BDN Interview – Duke tight end Brandon King is ready to go

Brandon King signs a poster for a fan at the Durham Rescue Mission.
Brandon King signs a poster for a fan at the Durham Rescue Mission.

Duke is looking for play makers to step up on offense in in 2009 and Brandon King hopes to be one of those guys.  King, a tight end, sat out the 2008 season while mending his collar bone but he hopes to be a factor early on for Duke.  BDN talked with King about the upcoming season, his role and more in a recent interview.

Brandon, you're coming off an injury which kept you out all of last season, are you looking forward to getting back on the field?

Oh [said with a sigh of relief and emphasis] I've been looking forward to it so much.  I've been waiting two years now, last year with a new coach here.  I've been ready to go for awhile now and it's just all bottled up.

This is probably a system where they will go to you a lot this year.  Having more depth at the tight end spot helps.  Have they talked to you about your role this year?

I'm real excited about it.  They're already talking about getting the ball to the tight ends a lot.  Me and Huff, we're ready to make a lot of plays.  In spring ball we started doing some things.  As we get more confident, they start adding a lot more stuff in and it will only grow going into camp.

You started your career as a fullback.  Do you still consider yourself a part time full back in a sense?

Yeah [smiling]

Do you feel you may be floating into the backfield as sort of a hybrid?

I definitely still consider myself a fullback part time.  I like to get in the backfield, do the dirty work and hit people hard.

So, you like to have the ball n your hands to try and create?

Yeah, yeah.  I like to do that.  I like to lead block.  I like to go through the holes on linebackers and block.  So I will be in the backfield on the I [formation], I'll be out wide, so ...

You had a nice catch for a TD in the UConn game?  Do you want to be that guy, the one in the end zone?

Oh, [emphasis on desire] definitely.  I mean I remember that year where I always seemed to be in the right place in the end zone to catch the ball.  That's my thing, I love to have the ball in my hands.  I'd much rather it be in my hands than someone else.

What kind of chemistry do you have with Thaddeus Lewis?

We're good, we're on the same page.  We do pass skills on Tuesday's and Thursdays.  We'll run a play and he will say I saw you there, so the next time I'm open, we see each other.

Describe your game in your own words.

I would say I am physical.  I like to hit, think quick on my feet.  I understand the game a whole lot more now and when I'm out there I see and react very quickly.  Um, I like to hit. [smiling]

Are you looking forward to August 5th?

Yeah, I'm ready to get the pads back on.  Spring ball was great to get out there and test my collar bone out and everything went fine.  I'm ready to get back out there and focus more on the team and football than my injury.

Have you guys circled the calendar with Richmond?

Yeah, we've been looking forward to Richmond since the last game of 08.  We are looking at schemes, calendar circled and we are talking about how we want to start the season off with a bang.

What does the new staff bring to the table?

A lot of it is confidence and a lot of it  is bringing the right people in.  Our coaching staff is unreal and it's coming together.  Everyone is stronger or faster, they've got us in unbelievable shape.

Do you see a difference with a different type of recruit on campus than in your two years under Roof?

Yeah, it is.  We just brought in a great class.  Even the guys Roof brought in were great players, but yeah, you can tell because we've got some some big time guys checking out our school with offers from other top schools.

Good luck this season!