Way Too Early Top 25’s Love Duke

Way too early top 25's love Duke! The Blue Devils are picked 2nd in each one behind Kansas. We link the four major ones below. 

One thing for certain we can all admit is that its way too early to ponder next season's pre season top 25.  Afterall, recruiting is still going on and some players have yet to decide whether they'll cast their lot to the NBA or European League.

Las Vegas has even issued early odds on the 2018-19 college basketball season.  They've already put a target on the Duke Blue Devils back making them a 5-1 favorite to win it all -- the best odds of any team.

Trust me when I say not too many fans like those early odds.  When I tweeted about it last night it was met with more disdain than joy.  And who is to say these fans are not right?  I mean, again, the dust has barely settled on this past season and Duke is hyped.

In the coming days we will be hearing about more players decisions on whether to stay or leave.  Even then, some players will test the waters while gaining information where they can pull out of the draft if they do not hire an agent.

We can expect that Wendell Carter will put his name in the draft sometime this week.  It is not like it is a secret he is going pro because he is a projected lottery pick and a high one at that.

Duke could also lose Trevon Duval and Gary Trent Jr.  And there is a chance Marques Bolden could test the waters for the experience without hiring an agent.  Some are already counting two of these players out be that good information or not.

Things will start to move fast now.  The players mentioned above will meet with the Duke staff.  Mike Krzyzewski will work his network of contacts to see what guys are saying with concern to his guys status.  There will also be some meeting with potential agents and a lot of weighing out the scenarios.

A lot goes into decisions and it is not always an easy one.  We discuss these kind of things on our message board for members. All of the aforementioned goes for other players around the country as well. That is why it is somewhat ridiculous to create early odds and top 25's.

But those way too early polls will change as there is player movement.  And there is always plenty of player movement via transfer, going pro or adding a key recruit.

There are 216 days to go before Duke takes on Kentucky in the Champions Classic which will take place on November the 6th.  That game is the opener and a grand one at that.

In the next several months there will be plenty of time to talk about the outstanding newcomers.  We will hear that the team is too young by some to reach the Final Four in Minneapolis.  Others will say they are too talented not to be there.

What I am getting at is Duke will always be the hunted and have a target on their back.  That is something the fan base has to understand and the pressure comes from long-term success.

So, it is the day after the national championship and Villanova has yet to be greeted in Philadelphia after their conquest.  But what else do Duke fans have to talk about other than next season?  And with that said, brace yourself for our list of links in the annual Way Too Early Top 25's.

CBS Sports Way Too Early Top 25 - Duke Ranked 2nd

ESPN Way Too Early Top 25 - Duke #2

The Sporting News Way Too Early Top 24 - Duke #2

Sports Illustrated Way Too Early Top 25 - Duke is picked 2nd

You can see a trend there in that the Blue Devils are currently projected as the second best team in the country.  And for what it is worth, Kansas, the team that beat Duke this past season is ranked at the top in all four projections.

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