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BDN Premium – Quincy Miller lists Duke and others

Quincy Miller is a Class of 2011 forward who stands close to 6'-8".  He plays his high school basketball for Quality Christian Academy in Winston-Salem.  Quality is sure to be one of the state's best teams next season and Miller is ready for people to take notice of his game.  BDN Premium chatted with Miller during a recent event where he listed Duke as one of the schools he has interest in.

Quincy!  Let's get right down to it.  Tell me about your recruitment and what's been going on.

(smiling) Man!!!  Since last year, my freshman year, it's just gotten crazy.  Every coach in the country is calling my AAU coach and I mean everybody.

When you say AAU coach you are talking about ...

Brian Clifton and my high school coach Issac Pitts. Join BDN Premium and gain full access to the site, which includes a members-only message board.  Take a look at our premium articles in the menu to get an idea of what you are missing.[private]

What has knowing Brian Clifton meant to you?

He's like a really important person in my life.

You guys (D-One) lost a tough game and he met with the team for about ten minutes after the game.  What did he have to say?

He was mad.  We've been working on a lot of stuff and getting better but we went back to our old ways.

1100_06272You were having a lot of success down low but didn't seem to get the ball in the last eight minutes -

I was kind of mad at that, but I wanted to play defense and block shots.  I'd rather play offense than defense.

What schools are recruiting you the most?

Um, Duke, Oklahoma State, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Memphis, both of the USC's South Carolina and Southern Cal.  Oh, and Illinois and Purdue.

When you were growing up, what conference did you watch?

I watched mostly the ACC - North Carolina.

You grew up a Carolina fan, right?


Would that make an offer from them the one you would accept?

I don't know because I'm going to have a lot of offers.

You mentioned that Duke has some interest ..

Duke has a lot of interest!  They sent Spatola down there to watch me and I think next week at my practice that Coach K will be there.

What is it like growing up a Carolina fan and having Duke looking at you?

I like both schools.  I like North Carolina and Duke.  I've been on a visit to both schools, so ...

What kind of grades are you making?

I get all A's and B's.

If you were to describe your game to someone who had never seen you play, how would you do that?

I would  say I play like Kevin Durrant or Lamar Odom because I can play inside or outside, I've got an outside shot and have a lot of moves.  That's basically my game right there.  And I'm a good shot blocker too.

Describe yourself off the court?

Um, funny.  I'm a good kid though.  I do my work and then joke around, not distracting other kids.

You play with some pretty good teammates on your high school team as well.  Can you talk a little bit about them?

I've got some wonderful teammates.   Javonte Redick, the one that just played, (it is worth nothing that his demeanor and answers have been upbeat the entire interview) he's 6-10!  And Stargell, the fast kid, the dark skinned one, the guard!  Those are my two teammates and they're real good.

You guys will have one of the better teams and will likely be invited to some national invitationals during the season.

Yeah.  I can't wait for that.  I want an opportunity to showcase my talent to everybody.

Where do you go from here after a tough loss?

We've just got to step up and put it behind us.  We'll step up the next time out. [/private]

2011 prospect Deuce Bello already holds three offers and says he getting some interest from Duke

Deuce Bello - BDN Photo
Deuce Bello - BDN Photo

One of the hottest names on the North Carolina high school Bbsketball scene is Deuce Bello.  You are sure to hear about this rising star for he is making a name for himself with his athletic ability.  Bello still has a ways to go before making his collegiate choice, for he is only a rising junior at [private] Westchester Academy in Rocky Mount, N.C.

He stands around 6'-2" or 6-'3" and still has a ways to go in developing his strength, but that is the standard need for improvement with a kid his age.  BDN Premium caught up with Bello during the Carolina Challenge and got  his thoughts on the recruiting process, where he already holds three offers.

"Schools are sending a lot of letters and I have three offers from Wake Forest, Oklahoma State and Baylor," said Bello.  He continued, saying, "I have interest from Duke, Memphis, Maryland and USC."

Earlier this year, Duke Assistant Coach Nate James was able to see him play in Greensboro, and might have come away impressed enough to get Bello on the Blue Devils' watch list.

Bello then stated that he had no dream school growing up, but that he did prefer to play in a system where the players could get up and down the court.  "I like to get out and run and drive and pick."

When asked what kind of defense he liked to play, Bello didn't hesitate when saying, "I like man to man."

He can also play either guard position, "Right now I am playing the point a lot, but I see myself as a shooting guard in college."  With continued work  Bello could become one of the highest rated wings in his class, but the upside is easy to see with this young man.

Bello has yet to plan any unofficial visits this summer and the rules prevent that from happening in AAU events which are played on or near schools during dead periods in recruiting.  Like Wall, Bello will turn to Brian Clifton for advice when it comes time to get more serious with the process.

"I just like to hang out and work on my game and take care of school work," said Bello when asked about his off the court activities.   In this day and time, prospects like Bello start playing basketball in the spring right up until high school practice starts.  Bello will play with D-One Sports, the same AAU team that produced Ryan Kelly and John Wall.

It's a bit too early to gauge the Blue Devils' interest in Bello, but he is a kid worth keeping an eye on.  During the Carolina Challenge, Bello dunked with ease, showed a nice mid-range game, and drained a three to help his team take a one point lead.  I have now seen Bello play in just two games, so a full scouting report will come down the road.  The one thing I can tell you is that Bello is a really good athlete who is already playing toe-to-toe with older kids. [/private]