Monday Musings – Less than ten regular seson games remain, signing day

Time flies

It's hard to imagine that there are just five games left in Cameron Indoor Stadium for Duke Basketball this season. You can actually see the Wake game with standing room only tickets through the ticket office, so my suggestion is to grab them up and support a team that is starting to find itself. Duke is down to just nine regular season games on its schedule.


It was hard to believe that Duke was just ranked 17th last week and some think they could remain around that spot today in that they suffered another loss. But my take is that they move up in the polls later today as some start to realize how overrated teams I will not mention are. While the ACC is down, especially at the bottom of the league, the top is pretty tough. Yet folks seem in love with the Big 12 per their votes which I for one do not completely get. Anyhow, Duke has played a heck of a schedule to date and the losses as painful as they are to a spoiled fan base will only help when it truly becomes time to be one and done.

Duke Football Signing Day

Duke Football will welcome its new class of players to the fold on Wednesday and Blue Devil Nation will be there to get Cut's comments. If you think for one second that the fan base is not still buzzing over an amazing season, you would be wrong. Momentum is finally on the side of the program and there is more interest in recruiting this year than at any time in several decades. Duke is still trying to close on a player, surprise or two, so we look forward to seeing it all play out.

You don't have to be in the South to be a redneck

Maybe it's because there are a lot of them, see the Carrier Dome packed to the brim. I mean, all fan bases have them whether they care to admit it or not. I'm talking rednecks here and they are definitely not just in the south. It wasn't long after a classic game ended that a few Syracuse fans decided to send me some one liners on twitter where there was no dignity in their win. The usual "yall suck," stuff came to my attention amongst others and that ignorant bliss and typing while drinking are here to stay. Even in Syracuse. To me a redneck is just another slang  name for ignorance. You can be truly southern in every way and not be ignorant. That said, ignorance is bliss for some no matter where you live. Thankfully, there are a rational few out there as well and they realize a great rivalry has been born and know how to enjoy it without belittling a team that made the very game you just watched classic.

K was not about to blame the ref

He never has and never will and I applaud him for that. I tweeted it was a shame that a classic game had a blatantly missed call. I am talking of course of the Rodney Hood drive where he was clearly hit on the arm. Michael Robert's swallowed his whistle on that play despite being right in front of it. The thing here is that nobody wanted any tainting to a classic game that helped the ACC brand, but it is a shame that a clear call was missed. We'll never know if that could have altered the outcome, but it is a shame that it was missed in an otherwise fairly called contest. Hopefully, the ACC will at least show him that missed call was huge in a high impact game. Still, it was not the cause of the loss, so we'll move forward now.