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Future Blue Devils Kyrie Irving and Josh Hairston make Team USA squad

Austin Rivers joins Kyrie Irving and Josh Hairston on Team USA. Prospects Quincy Miller and Amir Williams also made the team - BDN Photo

Two future Duke Blue Devils were named to the Team USA U-18 roster earlier this afternoon.  Duke's point guard of the future Kryie Irving and Virginia native Josh Hairston  were named to the final roster after participating in the trials.

"When I heard my name it was a big relief, just the amount of talent that was out here and to just represent your country was big time. Everybody who came to the tryouts could have been on this team, everybody from the top to the last person on the list was very talented. I think the coaches put together the best 12 guys that meshed together and play well together so it’s an honor to be a part of that," said Hairston.

Hairston, who was not too happy when his name was not called out for the McDonald's All American and Jordan Brand All Star games, went into the trials with something to prove.

"I wanted to show the coaches I could rebound, that I could talk on defense, that I could run the floor and that I could be a leader. One of the things my dad told me before I came out here was to just go out there and work my hardest and that’s what I did," stated the future Dukie.

Kyrie Irving a will share the point guard duties with Abdul Gaddy and the experience should provide him with some great experience. "We’ve been working hard for about two-and-a-half days so coming out here and performing the way I did, I’m really proud of myself and all the guys that made it. We have a very talented team and we’re going for the gold." said Irving.

Kyrie Irving will be dribbling on Coach K Court in a Duke uniform next season, but first, there is a stop with Team USA. BDN Photo

Irving also mentioned that he was the youngest player on the court. "That’s going to be primary role next year is to be a leader on that team along with Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler, so just being a leader and being a point guard.
It will definitely help me. I’m the youngest player here; I’m playing with an older group. These are great players, competitive players, and it’s going to help me take my game to a whole another level."

Three Duke prospects also made the final roster.  Duke is all over Austin Rivers who made the team and is considered by many as a strong Duke lean.  When asked what he brought to the table, Rivers stated," I would say I bring leadership as someone you can count on in a game. Whatever you need me to do, I can do it. If you need me to score, I can score. If you need me to try to get someone the ball, I can get someone the ball. I’d say a little bit of everything. Whatever you need me to do, I’ll do it."

Quincy Miller of Quality Academy in Winston Salem and Detroit standout Amir Williams will join the future Dukies and Rivers on the team.

It’s a privilege to be named to the USA team. This is a great experience, a great time for me to go out and represent my country. It’s going to be a wonderful experience for me to play for this team, said Miller who list Duke and Kentucky on his list of schools.

BDN will follow Team USA closely in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more as the team prepares for play.

The latest on Duke Basketball Recruiting from BDN Premium

Everybody wants to know whats up with Austin Rivers - BDN Photo

BDN takes a look at how things are going on the recruiting front in our latest detailed update.  If you want to know who the Blue Devils are seriously interested in and their likely strategy, read on.  Join BDN Premium for full site access and be there every step of the way as we cover every major AAU event as warm weather rolls in.  At BDN, we focus in on the players you want to hear about by concentrating only

A lot of talk surrounds Austin Rivers these days, [private] but nothing has really changed.  Duke expects to sign Rivers by the end of summer but as I have stated numerous times, the decision could come sooner and maybe, just maybe, even later.  The bottom line is that Duke has a significant lead and that has been the case throughout the threads which total 50,000 views collectively where people hang on every little blip on the radar.  My suggestion is to sit back and relax and allow this to happen for it is on pace.  The Rivers camp will not make any kind of move until the NBA playoffs are over and that could be in July if they keep winning.

Duke recently reached out to Anthony Davis, a top notch prospect from Chicago, Krzyzewski's old stomping grounds.  They will be taking a good long look at him once they are allowed to take in events.  Andrew and myself will be sure to keep a eye out for him as we get to know him better together.  With a busy AAU tournament schedule coming up, we see no reason in calling him before we see him play.

The Duke staff will also continue to evaluate players they've developed early relationships with. Among those will be Quincy Miller, Marshall Plumlee and Amir Williams. The Blue Devils will be looking at other players as well to see who emerge as the humid days of summer give way to September.

Duke will continue to recruit Miller while look at others as well. BDN Photo

One of the questions I often get is how may players does Duke look to sign in 2011.  The answer is that number could vary from three to five.  Duke is happy having steady swingman Michael Gbinije and ever improving Tyler Adams in the fold and they of course want Austin Rivers as well.  The fourth and fifth guys would come into play of Duke experiences a mass exodus to the NBA.  That is a pretty good possibility for Mason Plumlee and Kyrie Irving could join Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith in the first round.  If Duke somehow defends the title this is almost certain to happen but we all know how hard that is.  Regardless, Duke will have a target on on their backs again in that they are the likely pre season number one team in the country.  Duke will only sign a guard in 2011 if Irving or Curry leave.

The great thing about winning the national championship is that Duke can once again be selective and with another banner season seemingly coming, the Blue Devils will remain hot and in the spotlight.  That means they'll take their time with a bevy of names that will grow in the coming months.   We told you last summer that Duke assistants loved Alex Murphy's game and he is a hot name at the moment, but Coach K needs to check out his game.  Shabazz Muhammad has impressed them immensely.  It helps that the Team USA training facility is where Duke can keep a close eye on the talented Vegas native.  While some would have you think J.P. Tokoto is already a Tar Heel, Duke is not buying that just yet and they are still involved withthe athletic prospect.  Amile Jefferson, who Andrew interviewed just last week is also an early name on the radar.  Again, there are other names that will come to light some of which you already know of  and others who will be new when Duke can get their views in July an open period for events.  Duke is not rushing the process with any of the above mentioned names at this time.

I was waiting for some new info but it has been delayed so I'll add an addendum later. [/private]

Amir Williams Talks of his Visit to Duke

On Thursday, 6'10" Amir Williams of Detroit Country Day visited Duke University and was able to view the team's banquet. By Saturday, he was back at work helping The Family AAU program of Detroit reach the Finals of the King James Shooting Stars Classic in Akron, Ohio. After speaking at length with Blue Devil Nation two weeks ago, he updated his situation following an early win over the Georgia Tornadoes. [private]

Can you tell the audience about your trip to Duke?

Sure, I got there on Thursday and saw the facilities, talked to the coaches, and met some of the players. I went to the team banquet and got a real feel for the place.

What did you actually see, in terms of the facilities, etcetera?

They took me on a tour of the campus and I saw the different basketball areas. I got to hang out with some of the players and see different things.

Who took you on the tour?

Coach Nate James. He showed me all around campus and everything.

You made it in time for the team banquet ceremony. How was that?

Oh, it was great. It was amazing to see the passion of the fans and how many there were. The players talked about what the program meant to them and then they talked about winning the National Title and it was just a really cool ceremony.

Did you meet with Coach K this time?

Yes, I did. We talked for a while. He told me how he thought I could help the program and also how they could help me too. We talked about how I would fit into their plans and all sorts of things.

What was your impression after the meeting?

Oh, it was just a really good talk and it helped to clear up things. He's a great leader and obviously a great coach, but it was really good to meet him.

Do you have any other visits planned at this time?

No, I don't have any other visits planned.

What's your next AAU event so fans can have a chance to watch you?

I'm not absolutely sure right now. I know we're playing in Houston in a few weeks and we might be in Indianapolis, but I'm not absolutely sure. I'm also trying to get ready for the USA Trials. I'm really excited about that opportunity. I know that's in San Antonio this year.

Good luck to you for the rest of the tournament, Amir. We'll keep checking up on you.

Thanks, man. I appreciate it.[/private]

BDN on the scene in Akron – Miller tosses in 25 and Gbinije has a solid game

BDN's Andrew Slater is on the scene in Akron, Ohio where he is sending back results as they happen this weekend. Another reason to join Blue Devil Nation Premium where we are more than a little active on the recruiting trail. Join and talk about the results from the weekend with other members in our private forums.

AKRON -  The Blue Devil Nation's Andrew Slater is on hand for the LeBron James "King James" camp in Akron ,Ohio.

Just this morning Michael Gbinije's  numbers were 10 of 13 (0 for 1 3pt FG), 2 for 3 FT totaling 22 points, 2 assists, 6 rebounds ( 2 off), 2 steals, 1 block.  Quincy Miller followed with a 25 point effort and if you are or were a premium subscriber these are the kind of updates you would get as it happens.  So, why not join the hottest premium Duke site on the web and get what we feel is the best overall information in the business.

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- BDN's unique photography that acts as your eyes bringing you a true fan experience.  We've been around the programs since, well, let's just say there is a lot of experience which allows us to know what you are looking for.

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Duke Basketball Recruiting focus on Amir Williams

Amir Williams - photo courtesy Michigan Ballers

Amir Williams is a 6’10,” 224lb junior from Detroit Country Day, the alma mater of Chris Webber and Shane Battier. Forming a formidable inside-outside duo with point guard Ray McCallum, Jr., Williams had a double-double in the title game to win a Michigan State Title, the eighth under Coach Kurt Keener. After a morning of taking the ACT, Williams competed for The Family AAU program at the Boo Williams Sportsplex.  At the end of his long day, he spoke with Blue Devil Nation about the latest in his recruitment, winning a state title, playing at DCC, and a variety of other topics.

Can you talk about winning the state title?

It was a great experience. We came close to winning it the year before, but didn’t and we knew those guys would likely get there. It was great to be able to beat them and win a state championship.

How has it been playing alongside and learning from players like DaShonte Riley, Ray McCallum, Jr., Jordan Dumars, and Donnavan Kirk? What kind of advantage do you expect it to give you when you reach the next level?

It’s been a great learning experience, you know. Just going out there and banging against all of those big guys when I was a freshman and a sophomore.

I remember talking [private] to Donnavan and he said you were the “next big thing” at DCC.

Yeah, it was a great chance to be able to go up against guys like him that are playing D-I ball.

Out of all of the guys you’ve faced, who would you say was the best or the toughest to guard?

I couldn’t say any one guy. It’d be too tough.

Now, are most schools recruiting you as a four or a five?

Both really and I think I can play either.

Who are the schools recruiting you hardest now?

Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, UConn, Purdue and Duke recently offered me. Oh, and did I say LSU?

Can you give the audience a scouting report on you? What do you think opposing coaches say about you?

That I can step out and hit the face-up jumper, but I’m also stronger and like to do the dirty work inside now. I can rebound on both sides. I can also outrun most bigs too.

In terms of style of play, do you have a preference?

I definitely prefer to run, you know, go up-and-down.

Do you have a time frame in your mind for when you’d like to decide by?

Late in my senior year probably

What was your reaction when you were invited to try out for the USA Team?

Oh, I was very excited. It was a major honor. I was very proud to be invited.

What do you consider to be you r greatest strength right now on the court?

My strength, my rebounding and my shot- blocking

What’s your biggest weakness?

My ball-handling

Defensively, do you prefer to contain your man or take chances going for the shot block? Do you prefer to front your man or play behind him?

I’d rather just contain him. If the shot block is there, then I’ll take it. Oh, and I’d rather play behind my man, but, in this game, Coach sometimes wanted me to front him.

Where do you like to catch it?

Either in the low box or near the foul line

Do you prefer to face-up or play back-to-the- basket?

I can do either. It just depends on who I’m facing.

Back to recruiting, please tell the audience where you’ve visited so far?

Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Miami, and Kentucky

You mentioned before that Duke offered you, which Duke Coaches have you communicated with?

Coach James. He was the one who came up and has been recruiting me.

Have you spoken with Coach K at all?

No, not yet.

But they offered you?


You obviously go to a very challenging high school both academically and on the court. What’s your impression of Duke as a school and as a program from afar?

It’s a great program. They just won the National Title and it’s a tremendous university too.

Where are you going to camp this year?

I’ve been invited to the NBA 100 and Amare Stoudamire. They said if I played well at the Amare and the LeBron, then I’ll have a chance to go to the Nike Global Challenge.

Lastly, what are you looking for ideally in a college?

I'm looking for a good basketball coach that will help to develop me and a winning program. [/private]