Brandon Connette will have an expanded role in 2011

Duke Football will run two different packages this season when on offense and Brandon Connette is looking forward to showing off his improved passing skills.  Connette, of course, is known as a runner and he is not afraid of contact and perhaps even invites it.  Connette recently took a vicious hit from Matt Daniels  in practice and many on lookers wondered if he'd been knocked out for the season.  Not Connette.  He's doing just fine and looking forward to suiting up against Richmond in the Blue Devils home opener this Saturday.

You took a brutal shot from Matt Daniels in a recent scrimmage.  It looked concerning at the time.  How are you feeling now?

It feels fine now and I have been going full speed and through the contact drills, so it is not an issue.

You have a very aggressive style of play and love running the football. As a quarterback, how do you compensate to protect your body?

Yeah, I mean, I am not looking to save my body and when I am in the game it is sometimes like third and short and you just have to lower your shoulder and get that first down.  As far as my body, I will never shy away from a hit and just take it on.

Coach Cutcliffe has said he'll run two packages on offense.  What can we expect when Brandon Connette is on the field this season?

I think you can expect more than you could from last season.  Last year, I for the most part just ran the ball and we were successful with it, but not as much so if I were ready to throw the ball,  This year, I am a lot farther ahead as a passing quarterback so it will definitely expand the package.

Duke has dropped their last two outings at home against Richmond, is that something that gets the team up for the game?

The last  two games against Richmond?  We're not looking at that.  We are looking at the team we'll play this Saturday.  They have a good ball club, no doubt about it.  There is a reason they are at the top of their league every year.  If we can execute the way we want to, we'll come out ahead.