2013 Prospect Austin Colbert Familiar with Duke

Young Austin Colbert is starting to gain the attention of the nations top schools.  He currently lists a lot of Big East Schools but he covets the ACC powers as well.  Colbert is in the Class of 2013, stands 6-8 and weighs in around 200 to 205 at this time.  He plays his high school basketball at St. Patrick's and looks up to his former teammate Kyrie Irving of Duke.  Colbert supposedly was a but quiet but he was quite open with BDN.  He is a good student that seems to have his head  in the right place and realizes he has work to do to achieve his goals.

How would you describe your game for those who have never seen you play?

I would say I am wiry and like to jump ... I can jump pretty high actually.  I can shoot, my mid range game is pretty good, I can shoot the three point basket, I can finish around the rim and decent through contact.  I am quick, lightning up the court and I am always staying hungry and humble.

Do you pattern your game after any particular player?

A little bit.  I kind of want to take the best from several players.  Kevin Durant, Amare Stoudemire and if I half to, I go Dwight Howard, but I need to work on my frame a little bit. [smiling]

Your mom said you were a little bit quiet but you seem quite open and affable to me.

Yeah, she keeps me straight.

You are just a sophomore but the hype is starting to play a role, how do you stay grounded?

I don't really let it get to me and I don't want it to go to my head and I will not let it go to my head.  Off the court?  I am kind of quiet except when I am with my boys [friends] but other than that, I just want to have fun.

Did you have a dream school growing up?

When I was younger I liked North Carolina but now that I have had a chance for my eyes to open up with my recruitment, I can't say, so now, it's wide open,

Which schools have you heard from the most of late?

I have heard from Xavier, Seton Hall, Pitt, Georgetown and Temple.

I'm from ACC country, do you like those schools?

Oh yes.  Duke, North Carolina, those are some great schools.

You have a relationship with Kyrie Irving of Duke, can you speak to that?

Kyrie?   That's my boy.  He taught me a lot, he definitely taught me a lot.  And when he comes back to school I like to talk with him and ask him what and how to do things.

Is Duke a school you would consider?

Of course, they are a great school ...

At this point he had to meet with his team about their next game, but we'll hear more from Colbert if Duke gets past the look-see process when their are open periods.

Scouting Report - Colbert is long and lean and quite fast getting from point A to point B on the basketball court. Colbert has good hands and can post his man up or take them outside where he has a nice stroke for his age and size.  He can block and alter shots.  He needs to work on his strength but his frame will fill out in by the time he gets to college.  He is a solid post prospect that impressed me during the Nike EYBL at Boo Williams.[/private]