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BDN’s Pango’s Camp Recap – Shabazz Muhammad shines

LOS ANGELES - Just a week after the Nike EYBL, Los Angeles got another taste of some of the nation’s top high school basketball prospects during the Pango's All American Camp. In comparison to last weekend there wasn’t the same depth of Duke prospects, but this was still a field with a lot of talent that caught our eye. The destination this weekend for BDN Premium? Cal State Dominguez Hills located right on the border of Compton/Carson, CA.

The camp kicked off with former New Orleans Hornets assistant and current ESPN radio personality Dave Miller teaching the campers some defensive fundamentals. The best way to describe Dave is loud and in charge. The former NBA assistant used his great personality to get the attention of the campers and explain to them the real world of high school, college, and pro hoops.

Some of the big time names at the camp were: Isaiah Austin, Andre Drummond, Shabazz and Rasheed Muhammad, and Anthony Bennett.

The name who likely helped his stock the most this weekend was  2012 forward Anthony Bennett, a 6’7 230 lbs tank.  Bennett threw down countless thunderous dunks and ran the court extremely well. While speaking to him last weekend he mentioned the staff [private] at Findlay Prep was really working his outside game, and it is certainly paying off. The big man showed an impressive outside touch knocking down numerous three point shots keeping the defense very honest. Findlay coach Mike Peck was in attendance and was sure to be proud of Bennett.

This was my second chance seeing Isaiah Austin, the last time being at last year’s Pangos camp. Austin looks to have put on a bit of weight as his arms look thicker but still has a very wiry thin frame. The 7 footer got to match up with Andre Drummond in the very first game of the camp and was immediately put to the test. Drummond’s powerful frame proved to be too much for him in the end but Austin did disrupt Drummond with his length a little bit. At this point Isaiah still tries to bring the ball up the court like a guard. His thin frame doesn’t allow him to really bang down low like you would like most 7 footers to do. The potential is there with Isaiah but adding weight is an absolute must for the Baylor bound prospect.

Let’s move on to 2012 big man Andre Drummond. For a long time scouts have touted him as the next big thing. It seems this weekend he came out to back up their statements. Drummond looked extremely motivated this weekend hustling up and down the court and attempting to grab any and every loose ball within his area code. The Connecticut prospect abused the rim and wooed the crowd with countless spectacular dunks, often making them look effortless. Sporting a college ready frame at 6’9 250 lbs it’s plain to see why so many scouts ranked him so highly. At this point, the big man has minimal to not shooting touch, a skill he would be wise to eventually add. I do not mean adding a three point shot, but simply a 10-15 footer to add a new dimension to his game. His free throw shooting also leaves much to be desired as I could have counted the number of free throw makes on one hand, despite countless trips to the line. Still, it is very easy to see how talented and athletic Drummond is, and is sure to be a future pro, though I’m not doing much more than stating the obvious.

No single player plays with more consistent intensity than Shabazz Muhammad. The 6’5 Las Vegas lefty scored in every way imaginable this weekend while bringing in camp MVP. Given his constant effort it was a simple choice to give him the award. Shabazz flew around all over the court and attacked the rim like with a ferocity that makes you think, “what did that poor rim ever do to you?” While not an incredible outside shooter, Shabazz showed enough that you must at least respect it to a certain degree. Not to say he doesn’t defend, but if that intensity ever fully carries over to the defensive side, watch out.  There isn’t much more to say about Muhammad that hasn’t been said. He is easily in my opinion the best prospect in 2012.

Recently a name that has popped up on Duke’s radar has been Brannen Greene, a 6’6 shooter out of Forsyth, Georgia. This was my first chance seeing the forward and his performance unfortunately was disappointing to say the least. Often times when a shooters shot isn’t dropping you’d like to see him be productive in other ways. This wasn’t exactly the case with Brannen. There wasn’t always effort on both sides of the court and at times seemed a bit unenthusiastic. He doesn’t seem to be possess a high level of athleticism at this point and often got his shot blocked when he tried to put the ball on the floor. Hopefully for his sake this was simply a bad weekend and he can move on from it and get better.

I have to give credit to BDN Recruiting Analyst Andrew Slater for the next player, 2013 guard/forward Stephen Domingo out of San Francisco, CA. Before the camp started he had mentioned that Stephen should be a player of interest to watch and boy did he not disappoint. Currently sporting a very skinny frame the 6’6 (though I must say he is likely a bit shorter than this listing by an inch) prospect lit it up during the Top 25 game this weekend where he took home MVP of the match. Despite his slender body Stephen had no problem mixing it up a little bit. He’s not Shaquille O’Neal by any means, but it was a joy to watch him try to grab rebounds and block a few shots. One particular impressive play, Stephen grabbed a rebound, turned around, looked ahead, and fired off a pin point outlet pass leading to an easy bucket for his team; an impressive play for the young prospect. Domingo showed off a very solid three point shot as well as some mid range game, particularly using the pull up jumper. I think it’s safe to say that the scouts will be paying a lot more attention to the St. Ignatius product. [/private]

BDN Premium – Duke Basketball Recruiting and Team Update, new names, Kyrie

With the season winding down one might think Duke is not recruiting hard, but they are quite active and still persuing several kids.  The Blue Devils added a solid one-two punch when Alex Murphy and Rasheed Sulaimon  chose to play their collegiate careers in Durham in the same week.  Murphy is a wing player who'll likely play the small forward role while Sulaimon is more suited to play out front.  Many have wondered if Murphy would re qualify and the answer is (A 1227 word update awaits BDN members) [private] no, not unless he goes to summer school.  Look for Murphy to transfer from St. Mark's in the coming year to a school where he'll play better competition.  I should be able to tell you where that will be soon.

The addition of these two prospects allows Duke to now turn their attention to other main targets, two of which are Tony Parker, a behemoth big man from Georgia and Shabazz Muhammad, a multi talented wing.  North Carolina has moved hard on Parker but in a chat with Dave Telep this past weekend, the ESPN talent evaluator said he still feels Duke leads.  As for Muhammad, the team to beat is Kentucky, a school he'll soon visit.  Duke is still very much in the mix for these two but they do have stiff competition and only time will tell how they'll fare.

We reported that Justin Anderson was getting some looks and that will continue.  Anderson's camp is claiming an offer per Andrew, but the offer is contingent at this time but that could change any time now.  Anderson is close friends with current Duke player Josh Hairston and he is a bit of a hybrid player in that he plays a bit bigger than he actually is.  Duke feels he is a type of player they currently don't have, but harbor your emotion for that is said of many prospects, especially the aforementioned Parker.

This past weekend Michael Gbinije, Quinn Cook and Marshall Plumlee played in Cameron and I took in the action.  As has been said, Gbinije has to be the shyest guy ever.  But that's not all bad in that it is a part of his make up as being a team player.  Gbinije still needs to be more aggressive, especially on the boards but he is capable and seems to be able to do what he is told.  He was named his teams MVP.

BDN is on the scene at Duke.

Quinn Cook led his Oak Hill team to two wins and he seems to be coming along but is still favoring his knee.  On occasion, he tries to do too much, but he is a distributor and he has above average offense for a point guard.  Marshall Plumlee is coming along nicely as well and he continues to play hard and aggressive when in the game.  Despite  being the only big, Christ School runs few plays through Plumlee this season which is curious when you consider his passing skills and his ability to draw a crowd in the post.  Both prospects will join Austin Rivers in the McDonald's All American game, but Gbinije is a fifth year senior and like John Wall last season, is ineligible.  There has been much discussion since the ESPN telecast of his game said he may redshirt.  While that has been discussed it will still be a wait and see thing and there is no reason to get caught up in worry one way or another until the start of next season for we'll no nothing until then.

You may have seen that Duke didn't make JP Tokoto's list which was trimmed recently.  That's because Duke backed off of him, showing little interest.  And to think, Tokoto could have given Duke a verbal during their camp!  Duke offered him at that time and he almost signed that day after a great trip, but they decided to wait and they are still waiting, almost dragging their feet with the process.  That is fortunate for Duke in that he took a major tumble in the rankings and has yet to show he can step up and be the man on any of his teams.  He'll still be a good one, just not at Duke.

After being on the AAU trail for several years, you learn to take in guys who are not always on the radar in that the recruiting landscape changes.  That's why BDN talked with Austin Rivers when he was a 15 year old prodigy, two months shy of picking Florida.  Well, we know what happened and the guys we've kept up with of late are the aforementioned Anderson, once thought to be off the radar and now Andre Drummond.

As Andrew has stated, Drummond is no longer a UConn lock as has been thought.  He also has some Duke ties which again, Andrew has mentioned on our message board.  I still feel he is a long shot but you never know.  And for some breaking news of sorts, Duke Assistant Nate James was check him out last evening but connecting flights issues kept him from doing so .  The catch is he was going to see a new name on the radar, big man Mitch McGary.  What a great opportunity for James to check out these guys go head to head.  We'll have more on this new kid on the block later and we will hopefully be talking to him before TOS's suddenly happen upon his name once this article goes to press.

As for James, he is up to more than just checking this game out.  Another new name on the recruiting radar is Anthony Bennett and the Dogg will take the lead on this one.  We have more.  He will also check out North Carolina in state product Montrezl Harrell [6-7 BF Tarboro, NC] in the coming weeks.

There are some names on the radar in the class of 2013, but those will not solidify until AAU ball this summer and you guys know how active we are that time of year.

A note on women's recruting is that highly rated Betnijay Laney will is down to Duke and Rutgers.  If the Blue Devils land her, they'll have the top class with three outstanding women.  BDN Flashback

Lastly, there is the Kyrie Irving situation.  It's day to day and his return is dependent on complete healing.  Irving cannot help his stock by returning to the court and that could be a factor.  However, so far, so good with concerns to the timetable we mentioned long ago.  He can play this season if he wants to but that decision with be a family one.  While Duke has certainly not shut the door on a possible return, they are cautiously optimistic at best in the way the convey things to insiders and the public.  They want the current players to play as if Irving will not return but they'd welcome Irving with open arms if he suits up.  I remain a glass half full kind of guy on this one and I will not back down now from saying I still think we'll see him play.  As I have been saying, the door had by no means been shut in any official manner to date but keep in mind that he is not going full throttle in practice yet and that means time will tell. Discuss the latest on the BDN message board and please adhere to user agreement with concerns to this article.  Go Duke! [/private]

Blue Devil Nation Premium focus on 2012’s top rated prospect, Andre Drummond

One of the kids everybody wanted to see at the Tournament of Champions was Andre Drummond, a 6-10 hulking prospect in the Class of 2012.  In fact, Prep Stars rated him the number one rising junior in the nation!  BDN Premium caught up with Drummond and got his thoughts on the recruiting process.  His handler stepped in to answer some of the questions as pou will hear on this [private] BDN Audio interview.

Just press play -

More to come.  [/private]