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BDN talks to Josh Hairston about his visit to Duke


Josh Hairston uses the glass to his advantage during the NBAPA's Top 100 Camp

Blue Devil Nation Premium talked to Josh Hairston about his visit to Duke on Tuesday.  In fact, our members knew of a pending offer before that time.  The Hairston article is our latest offering in what is shaping up to be one hot summer.  Our premium message board is abuzz with information and it will become clear to new members, that this site stays a step ahead of the rest.  Here is what has gone up on BDN Premium since Sunday -

- in the latest addition of our infamous General Update, we clued members in to Dawkins offer and ones to come. 

- an interview with Josh Hairston from the NBAPA before his trip to Durham, which whetted the appetites of our members.

- then we put up an exclusive one on one with 09 prospect Jamil Wilson.   Again, from the NBAPA Top 100 Camp.

- we followed that with another exclusive with 09's Terrell Vinson who was named the best all around player at the event.

- then we got some great comments from big Nate Lubick, a star on the rise.

- we reported from the NBAPA, as it happened, even cluing people in that Kenny Boynton would be named the MVP before the tip off of the championship game.

- add a follow up interview with Josh Hairston last evening.  He had some really nice things to say about his Duke visit.

Oh, and there is more to come.  We already have interviews with the following prospects on tap.  We'll start with Kenny Boynton Jr.  Then there is Brandon Knight and ... well, we will have to keep the other names on the inside for now, for the competition will surely try and make that information their own.  I can tell you that there are five more interviews with Duke prospects which we will be churning out over the next few days.

So, come on in and join Blue Devil Nation Premium!


Nate Lubick is high on Duke and holds a bevy of offers

This season's NBAPA Camp provided me my second opportunity to see Nate Lubick.  He showed a solid knowledge for the game and got up and down the court with ease.  He likes to float out, but is capable of banging when necessary.


"I like to workout.  That's pretty much my life right now," said Lubick when asked what he liked to do.  He went on to say that he took advantage of the summer months and AAU ball.  Lubick plays for the New England Playaz, which of course has Florida commitment Erik Murphy.  They are also teammates at Southbrough High.

He will be going to Cincinnati for the Take Five Adidas event, and Augusta, South Carolina for the Peach Jam.  Lubick will also attend the Joe Brown Memorial in New Jersey and then head to Vegas and Los Angeles to wrap it all up.

I asked him about playing with Murphy and he said it was a good experience and that the two were friends.  "My Dad is our high school coach.  It's a little different growing up with the program and seeing guys go to D-1 school," said Lubick.

He still has a lot of schools he is considering and stated, "I want to get a really good feel for the schools recruiting me.  I haven't cut my list down as of yet and everybody has been really good to me."

One of the important things for Lubick is his comfort level with people and getting to know the coach.  "It's just got to be a good overall fit.  Education is probably the biggest thing," said the 2010 prospect.  He continued saying Wake Forest was the only small school looking at him and that they had just gotten involved recently.

Virginia, UCLA, Michigan and Georgetown were named as being in contact the most by Lubick.  These teams appeared to be among the leaders, he then told me that he would take his five allotted official visits.

I asked him to describe his game to those who haven't seen him play and he said, "I'm versatile.  I play the wing more in AAU, but they have me playing down low here which is fine."  I can do a little bit of everything and try to play harder than anybody.  I try to use a high basketball IQ and try to make the play when I can."

I then turned his attention to the fact that his Dad was the coach and asked him if it was at times difficult.  "It was a little bit the first season, but this past year was much better.  It's a little weird to have him screaming in my face at practice and then go home and eat dinner with him," said Lubick.

He will try out for the USA team (2009) which travels to Europe.  He said Favors, who will go out for the 2008 Team USA was the toughest player he had played against and that named  Xavier Henry as far as the NBAPA Camp was concerned.

I then asked him of his Triangle visits and whether the Dukes and UNC's of the world had been in contact.  "Duke is definitely in it.  They are really high up there for me," said Nate.  While Duke has not been in constant touch of late, it didn't bother Lubick.  "Coach K is really busy with the Olympics, but I do talk to Coach Collins a lot."  He continued, "I talked to Wojo at first and then Coach Collins took over.  He's a real good guy, one of the best I have dealt with.  He told me that they didn't really look at guys until they were juniors."

He then said, "They have said that I will be a priority in their future recruiting and that they had seen a lot of me.  Coach K came to my high school to see us play.  I did talk to him and he said I needed to solidify what position I like to play.  He sees me as a wing, but likes the stuff I do inside."

Finally, I asked him a BDN staple question, which was to give me three words to best describe him as a person.  He said, "Smart, loyal and humble,"  I said, speaking of smart, how are your grades.  "They're very good.  St, Mark's is one of the hardest schools there is.  I have an A and four B's."

Lubick showed a baby hook during the tournament and a lot of hustle.  It was clear that he has a basketball IQ and he will only get better.  There is no doubt that the big kid with a bushel of offers might be seeking on from Duke.  Time will tell on this one and he is certainly a prospect worth keeping an eye on.[/private]

DeCourcy on Coach Krzyzewski

Mike DeCourcy discusses Coach Krzyzewski's tenure as USA National team coach and he communicates some very positive thoughts, but he implies Duke has paid a bit of a price.  Specifically, DeCourcy talks about Coach K working with the National team, during the month of July, when other coaches are attending tournaments and camps in pursuit of the best high school prospects.  On the positive side, DeCourcy calls last season one of Coach Krzyzewski's most impressive coaching performances.

Terrell Vinson talks recruiting

Terrell Vinson always plays well at the NBAPA Camp.  The bottom line is that he lacks explosiveness around the rim or on drives, but he makes up for a lot with desire and playing within his abilities.  No matter how you cut it, Vinson gets it done.

[private]Now, there was one game where he goose egged, but he came back with back to back 17's and keep in mind they split time and play against the best.  Vinson has a nice outside shot and hits the board with good positioning.  He maintains a good attitude at all times and works hard, utilizing free time to take extra ball handling skills.

I have no doubt that Vinson likes Duke and oddly, his teammate was Jamil Wilson.  Here is a one on one with a good player.

Terrell Vinson class of 2009

So, what have you been up to lately?

I've been working out with my school a lot.  Right now we are 0-2 and I want to turn this around.  I've been into some of my teammates to play harder.

In your opinion, is the level of competition better this year?

It's basically the same.  There are good players.  I have become accustomed to playing here and know what to expect.

Have you visited any of the schools?

I've visited Villanova and plan on visiting Georgetown.  I plan to take some more visits in August.  I did see Duke with my team.

How about a school list?

The top four are the same.  Villanova, Georgetown, Duke, Memphis and Loyola Marymount has been pushing hard too.

You have two Big East Schools and one ACC.  Which style of play best fits you?

I'm planning on going to Maryland next week too.  Either conference provides great basketball.

So, Villanova is not the leader?

I like them, they've been on me for the longest, but I am still open and want to review my options.

I talked with Tristan Spurlock and he said the two of you weren't happy at your school ...

That's just Spurlock.  Everybody knows how he is.  There's nothing to that. (rolling his eyes) No.

How have you played so far?

I've played okay.  I don't care if I put up forty or fifty points.  That's not important, I just want to win.

Do you have a timeline for a decision?

Well, I want to see some schools ... see the area and style of living and then just sit down after gathering some information and think about it.  I'm looking for a school that has a good opportunity for me.

What kind of coach do you want to play for?  Do you want somebody like a brother a friend, someone who'll push you ...

I want to be pushed but have a relationship as well.

How are your grades?

My grades are good.  They came out strong in the fourth quarter.

Do you have an SAT score ... GPA?

It's a 2.9 or 3.0.  I took the tests and all went well.  I thought it was going to be super hard, but it wasn't really that hard.

Which coaches have been pro active in your recruitment?

Coach Wright really, really, really wants me, but others are coming on strong.  Gary Williams is pushing hard lately.

Has Wright told you how he might use you in his program?

He said he sees me as a 2, 3.  He wants to develop me to play three positions.


They've been on me almost as long as Villanova.  They want me as a 2-3.

Hearing from Duke?

Oh yeah.  I've talked with Coach Wojciechowski and he says they like me a lot, but I haven't heard from Coach K.  I've talked to John Thompson and Coach Wright, but I haven't talked to Coach K.  I'd like to talk to him, I wish he'd call.  I've been looking for them to call me.  They tell me that they like but ...  I know he doesn't call players a lot and he has Team USA duties.  We'll see, I guess.

Loyola Marymount!  That's a long ways from home ...

Yeah, but I use to being away,  I'm from the DC-Metro area, but have no problem going anywhere.  I am use to being away from home.

You're on the USA Basketball list, right?

Yeah. That'll be a great experience.  It starts the very first day of July.

So, is the talent better this year or last year? (NBAPA)

Um, there's more young guys, but it's almost the same.  There's some good guys out there, some of the young ones too.  I have been playing well with Lorenzo out of Portland.  We've hit it off a bit.  We lost our first two games by 2 and 3.  I just want to turn this thing around.  I don't like losing.

So, who will help you make your choice?

Definitely my parents, but they will leave the final decision to me.[/private]