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Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski and West Virginia Coach Bobby Huggins

photo courtesy - Duke Blue Planet

Well, the Final Four is set and no time was wasted in getting all four coaches together to participate in a call in show.  This is the beginning of an onslaught of national media coverage of the Final Four in Indianapolis and for Krzyzewski, it came just hours after his team got back into Durham early Monday morning.  Here is the audio from Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski and West Virginia coach Bobby Huggins.  Each lasts around 17 minutes.  Just press play [private] below -

Coach K -

And here is West Virginia coach Bobby Huggins -

More to come from the Road to the Final Four [/private]

Duke defeats Baylor – More reaction from Andre Dawkins and Steve Wojciechowski

HOUSTON - BDN continues it's coverage from Houston, Texas, the scene of Duke being crowned Southern Regional Champions after an exciting hard fought win over Baylor.  I caught up with Wojo as the nets were being cut down and as always, he was very composed even after the victory.  I also caught up to Andre Dawkins who was taking it all in with the Southern Region trophy in his hands and a piece of cut net in his Southern Regional Champion lid.  So, let's start with Andre and then check out Wojo's comments below.

Andre Dawkins post game happiness -

Wojo below -