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Catching up with 2015 prospect Skal Labissiere

prosMake no mistake, Skal Labissiere is clearly one of the top prospects in the class of 2015 and his play continues to draw hoards of coaches on the AAU circuit.  Labissiere runs the floor like a Gazelle said one major college coach and I have to agree.  If you are looking for a smooth operator who glides up and down the court showing off his length and impressive offensive skills, then Skal is the prospect for you.  As he gains strength, his potential could be frightening in that he seems to be showing constant improvement during each event.  We spoke to Labissiere during the NBAPA Top 100 Camp recently and took time to follow up with him on what has happened since while covering the Nike EYBL Finals also known as the Peach Jam.

How many teams have called since I last saw you at the NBA Top 100 Camp?

I haven't had that many but Duke called, Baylor, Texas, Tennessee and that's about it.

So, how did you originally come to the United States from Haiti?  [private]

My guardian, Gerald Hamilton is a part of a non-profit organization that helps kids from other countries and help people play sports and reach their dreams.

What are your impressions on college basketball in the United States?

In Haiti. we do not watch college hoops, we watch the NBA, so I do not know much about the college game/

Did you have a favorite NBA player growing up?

Kobe and the Lakers. He's a person I would love to meet.

If you could have dinner with any coach all time, who would it be with?

John Wooden. I have books which talks about him.

You have all the major college coaches in the gym to watch you, what are your feelings about the growing attention?

When I came to the United States I didn't know basketball was that serious and that the college recruiting is so crazy. On the court, it is really physical and the game is fast.

Do you have an idea when you will make a decision on where you will play college basketball?

Probably my senior year. I am going to take my time.

What are the most important factors for you when choosing a school?

The system. I want to go somewhere you can run and look at what kind of guys they have there. I want to check out how things are off the court as well and play with guys who have good character.  I know I have to earn my playing time and put in the work once I get there but I just want to have a good relationship with the coach and the teammates around me.

Will you take all of your alloted official visits?

Yes sir. I will take all five official visits.

Have you taken any unofficial visits to date?

Memphis and Ole Miss

What do you like the most about basketball?

Just, you know, I just have fun playing the game.

Any idea on what you would like to study in college?

Probably something to do with business.

Thanks for your time.

Yes sir, no problem.