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Josh Hairston talks of his visit and commitment to Duke

Duke hosted two prospects over the weekend and turned them into commitments before they left.  One of those commitments was talented front liner Josh Hairston.  "It feels great to be a Blue Devil," said Hairston.  He continued, "I've been down here a couple of times and I feel comfortable and excited about my decision to become a Blue Devil."

[private] Duke fans think it's great that Hairston is a Blue Devil too.  In fact, many were caught off guard when both Thornton and Hairston announced their decisions yesterday afternoon.  Of course, you as members saw this coming from my comments, but it always feels better when the decision is official.

"I told Coach K around three or four o'clock.  I was talking to him individually and told him of my decision," said Hairston.  "My family was real happy about it.  My Mom and Dad were real happy and my sister was too.  This is where they wanted me to go, so I'm close to them and it's a good thing."

As I continued the talk with Hairston, you could hear some others in the background.  "I'm in the room with Andre, Tyler, Mason and Elliot," said Hairston.  I then asked if Thornton and his decision was based on playing with one another and if they talked it over.  "Yes sir, we did talk.  I've played with Andre and Tyler and this was the place we wanted to be."

Hairtson said that he and the rest of the players gathered together around 11:00 for lunch and then played some pick up games.  They went to the football game in the second half before they returned and relaxed in the lounge.  "After that, Tyler and me made our decisions," said Hairston.  "I am glad it's over because I can now concentrate on my high schools season."

When asked what the best part of the visit was, he responded, "All of it was good, talking to the players, talking to Coach K ... that was probably the best part of the visit, but I had a good time doing everything."

Josh admitted that it was a little tired and that he would return home with his family sometime tomorrow.  Tired or not, he was probably headed out to hang out with his new friends and future teammates.[/private]

Hot off the press – Josh Hairston tells BDN he’s anxious to visit Duke and talks his recruitment

[private] What are your plans for the weekend?

I will not do anything on campus when I arrive Friday night, but will get up with Coach Wojciechowski in the morning.  I am going to meet up with the rest of the guys and go around campus, then go to the football game.  After that we will play in open gym where I will run a couple of games, and of course talk to Coach K.

Are you looking forward to the visit?

I am ... I can't ... I've been looking forward to the visit for a long time! 

Have you discussed the visit with your friends?

Yes sir.  I actually talked to Andre a couple of days ago and we've been trying to talk to Coach Wojo and get a date we can both get down there.  When I went down before for the first time, Andre had been there the previous day.  This will be the first time all three of us (Tyler) being down on the campus together, so it should be fun.

Have you talked to any of them of late?

We've talked about it over the phone.  I played with Andre my freshman year before Boo Williams.  We had talked about playing together before Duke was looking at any of us.  I actually talked to Tyler about it yesterday.  It's a great thing to think about that you can possibly be playing with two guys you have played AAU with.  You know their every move and they know your moves - you are comfortable with them.

What Duke coaches have played a big role in your recruitment, the lead if you will?

Wojo came to one of my open gyms my sophomore year.  Since then he's been to the majority of my tournaments.  Him and Coach K come together a lot.

If you are blown away during the visit, is there a chance you could go home a Blue Devil?

There actually is a chance.  If I go down there and feel comfortable and they've answered all my questions, yeah it could happen.  As of right now when I head down there my mind will still be open.  I'm still keeping offers on the table, but if I feel comfortable and I feel that's the place I want to be and they want me there then that can definitely happen.

Are your parents excited about the visit?

They are.  They're probably more excited than even I am.  They have met Coach K before and when I was at the practice facility, I met Coach Nate James and I was talking to him and they got a good chance to talk to him.  They're really tight.  My sister is probably the most excited out of all of us.  She hasn't been there and she grew up a Duke fan.  She's always been in love with Duke girls basketball and everything about Duke, so she is looking forward to it the most - she can't wait to get down there.

So, you like Nate?

The first time I got to talk to him was on my visit to Duke.  I really like him and have had a chance to talk to him and learned he was from the DC area.  He checked me out on his first recruiting trip.  You know, you could see him over there watching in the corner.  He'd wink at me.  We noticed him and he noticed us.  I really do like Coach Nate.

Have a safe journey and a good time on your visit.

Oh, yes sir!  I will.[/private]