BDN Twitter Mailbag Q & A

Here are the latest questions from our twitter mail bag where I attempt to  answer questions -

I think Coach K's lineups will as always be dictated by each opponent.  We are still talking November basketball here, so there will be adjustments made after the upcoming game with Indiana.  The staff will pay close attention to said ball screen offense and adjust accordingly.  With a young core, the staff must not throw too much at the team at one time and make adjustments that will stick come March,

History tells us that David Cutcliffe will not make any drastic changes in season and that he rarely if ever makes a move on coaches from critics or anyones views.  The fan base is frustrated after the walloping it took against Wake Forest and it is only fair that questions arise.

Something is wrong when a team loses by 52 points in a game where they were favored by 10.  The worst loss in Cutciffes  tenure begs for some inner reflection in that it was simply shocking in a bad way.  That kind of beat down should not happen to a 7-5 bowl bound team.

On the other hand, maybe this is as good as it gets.  Before Cutcliffe came along Duke was one of the worst programs in the nation.  Now, they put out good kids and go bowling.  If he can get to an occasional tier 1 bowl and tier 2 ones, I'd say he will call the shots more than other influences.

The loss to Wake has a lot of people talking.  There is noise where there should not be any.  A hard-fought loss is acceptable, even a turnover prone pitfall, but a 59-7 is a tough pil to swallow, as it should be.  A Blue Devil Nation member posted on the message board that Iron Dukes want a team they can be proud of win or lose.  Well, that was not the case this past Saturday.

It is a fair question.  Duke looked a bit flat to me in their loss to Virginia Tech.  That game reminded me of the home loss to Florida State the season before.  Duke is 0-4 against Virginia in its last outings as well and one would think the team would be pumped out of their minds for this game.  And then the loss to Wake Forest was a complete mail it in from the start affair.

It does not help that the crowds do not turn out even when games have great meaning.  But for whatever reason Duke has not played good home football in some cases since the stadium renovations and that needs to be addressed.

It seems to be hard to get everything right of late and Duke was playing better football a few years ago.  Part of that is that the ACC is good and in the Coastal Division, not a lot separates teams from top to bottom.

But as for Duke not being pumped up for certain home games or playing well I have no answer and hope the staff figures it out next season.