Duke Coach David Cutcliffe addresses the media at ACC Operation Football

BDN took this shot of Cutcliffe and his team before they came out of the locker room to play and defeat N.C. State last season. Cutcliffe addressed the media in Greensboro today. BDN Photo

GREENSBORO, N.C. - In years past the Duke Football coach would have very few media members around him during the annual ACC Operation Football event which kicks off the season.  Coach David Cutcliffe entertained a throng of reporters who wanted to hear his take on Duke Football which is an obvious sign that times are changing.  In a short time, Cutcliffe has brought Duke to a point where they are no longer a game you circle as a sure win.   Duke has improved under Cutliffe and fans are hoping he takes another step this coming season.  He has some core players in place and he has rebuilt the offensive line since his acceptance of Duke's offer to become the man who will turn around a program.  In fact, the ACC writers have picked Duke last for ten straight seasons until this year.  If Duke was not in this years toughest division which is akin to the  American League East in baseball, who is to say he wouldn't guide them to higher than their projected fifth place finish?  We have broken Cutcliffe's comments into three parts.  The first part features his opening statement followed by a few questions.  Take a listen to what Coach Cut had to say, for I am sure you will enjoy his insight.