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BDN Exclusive -One on one with Duke prospect Tyler Adams

Tyler Adams offered by Duke
"I like to bang," Tyler Adams

BDN told you last week that Duke offered BF Tyler Adams a physical prospect out of Mississippi.  Now, we allow you to get to know him in his own words via our most recent interview for our subscribers.  It's a great time to join Blue Devil Nation Premium for recruiting is red hot despite Duke concentrating on Purdue in their sweet 16 match up.  Join now and get all the behind the scenes action. Check out our in depth interview with Carrick Felix as well and then talk about the latest happenings with fellow members on our private message board which has the most rational discussion of any subscription site.  Follow the links to join and gain full site access, you'll be glad you did.  Back to Adams, who is quick to tell you that he loves physical play and that's his kind of game.  He also goes into how, well, read it for yourself -

Describe your game in your own words?

I'm a real physical post player, I like to bang and  I like to play with back to the basket but I stay with my limits around the blocks on offense.  And then, I think I'm a good rebounder.

Who has offered you to date?

Duke, Mississippi State, Alabama, Clemson and Michigan.

Who do you pattern your game after?

I try to play like Tim Duncan, but really there's not too many guys  I can pattern my game after now days because a lot of people don't like to bang.

What are you looking for in a school?

A school that really loves me and [private] a good program I can get into.

Will you play for the Jackson Tigers on the AAU circuit again this season?

Yeah, yeah.

When the time comes, who will help you make your decision?

My family and my AAU coaches ... Coach Wade  and Coach Stamps and my  high school coach,  Coach Boyles.

I understand that Duke offered you recently?

Yeah, Duke offered.

Who have you been talking with at Duke?

I talked to Coach James and Coach K.

What did you think of Coach K?

He's Coach K, you know.  He's one of the best.

What about Nate James?  Is he the assistant you talk to there?

He's a pretty good guy.  We're starting to develop a relationship.  I like him a lot.

Without telling too much or anything personal, what did Coach K have to say?

Well, he called to offer.  We just talked about what type of player I am and the things I need to work on and just life in general.  He's easy going, easy to talk to.

Has Coach K seen you play?

Coach James saw me on the circuit [AAU] last year at the Reebok All American Camp and he looked at me at the Peach Jam.  coach K has seen me on film and he wants to see me this summer.

When would you like to make a decision on where you'll play college basketball?

I kind of want to make a decision before the summer is over.

Were you surprised to hear from Coach K?

Yeah, yeah, yeah I was.  It kind of surprised me that a school like Duke offered me.

What other schools do you like?

I like Mississippi State, Alabama and Memphis you know.  But uh, they're not a school like Duke though.


I visited Memphis when Calipari was there.

Which schools have been recruiting you the longest?

Mississippi State and Alabama, Clemson too.

Have you developed any relationships with them?

Yeah, some, they're all pretty good.

Have you been on any unofficial visits?

Yeah, Calipari and Memphis and Alabama.

Where do you see yourself playing or fitting  in college?

I can see myself being a back to the basket five, but my game should be something like a forward, but probably a five in college.

What do you feel like you need to work on the most in order to improve your as a player?

My turnaround jumper and getting in better condition right now.

Are you watching the NCAA tournament?

Yeah, yeah, I'm still watching.  Since Duke is recruiting me, I kind of hope they make it far but I just like Tennessee though.  They're not recruiting me but I like the way they play.

Who is your favorite NBA player?

Amare Stoudamire. Yeah, yeah.  He's my favorite player

And when you're chilling of the court?

I just hang out with friends and go out to eat a lot, you know ... movies, games, things like that.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I played football in the ninth grade, but football use to be my favorite sport but I stuck with basketball because I was being highly recruited.

Are schools trying to set up visits with you?

Yeah, yeah they have.  I'm starting to set up some stuff.

Anything with Duke yet?

They want me to come there in June.

Thanks for your time Tyler.  Good luck with your eventual decision and maybe I look forward to catching you play this summer.

Yeah, thank you. [/private]