal.

Mitch McGary

In case you have been out of the country and missed it, Mitch McGary will choose between Duke, Florida and Michgan next week.

BDN Monday Musings – Tony Parker visit, Duke opens with Bellarmine, rotations and more

Monday Musing's Duke Cheerleader of the Week

It's been some kind of busy around here of late and we'd have it no other way.  Of course, there will come a time when dual basketball and football coverage will take a toll  in that at BDN we try and cover it all.  This week is yet another exciting one for Duke fans and we discuss that further in this weeks Monday Musings -

This time they play somebody else

Trust me when I say that the Duke Men's Basketball team is ready to take on somebody besides themselves and on Saturday it all begins. The Blue Devils will tip it off against Bellarmine at 7 p.m. this Saturday and all eyes will be on how Coach Mike Krzzyzewski uses his rotation.  Our guess is that the brothers Plumlee will start alongside Ryan Kelly with Austin Rivers and Seth Curry in the backcourt.  But we also think you will see as many as four more players crack the starting rotation at some point this season.  Duke has to take full advantage and advance in the two exhibition game in that their opener against Belmont is no walk in the park.  Belmont returns everybody off a 30 plus win NCAA Tournament team, so this is in no way a gimme game even in Cameron Indoor Stadium.  Anyhow, expect varying analogies after the game on Saturday but if you've been following BDN, you already know what to expect.

Who will step up?

Duke is looking for players to step up and the question is who is really in the mix?  Alex Murphy has drawn the praise of Coach in practices with his on court smarts, but will he stand up physically against the likes of UCLA , Memphis or Kansas in Maui?  Michael Gbinije can do a lot of things well on both side of the ball but can he take a leap forward and be aggressive? Andre Dawkins is surely in the lineup, probably the sixth man, but can he be consistent when not jacking the threes?  Quinn Cook?  He looked great in the Blue-White game, but some say he has struggle in practice at times.  Can Cook find a way to claim the keys to the ship at some point in the season?  Tyler Thornton is not as exciting an offensive player but he is a solid on ball defender and hard worker, so will this be enough to gain him valuable minutes?  Josh Hairston is openly called the fourth big by coaches but will he too take advantage of his time on the court and take another leap forward?  Duke needs no less that two or three of these guys to contribute so it'll be interesting thing to watch and see who takes the bull by the horns and makes themselves a contributor.

Tony Parker is in town

Duke has been recruiting Tony Parker for a long time now and Coach K has made it clear to him that he is their choice.  His recruitment has taken a lot of turns with comments and such, but it now appears that Parker is realizing the opportunity that is at hand and that he is in rare air being coveted by the nations top coaching staff.  Coach K loves Parkers hands and sees him as a perfect fit in the Blue Devils system.  Coach Capel would help Wojo work with him to make him a great big before he leaves Duke.  There is no reason to feel anything but positive about the Blue Devils chances with big Tony who wants to make a choice before his high school season starts.  And for those with a scorecard the open signing period is from November the 9th to the 16th.  Rasheed Sulaimon will send his LOI in, the question is who else will?

All quiet on McGary front

Nobody really knows where Mitch McGary stands at this time but Duke fans are hoping he waits to cast his lot until he plays in Cameron Indoor Stadium in the N.C. Pro Am Clash in Cameron.  That's right!  My friends at the NC Pro Am are now a sponsor and I look forward to working with them to promote the event that features Jabari Parker and Jahlil Okafor.  And yes, we really will get to the update on the event soon.  I did say things had bee crazy around here, didn't I?

Some of our cheeleaders pics can be found on the Blue Devil Nation Open Group Facebook page- BDN Photo by Rick Crank

Valiant second half effort by football team

Almost.  I know we all want wins but Duke has at least put itself in a position where a couple of plays could have meant a 5-2 mark instead of 3-4.  Fans need to think back when they had that opportunity before and support the program.  The guys need the support and you know what?  Almost all of them return and they will learn by the adversity faced as will the staff.  We in no way have jumped off the bandwagon and neither should you.  Duke takes on Virginia Tech this weekend in Wallace Wade and it is a great time for fans to take in the Saturday double header with basketball.

Facebook Page

Blue Devil Nation has an open group Facebook page that we are just starting to refine.  We have put a ton of pictures up from Countdown to Craziness, so join us today.  The open group means you can download Duke Photo's, converse and even place links.  So help us out Blue Devil fans and le't see your pride. Here is the link to Facebook page.


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Blue Devils visit Parker, McGary on the agenda as well in our latest update

Just yesterday, Coach Mike Krzyzewski visited 6-9 Tony Parker, one of the Blue Devils long time targets.  Krzyzewski has been pro active with Parker for better than a year now and he's leaving no doubt that he is and has been a prime target,  Parker has some of the best hands you'll see on a big man and he of course, eats up a lot of space in the paint.  He has the opportunity to follow in the foot steps of similar past Duke alumni in Carlos Boozer, Shelden Williams and Elton Brand, all of whom are still balling in the NBA.

Today, Krzyzewski and company continue their trek when he will drop in on Brewster Academies Mitch McGary.  The young budding star is another player the Blue Devils staff covets and one whom they are making sure knows their desire to see him rocking rims in Cameron Indoor Stadium.  While some are saying that McGary is a Michigan lean, he said himself in the recent Jason Jordan's ESPN Blog that he didn't really know where he wanted to go yet.  We tend to believe him and why not?  McGary is not a kid that has been deceptive in his recruiting process to date and he is a young man with several schools making a hard play at him.

The Blue Devils will not be finished with the McGary visit.  Three other key prospects are on the agenda.  [private] Duke will also drop in on Nerlens Noel, the human fly swatter of a defender that is close to reclassifying.  Had the Blue Devils been aware of that possibility, which maybe they were late like everyone else, you would have seen them more active.  Coach Wojo visited Noel last week and Coach K will take a look at him today.  Noel is the best defender I've seem come down the pike in quite a while, altering games and or should I say shots all by himself, getting into the heads of his opponent.

On Wednesday, Coach K will head west to see the nations top rated prospect in Shabazz Muhammad.  I have told you all along that the Blue Devils would hang in this one until the end and that has payed off.  Duke has a legitimate chance of landing Muhammad at the midnight hour and this is because of the relationship that has developed between Krzyzewski and the star prospect.  UCLA is right there two and I personally feel it might come down to these two schools.  Still, never count out Kentucky for they have time and time again sold kids on their, pardon the pun, one year program.  Muhammad is a one and done kind of player and all involved know that.  UCLA  once selling him that he could be "the man," in Hollywood, now has to alter that a little bit with Kyle Anderson in the fold.  Most feel Muhammad would like to play with Anderson but there are a few who feel he might not.  Only time will tell on this one and be patient for this one will go on until the very last minute.

The Blue Devils will drop in on Julius Randle as well, a kid that they feel can like Parker, take on the role of a paint eater.  Randle is a stud bull in the paint, unafraid of any comer.  During the summer circuit, he more often than not took it to older opponents as a Texas Titan where he plays with Matt Jones, another Duke prospect coming to Countdown to Craziness.  It's pretty awesome that Randle and Jabari Parker are seriously considering Duke and as I have said before, I feel Duke is in good shape with Parker and for that matter Randle.

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Duke Basketball Recruiting Updates

Duke hopes to have Matt Jones and Julius Randle come to Countdown to Craziness

The Duke University Men's Basketball staff has been and is currently still on the recruiting trail and there are lots of updates on Blue Devil Nation Premium, our subscription based service.  Come on inside and discuss the latest happenings and be made well aware who is receiving those visits and how they are going.  It's a great time to join BDN Premium! We want you to be a part of the most Dukecentric subscription site on the planet.  And not to worry, we will still have plenty of free stuff for all!  Go Duke!

BDN Premium talks with Duke prospect Tony Parker

When it comes to big physical big men in the 2012 high school recruiting class, not many are bigger and stronger than Georgia big man Tony Parker. Parker has long been on the Blue Devils wish list for 2012 recruits to try and get that bruising cog to man the middle. Parker, who stands 6’9 and 260lbs, has had the Blue Devils high on his list for as long as many remember. However, many Duke fans are struggling to fully emerge themselves into the twisting and turning of Parker’s recruitment. In recent interviews Tony hasn’t exactly made glowing comments about Duke, but they haven’t been comments that fans would like to hear. The Duke brass has showed Tony plenty of film on former Blue Devils Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer, and Shelden Williams to display their use of big men and what they can achieve when they commit to play for the storied program. Whether the perception of Duke being a guard school is right or wrong, the Blue Devils have to consistently combat that view to land that low post bruiser that fans have long been clamoring for. BDN got a chance to briefly speak with the highly touted big man and get some of his thoughts.

BDN: How was it playing against the pro’s in the Elite 24?

TP: It was good. It was fun. But you know we play against pro’s back home in Atlanta, they’re local pro’s, but playing against pro’s from all over was cool. You know they had top draft picks, it was fun.

BDN: Most difficult aspect?

TP: It was just, you know, their moves are so quick and they’re real controlled. It’s just really playing defense. It’s not about scoring, everybody out here can score, it’s just playing defense.

BDN: What’s [private] their advantage that puts them where they are?

TP: Obviously you know their bodies, the way they play and how strong they are. How quick they are on their feet, it’s a real big difference.

BDN: How does it feel to be selected to the Elite 24?

TP: You know it’s a great experience to be selected to the Elite 24. I’m really happy for me and my family to be able to watch me on TV and everybody just coming out to support us is real cool.

BDN: Did you have a toughest opponent you played against?

TP: Probably Derrick Williams.

BDN: What official visits will you be taking soon?

TP: I should be taking one on September 9th to Ohio State, October 15th to probably either Georgetown or Memphis.

BDN: Have you figured out a schedule yet for Duke?

TP: I haven’t set that up yet but I’ll probably set that up soon.

BDN: Some say you've cooled on Duke.  Is that the case for it seems you mention other schools more often these days.

TP:  Not really.  They've been in my top 3 from the start, so ...

BDN: Do you have a front runner?
TP: I mean, I like Memphis and Ohio State a lot, but they're all about equal right now.

BDN: What are you ultimately looking for when you make your decision?

TP: I’m just going to be looking for an all around good school, some place to play, some place where they have a good basketball atmosphere, and a great place to just have fun. A place that has good guys and good coaching.

BDN: What is important with concerns with a coach?

I just want somebody that has a good track record and gets along with his players.  I mean a lot of things will go into my decision but the coach is a big part of it.  I want somebody I can talk and relate to.

BDN: Are you waiting to see where other prospects go before deciding?

TP: No, not really.  I mean, it could have some bearing. [/private]

Duke Basketball Team and Recruiting Update – BDN has the skinny

BDN's team and recruiting updates have been a hit and the format is now being copied by others, but there is nothing like the original.  We are currently running a special for first time members.  A yearly membership can be had for $85.00, a 15.00 savings.  Our 6 month and 3 month options have been reduced as well and we now offer a monthly rate.  Okay, on to our latest update -

With the Duke Basketball team in China, recruiting has temporarily taken a backseat, but that doesn't mean the Blue Devils haven't been active.  With concern to 2012, the picture is quite clear in that Duke has focused in on the players they covet.  BDN Premium takes a look at those targets and gives you an idea of how their recruitment will proceed.

As I have stated before, Duke will ride the Shabazz Muhammad train until the very end.  He visited UCLA recently and our belief is that it is now a [private]two team race between the favored Bruins and the Blue Devils.  I am sure he'll mention Kentucky and UNLV as well once a decison is made.  No timeline has been set but it wouldn't surprise us if he made a decision sooner rather than later.  We are hoping for later for that favors Duke and their effort to get another visit.  With a player of Muhammad's stature, you keep your name in the hat and hope for the best.

Stud big man Mitch McGary recently trimmed his list of schools and Duke made the cut.  Duke feels like they've developed a good relationship with his parents and that is always a positive.  This one will be quite a battle down the stretch but the Blue Devils are sure to get a visit before anything else happens.  I think this one will go on for a bit.

I was disappointed in the knee jerk reaction that some Duke fans had with the recent Alex Poythress situation, but both parties have overcome any misunderstanding.  Don't get me started on fan interactions on Twitter ...  Poythress is down to Duke and Vanderbilt in my opinion and a visit is in the works when the Blue Devils return.  If a team sneaks in, it'll be Kentucky where he is visiting this weekend. Poythress is thrilled by the offer and I think we have a very good shot at landing him.  There is some ground to be made up but Duke is quite a name and playing for Coach K is an honor,

In regards to Perry Ellis, well, Duke never offered him but he continued to list them.  Duke was okay with that and he was a fall back option but he probably wondered where the interest was and dropped Duke.  Ellis never played well in front of Krzyzewski and I think they feel Poythress is more athletic.  They think a lot of Ellis but Duke is going to take their chances with the big four in 2012.

That brings us to Tony Parker.  Who knows what Tony will do.  I don't think he knows what he will do.  His parents want Duke and he wants Memphis and he seemingly may have fallen for all the anti Duke rhetoric.  At the same time, it would be ill advised for Duke to jump ship and the aforementioned knee jerk reactions by fans would work against efforts.  Duke will see if Tony comes around and there is a chance.  You have to remember, Duke has been on his list from the very start and they have been mentioned in his top three with Ohio State and the Tigers.

In an ideal world, Duke would likely settle on McGary and Shabazz and wrap it up.  But they will take any combination of the guys I have listed and all of the players I have mentioned want to visit Duke.  The Blue Devils will set their strategy for visits upon their return form China and Dubai.

The offer to Bronson Koenig caught many off guard.  The bottom line is that  Coach K liked him and thinks he is a winner and a combo guard.  Yeah, I know his team didn't win a game when Andrew watched, but who can argue with Coach?  I mean look how Rasheed Sulaimon and Michael Gbinije blew up after Duke got their verbal.  Wisconsin leads for Koenig but Duke is working on a visit and feel they can make up ground.

How will the offer to Koenig effect Matt Jones?  Duke sees Jones as wing-three point specialist.  It helps that he can drive the ball but he still needs work on getting his shot off in traffic.  Duke is losing Andre Dawkins and Seth Curry, so these two shooters firepower would be welcomed in 2013.  Jones will visit Countdown to Craziness and Duke expects the list to grow as the event nears.

Duke will stick with Jabari Parker in a big way and I still think they have a fantastic shot of landing this all around phenom.  The Blue Devils will look to Julius Randle as well but depending on who they end up with in 2012 could change this.  We mentioned a lot of other guys in our last update and very little has changed.  I can tell you that a lot of 2013 kids impressed the staff during the open period.

When the team hits the court in China, all the guys will get some serious minutes.  The hope is that the cream will rise to the top.  Duke will also name their captains after the trip and my thinking is that it will come from Curry, Kelly and a Plumlee.  For the record, Curry is more vocal and outgoing in interviews and he talking more on the court as well.  BDN will talk with some of the players via Skype [phone], so we'll have those updates coming.   Members can discuss this update on our premium message board.  Remember, registration is separate for the board.  Once you have registered and we confirm your payment you'll be approved.[/private]