BDN on the scene in Akron – Miller tosses in 25 and Gbinije has a solid game

BDN's Andrew Slater is on the scene in Akron, Ohio where he is sending back results as they happen this weekend. Another reason to join Blue Devil Nation Premium where we are more than a little active on the recruiting trail. Join and talk about the results from the weekend with other members in our private forums.

AKRON -  The Blue Devil Nation's Andrew Slater is on hand for the LeBron James "King James" camp in Akron ,Ohio.

Just this morning Michael Gbinije's  numbers were 10 of 13 (0 for 1 3pt FG), 2 for 3 FT totaling 22 points, 2 assists, 6 rebounds ( 2 off), 2 steals, 1 block.  Quincy Miller followed with a 25 point effort and if you are or were a premium subscriber these are the kind of updates you would get as it happens.  So, why not join the hottest premium Duke site on the web and get what we feel is the best overall information in the business.

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