5 Questions With Jordan Goldwire

One of the reasons the Duke Blue Devils came away with a 79-67 win over Pitt was a career-high scoring night from Jordan Goldwire. The Blue Devil guard scored 13 points including three made three-pointers in the first half.

You knocked down three big three-pointers in the first half. What are your thoughts on that?

They [Pitt] were giving me the shot, so I just tried to step in and shoot the ball with confidence and my teammates told me to keep shooting and it felt good to see them going in.

You have made yourself into a player and a key contributor. What did you do in the offseason to help accomplish that?

I don't think it is anything special I did. I have always been in the gym a lot in the summer, so I mean, it was just a matter of getting the confidence

Your teammates seem to have confidence in you. How does that make you feel?

It feels good to know. As you said, the hard work I have been doing is paying off and I am just happy to help get the win.

You had a career-high in scoring, who will be the first people yo text?

My parents and friends.

What will you work on the rest of the season?

I want to keep growing as a player, leader, defender and just keep adding different things to my game. That's what I want to do to help my team and continue to win,