Coach K on Duke win over Notre Dame

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Coach K on the win over Notre Dame -
“We beat a really good team tonight. You know, look, I hope they get in, because I think they can beat anybody. That was a big-time game tonight. Mike has that team together the whole year, forget it; they could be -- I'm telling you, if they get in, they'll be -- they're going to beat people, and they'll have a chance. Veteran, you've got a kid, Farrell, 12 assists, one turnover, Colson, keeps getting in shape.  I don't know how that bubble works and that, but they're very
good. And we were very good in order to beat them. I thought Grayson's leadership has continued to get better and better, and tonight was a great example of him being at his best. He came out as hot as a player could come out hitting shots, and then the nature of the game changed, and he didn't force anything. He was 7 for 10, 5 for 6 from threes, and no turnovers, but he was leading us throughout. And then obviously Marvin had a great game, and there were some things that -- where we could go to him and he was taking advantage of it. When you see Grayson, these guys say, okay, he's got it right now and go to him, you know, that's terrific. And I know it makes Marvin feel great in that regard. And Marvin is telling Grayson to shoot. And then Tre getting 11 assists was big. Carter has got an injury problem with his foot that he didn't practice this week, and he was -- he played gingerly tonight, and we'll see about tomorrow. We just have to be really careful. But he did not play at the level because he's not physically at that level. Marques came in and did a really good job, especially in the second half. It was a big team win for us.