NBA Top Pick on the Line for Zion Williamson

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place at 8:30 tonight in Chicago and one team is going to win the Zion Williamson sweepstakes.  It's been a long time since there has been a clear number one pick, but Williamson is considered a sure bet on and off the court.

If you think you know who might get Williamson, think again.  The NBA changed its lottery odds format allowing several teams to have a legitimate shot at the top pick.  That rule change came via tanking but it was clear some teams still took that route for a high pick

With the odds reduction in place, here are the odds for the lottery -

New York 14.0%
Cleveland 14.0%
Phoenix 14.0%
Chicago 12.5%
Atlanta 10.5%
Washington 9.0%
New Orleans 6.0%
Memphis* 6.0%
Dallas** 6.0%
Minnesota 3.0%
Los Angeles Lakers 2.0%
Charlotte 1.0%
Miami 1.0%
Sacramento^ 1.0%
* = This pick may be conveyed to Boston
** = This pick may be conveyed to Atlanta
^ = This pick will be conveyed to Boston via Philadelphia or to Philadelphia