2017 PG Blake Harris recaps Duke visit

At just 16 years old, Blake Harris has already established himself as one of the top two point guard in the Class of 2017.  Standing a long 6-3 and still growing, Harris has already been offered by Cincinnati, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech,  It takes more time for the big time schools to make their move, but Harris is now getting interest from the likes of Duke and North Carolina.

Harris will attend Carlisle School in Martinsville, Virginia again this season but he’s originally from the Durham and Chapel Hill area and lives in the Bull City much of the time with his parents.  Speaking of his parents, both are UNC graduates and Harris readily admits he grew up a Tar Heel fan.

His Dad played football in Chapel Hill and Harris now says that he is definitely a UNC fan in football but that he pulls for or follows a lot of different schools in basketball.  His mom is a graduate of UNC Law School and plays a huge role in his life.

Harris was attending Crescent Christian Academy, a small private school in Durham, but decided he needed a different situation.  The well spoken prospect said that faith plays a role in his life.

Harris attended the Duke blowout win over Fairfield on Saturday night where he got a closer look at the program.  He had decided two days prior to take in the game and wanted to see this years team.

“I had a good time, I got there with my parents and went straight out to the court after spending some time with the coaches,” said Harris.  The young prospect was seen chatting with all the assistant coaches while the teams warmed up.

Harris visit also came during Brandon Ingram’s visit.  Ingram, of course, is one of the last firm targets in the coming class.

“After the game  I went to the locker room with Brandon (Ingram) and I got to talk to Quinn and the players.  I already knew Quinn.  After that I was able to hang around for about thirty to forty-five minutes and got to talk to Coach K for about fifteen minutes,” said Harris.

When asked what Krzyzewski had to say, Harris said it was basically a relaxed conversation, stating, “We talked a little bit about my school and my grades and guard play.  It’s wasn’t too deep and we just mainly talked about basketball.

Duke Assistant Coach Jon Scheyer has been talking with Harris the most of the assistants.  He has kept up with Harris for some time now with occasional calls.

In speaking of his aforementioned relationship with Cook, Harris said they go to the same barbershop and had gotten to know one another there.  Harris also stated that he’s been able to play basketball with him some and that Cook had been to some of his AAU games.

Harris said that while it is early in the process, that his ultimate decision would be based on the best fit for him.  While he remains a staunch UNC football fan because of his Dad, he said he pulled for many teams in basketball.

“My parents have told me to keep my circle of friends small, know who you’re talking to and don’t do anything bad that can hurt you.  They’ve told me to just do the work and play basketball and it’ll work out,” said Harris.

The grounded Harris said that the game of basketball was fun.  He enjoys all parts of the game and doesn’t look at the game as another chore which some students of the game attest to these days.  Harris pointed to the cohesiveness of the game when playing with others as being a point of attraction for him.

Harris said he enjoyed watching the Duke team last night alluding to their fast breaking style.  “Coach K let’s his guards play,” said Harris and that might appeal to him.  “I like playing at a fast paced and not always in sets and for a team that gets a lot of shots up.”

His interest currently lies with any school taking up time with him.  Harris said that he hoped to get down to Florida State at some point and time and that he would be visiting Duke come more as well as North Carolina this coming season.  Two other schools he mentioned were Notre Dame and N.C. State, so there is plenty of early interest from ACC teams.

When asked to describe his game, Harris said, “I more of a pass first point guard that scores when needed and take pride in my defense.”

Harris will be switching AAU teams this coming season and he wants to play on the Nike circuit.  He’s been in talks with Boo Williams and two other teams who are at the top of the list for his service.

It’s early in the process, but Duke seems well entrenched early on here, but make no mistake, there is a long ways to go before Harris makes a decision.